Pizza Hut

15065 S Dixie Hwy, Miami
(305) 254-1919

Recent Reviews

Terrance H

One of my preferred spots to eat. fantastic location, neat, and great service. I highly recommend them!

Will Foncham

Waited in front of the cashier for 5 minutes and once they noticed I was there, the cashier told me to wait longer. Horrible customer service

Andy Sanchez

Stuffed crust pizza. Need I say more? Before tequeños there was stuffed crust pizza!

Elizabeth Hernandez

Ok my food was late but good customer service

Crystal Jenkins

My pizza was delivered with the seal BROKEN!! I immediately contacted the store in my area and of course no one answered. I was on hold so long that I actually memorized that irritating recording they have you listen to while on hold. I am utterly disgusted and equally disappointed with this situation.

El Bori

Even when it's really busy, they still pull up in the best quality possible.

Joe Bender

Our delivery order was cancelled after the driver could not locate our home. Attempts to reorder were unsuccessful after trying to call the store and getting placed on hold and then disconnected twice. We order other food delivery services and your competition’s pizza regularly and have never had any issues - our house is clearly visible on a normal residential street.


Found a human hair inside the pizza and it wasn’t short. You can hold the hair and the pizza would dangle.

Remus gaynor

Quick pick up . Clean and on point with the order.

D A.

Worst Customer Service on earth. I am now waiting for 2 hours for my pizza, i was transferred twice, once to a Pizza Hut call center, why am i being transferred to a call center for an update on my pizza? I waste my time telling him ive been waiting 2 hours and he says let me transfer you back to the store... on hold for 15 minutes before hanging up and calling again. They immediately answered and told me order just left and would be here shortly... when the app said they left an hour and 15 minutes ago? Still no pizza 20 min later, Joke

virgo lord

I was waiting a hour when they said 13 minutes and they hung up

Jeffrey Oleson

Pretty good pizza, $7.98 for a large 3-topping carry-out pizza is a great deal. Heart-shaped pizza is really cute. Almost every time I've ordered carry out here, they are later than estimated time by about 10 to 20 minutes (during busy evening times).

John Berson

Lot of dough, Little topping

Bobby L. Mckinley

Not sure what’s going on with my local Pizza Hut (or even if it’s Nation Wide), but Little Caesars Pizza is looking to be a better choice.

Finesse G

We usually order from this place because it’s nearby and have no problems but after tonight we just received terrible service and I rather order from another Pizza Hut further away. This afternoon we order online for delivery as usual and when we received our order one of the pizzas was wrong. We were patient because we understand it happens and people make mistakes. So we called them back and it took them about 10-15 minutes to answer the phone, understandable. It’s Friday night and we’re sure they were very busy. Jeff answered and said we would received the correct pizza in 30-45 minutes, fine. After someone called my brother back not sure if it was Jeff or someone else saying that we would need to return the pizza that was incorrect back in order to receive the correct order. “Make sure you don’t eat the pizza because we’ll need it back” I’m not sure if that’s Pizza Hut’s policy or not but either way it’s terrible customer service and rude it had me fuming. When they came back to deliver the order I was going to ask why they needed the pizza back but they sent someone that couldn’t communicate with us so he left without it and seemed confused. So I still have no idea why they asked for the pizza back? Asking for the pizza back is just awful customer service and we really could’ve requested something free in return but didn’t. Please correct these issues and misunderstandings for future customers, especially regulars like us. Not even going to discuss the actual order which was a disappointment as well.

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