Ms. Cheezious

7418 Biscayne Blvd, Miami
(305) 989-4019

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Anne D

The mac and cheese was superb. The milkshake was everything. I got cookies and cream milkshake. The mac and cheese had buffalo chicken. It's a cute spot to go on a date or to just come alone.

Lunique Mazard

I went there with my girlfriend and the staff made the visit a warm and welcome one. I was treated like family while there. To be honest I am glad that such a wonderful establishment was able to stay open during the pandemic and I can not wait to go back!

William Serris

Tried for the first time today. Had the sandwiches delivered. Everything was good, sandwich was tasty and everyone enjoyed. A touch pricey for just a sandwich but overall a good experience.

Vanessa Hairston

Yum yum yum! Some great comfort food at this spot and I love that there are vegan options for both the cheese and protein! The sandwiches were hot and cheesy and the tempeh came out full of flavor and soft. Some of the best I've had.

Nick Darnall

If you're craving gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, Ms. Cheezious is the spot to handle the craving. The short rib grilled cheese is outstanding, A MUST ORDER!Their goat cheese and prosciutto is a perfect blend of salty, cheesy and spicy (from the arugula).Ms. Cheezious also offer a wide variety of combinations with their build your own grilled cheese.12/10 will be back to explore their custom grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese and milkshakes.

Paulette Cannon

The food was awesome and tasty. I got the club Mimosa and the farm house omelette fire. As expected the wait time was crazy and they are super busy. Skip the toast and get the coffee cake fuego. I would come again even with the super long wait time. As a vegetarian limited options to eat! Only 3 out of the whole menu :(

Molly Perkins

Went here on a Tuesday morning for a friend's birthday brunch. The place was packed and loud. The wait wasn't long, but there was a line. If you have luck look for parking in the garage located right next to the restaurant do so, there's also street parking but read the signs.We were seated at a long table in the back. Our server greeted us right away. I was kind of in a rush and our whole party wasn't there yet so our server waited for a bit. As soon as everyone arrived I asked her to split my check amongst everybody else and placed my order first.I appreciated the professionalism she served and was on time with my requests.

Christine H.

We love our Friday lunch dates at Ms Cheezious, but won't be back again until they train their cashiers to politely address customers about wearing masks. We walked in today without masks (like most of the rest of the vaccinated population) and were met with a cashier that would rather police the mask rule than take our order. Note we've been in twice recently and no one called us out, we figured it was fine. Usually the staff is really nice here, but thanks to the young lady working the register today (yes, we can read the sign on your front door), we'll be taking a break from Ms Cheezious for a while. Oh, and thanks for asking for our IDs out of spite...we're almost 40, FYI. Just seems odd to still be enforcing masks over letting your customers order lunch, especially when the other restaurants in our neighborhood are no longer enforcing.


Best sandwhich I've had in a long time.

Grant C.

This place is amazing. They showed up to the Surfside condo site this week and provided awesome sandwiches for everyone working on site free of charge. Incredible people, incredible food. Thanks guys!

Christina B.

Soooooo delicious! The most amazing part of my late lunch here was the amazing chef! They were super understaffed but he made a point of making sure everything was fantastic! My husband and I ordered a patty melt and the chicken and waffle sandwich, when it arrived (delivered personally by him) we told him we had asked for gravy, he apologized that they were out but said he would make some just for us! A few minutes later he came back with the cream gravy and I must admit the Texas girl in me was beyond impressed and over the moon with his results!!! I can't wait to dine here again and was so floored with the above and beyond service of the chef! Also if you are a cat lover as myself there are some cuties in the back patio area that are a delight!

Patrice Gillespie Smith

Fabulous food and service!

Ricardo Velasco

The food was very good. The jalapeno poppers were amazing also the pesto sandwich and the tenders and waffles sandwich. Not complains about the food but I had to wait more than 40 minutes for the food, how's posible that is just one person working in the kitchen while they have so many orders that's why I give them just 3 ⭐ for the wait. They have a beautiful backyard where you can eat and chill.

Sheldon G.

Ms. Cheevious is a cool place to grab a burger or sandwich. It has a large garden with some cool artwork. Plenty of space for indoor and outdoor dining.

Javier The Extraordinaire

The food is amazing! It's the type of place you would see on a food network show. Check them out if you're in the area!

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