Lettuce & Tomato Market + Eatery

13408 Biscayne Blvd, Miami
(305) 760-2260

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Monsee W.

Visited Miami and stumbled on this little jewel. I must say that at first I was unsure because of the name of the place but the food is absolutely incredible. The ambiance, the staff, the cleanliness, and location couldn't have been any better to catapult the experience. When in Miami and want an extremely delicious quick bite, stop here. Oh, and the prices are perfect.

Jose Orcasita

Excellent food and service.From the appetizers bread, main dishes were great.You will enjoy dinning here

Alejandro Baca

Don’t go to this place, I had a filet mignon sandwich and the meat was a rubber (carne de hule/ plástico) impossible to chew (imposible de masticar). I asked the Chef and the Manager to please do it again and both refused telling me the meat is bad at the place and it will come as bad as the first one. OMG !??! Don’t offer food if is not good to eat!

Alicia Zelaya

What a great little find. The food was fantastic. I had the white sangria and the crispy egg and avocado salad, which I added tuna to. Surprisingly delicious dish,and would highly recommend.

Carlos Eduardo Perez Alcobe

Nice place, with great food.Empanada and short rib was definitely the way to go (great flavor, you could taste the quality ingredients), and the fish and octopus (from the table beside us) also looked delicious! ?

Jose Z.

My wife and I wanted to take a drive and find a new place to eat. We are so thankful that we picked this spot. Food was excellent and service was spot on. Love the energy and personal attention. Just hit the spot for lunch. It's a nice spot to add to the list of places to eat. We will come back soon. Just to mentioned I ordered the salmon and ordered another piece! Just amazing!

Barbara A

I’ve been here twice just to have the 16 hour short rib and purée. Excellent food and the service staff is fantastic. It’s great food at a decent price.

La madrina

Absolutely delicious .all the items on the menu are perfectly made and the food quality is top notch . Highly recommend!!!

Annie Wong

Delicious!!! Great food, great service !

Junior G.

The filet mignon sandwich is my go to, also you can't forget about the beef empanadas amazing, still fresh and hot from the inside.

Sergio F.

I was in the NMB area Sunday after work and fiending a burger (surprise surprise). Lettuce & Tomato was right close to an errand I was running so I sat down in the cozy, dimly lit dining room. It definitely has a date lunch / early dinner ambiance. Located in a strip mall right off Biscayne Boulevard, there's also plenty of parking. Since I was on "Monday Prep", I was just drinking water, and my waiter kept that coming right up to two pitchers. I started off healthyish enough, with their Burrata and Tomato salad. Served on a bed of black bean puree - a tasty, original surprise - were fresh mixed greens, creamy burrata and a few beefsteak tomato slices. Beets added a hint of sweetness, and I skipped the cucumbers. Their burger - albeit ketofied for me - was really tasty and worth the hour at the gym tonight! This had a delicious juicy, crumbly beef served au jus and still juicy at medium well and melted cheddar. The fries that came with it were perfectly crispy and went great between the ketchup and a steak sauce / gravy (Part of the reason I skipped the bread was because of the mayo and you know how I feel about that.) Dessert (it's Sunday) was their Spanish Almond Tart, perfectly crumbly and accompanied with plenty fresh berries, a hint of wine , sprinkle of granola and a scoop of Vanilla Gelato. That made it feel like a Sunday! Service was pleasant but laid back. There was a subtly smoky aroma from some of their other meat dishes, and the music jazzy interpretations of pop tracks. They also have a covered terrace outside.


I’m just going to give a good review just because they have so many good reviews. Nothing less than 4 stars. I’m impressed and eager to learn how to do that. I’m going there tonight for my birthday.

Glenn W.

Amazing Lunch, Service and Restaurant Shared Filet Mignon sandwich and Rotisserie chicken sandwich - both came with fresh cut fries and were INCREDIBLE 10 out of 10. Give this a try!

Gustavo Garcia

The octopus is absolutely amazing! And if you get lucky, Rosa will be the one taking care of your table. She's fantastic!This location is similar to the Gastrobar on West Dixie Hwy.

Hiro O.

YESSSS! Another location found just by driving by! I am soon a MIAMI resident so i have to admit one of the BEST PASTRAMI sandwiches i will be back! SLAMMMMIN! So we came in with my group shared everything family style so i can try everything! LOL, I dont know if they wanted to share everything but SHEEESH that SMOKE PASTRAMI was SLAMMMIN! The name of the place made me like what is this which made me YELP it and BAM! Never wrong ! The place is super comfortable and parking was a breeze! The service was amazing and the staff was super nice as well... Like i said the food is outta here... Check the pics!

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Lettuce & Tomato Market + Eatery

13408 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33181
(305) 760-2260