Little Caesars Pizza

827 SW 8th Ave, Miami
(305) 854-5045

Recent Reviews

Nathalie Roldan

Sunday August 23rd at 4.30 pm the person working at the front (skinny and log haired guy) was extremely rude. Not just to me but to everyone there. He was screaming and very rude while I was trying to pick up my order.

Orlando Alvarez

Just Hot, NOT Ready, 15 minutes waiting, with just one costumer before me???. Costumer Service very bad

Jesus Lorenzo Lage

Worst Crazy bread maker ever, and I've tried in like 10 stores. Hot drinks because the fridge is broken, it doesn't close properly. The guy there does not update the status of the order on the app, so you need to get in and ask if it is ready.

David Earl

Pizza was good as usual. Only 3 starsdue to Jesus C. being very rude. Get the guy some training...

Sunflower Baby

It's close, always a bit of a wait - 10-15 min, limits people due to co-vid (a good thing) & pizza always made fresh to order.Note: There was a sign to bring exact change if paying cash. Something about a coin shortage.

Hanio Zuniga

Always order from here. Pizza is always fresh and fast.

arletta hillard

I don't even like tomatoes and yet I loved this pizza. You could taste the sauce, cheese and basil and the crust didn't over power the pizza.

Anna spencer

one of the best pizza in this world i love it always

Holly Cameron

One of the best pizza franchises out there. Even down to the basic cheese pizzas are really good.

Amy Mencia

They never answer the phone when you want to order.

Emily Legge

35 mins on a pepperoni pizza and breadsticks. Several people behind us served way before us. Horrible customer service. Guy at the register on his blue tooth and going in the back talking to co-workers while line waited. Awful awful awful

Roberto V.

Their delivery through Door Dash is the worst service ever. My Pizza never arrived. When I saw the "could not deliver" status in the app I called the customer service and they couldn't solve it. I can't believe the mediocrity of the people that instead of trying to solve just asked me for my card number to se if a refund could be processed until Monday (3 days later). I said mediocrity because they prefer to do nothing to fix this and lose me ass a customer because I will never try to order anything related to Little Caesar's or Door Dash anywhere.

Jonathan L.

The restaurant is conveniently located but the parking situation is a ghetto disaster. The staff looks unkept and poorly groomed not mention their terrible customer service. The pizza I ordered was not fully cooked. Bon appetite!

Cesar Salgado

Pizzas are great. The restaurant and parking lot is a mess.

Shani Maxwell

Their extra cheese pizza is actually pretty good. I consider it better than Papa Johns. I love their crazy bread. Besides, you can’t beat their price - it’s $6!

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