Rivareno Gelato Brickell

901 S Miami Ave Suite 105, Miami

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Anthony O'Toole

I enjoyed the gelato very much! I’ve had a lot of different gelato places in the U.S. and in Italy. This shop would certainly be in my Top 5! The staff were incredible and you can taste the fresh flavors and dedication made each day fresh. Highly recommend 10/10 and a must try!!

Ana Posada

Best Gelato ever! Perfectly balanced, and really tasty! I’m not a big fan of pistachio but they have the best one! You must try it! ???


I wanted to express my amazement at the exceptional quality of the gelato here. I must admit, I was initially hesitant to order it through Uber Eats due to concerns about it melting during delivery. However, your meticulous packaging ensured that it arrived in perfect condition, without any signs of melting. Not only that, but the gelato itself was incredibly creamy and delicious. I absolutely loved it! You can count on my return as a happy customer. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Simrat Kang

I didn’t have the gelato here, but I did have a crepe with chocolate and strawberries. Overall, I thought the crepe was mediocre and not sweet enough to my likely. However, the worker there was super kind and helpful - which is always appreciated.

Sophia Gini

The best ice cream we had in the US so far! Could say it as good as the gelato we have in Italy! The pistachio and the cremino rivanero are a must try!

Alisson Ayto

Si delicious! They give you small flavor samples so you can choose well. The woman who attended me was very attentive, even with the rain outside she enjoyed so much ice cream

Ron Ben Yosef

Maybe the best gelato I have ever had outside of Italy

Trescero C.

This GeLaTo is Mega TOP!! Must stop! These guys are something else, creamy yummy super delicious flavor packed with italian richness

Daniel Ferman

Hands down the best gelato in the world! Tried it by chance in Sydney last year and was so impressed. Went to rivareno in Brickell and recognized the font and was like wait I’ve been here before somewhere in the world! My fav flavor is the cremino dark! So rich.

Vanessa Graber-Salinas

OMG if you are looking for a cold sweet treat give this place a shot. Beyond amazing taste and super sweet staff to match ♥️

Jeff L.

Best gelato in Brickell, hands down, which isn't saying much. I was recently in Italy and went by one of their other locations in Rome. It was nearly identical, and the one in Rome was in the top 10% of gelato I've had throughout my Italy tour. Their pistachio is wonderfully nutty, not overly sweet. Fior di latte, crema, the list goes on. Big thumbs up.

James N.

The pistachio was delicious but it's very pricy and melts very quickly. I also got a unique flavor of white chocolate with crispy rice inside, it was pretty good too. Not a ton of flavors and wish there were more fruity tropical options being in Miami, but I enjoyed my gelato despite it melting very fast and costing like $10. Would've been closer to 5 stars if it was a bit cheaper, but it still didn't quite blow me away, I've had a lot of gelato and try to visit the top rated ice cream and gelato places wherever I travel. Only a few tables inside but I was glad I got one to sit at because the gelato would've melted even faster if we had to sit outside. The service was fine and friendly enough, they let me try a few different flavors.

Diego F.

No way! Best Italian gelato in Miami. Nothing to say or nothing to complain about this place. Super clean, cute gelateria in the heart of Brickell. The guy at the counter so nice and very professional. The flavors are covered but once you see the guy making your cone you understand how fresh and creamy will be. The real Italian one. Very structured, savory and beautiful to see as well. The cone also so good. I had stracciatella and bacio with real estate whole hazelnuts.... Definitely my best spot when I want to eat real Italian gelato.


THIS IS GELATO!! The REAL DEAL! Just got back from a few weeks in Italy and was craving gelato. We knew it would be tough to beat some of the best we had in Milan & a few other places. Last night we tried Freddo and it was meh - custard is better. But tonight we sought out RivaReno and so glad we did! This is silky smooth, rich flavors straight out of Italy - it rivals the best we had in Italy. We tried 8 different flavors and each was decadent and absolutely perfect in texture and not overly sweet. Nocciola was delicious but the Cioccolati Dark Cremino was incredible. Definitely the best gelato in the states!

Autumn C.

Found this place by pure luck; Seriously the best gelato I've had in America! When we walked in, we were immediately greeted with a friendly smile asking us if we'd been here before. She explained the menu to us and said if we had any allergies to let her know so we could avoid those flavors! You can try as much as you'd like and from the first bite of Nocciola (hazelnut) I was in love. It was decadent, so creamy, and no overly sugary aftertaste; extremely authentic! With the medium size you can get up to 3 flavors and it's the perfect amount! I had pistachio, nocciola, and a flavor called contessa that had an amaretto cookie kind of vibe. The tiramisu was also top notch! Definitely worth the price! We will be back! Perfect end to my birthday!

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