River Yacht Club

401 SW 3rd Ave, Miami
(786) 870-5304

Recent Reviews

Fraser Grey

I came here during the week and they have good service. The food was delicious and the whole feeling of the place is very well decorated. I would come here for another meal.

Krissy Hemmings

Sunday's are the worse... the bigger your pockets is the better you are seated and served! One of my favorite resturants when it comes on to the food. If you want to be treated with great hospitality, go in the week days or early Saturday.

Abraham Ciokler

I came here with a group of friends for the new season of "Miami Spice" to check out the place. In a nutshell, the place is a mixed bag of experiences. It has some good things, but it also has a lot of bad things that ultimately outweigh the good.

Steve Dominguez

Will never go again ! The main bar area downstairs sets you up ! You ask for a drink and they have the tendency of ignoring you and passing the message to other bartenders by looks and hand gestures not to serve you . This place lacks in class in terms of the bartenders are partying rather than working as I came across three bar tenders having to eventually touch their arm for services with the massage of " you're bartender will be here " 20 min later , he has served others who were just getting there requesting drinks . This place needs a better coordination of bartenders who are professionals and not "ratchets" ! Price of a drink not worth it as I saw checks being signed without no assistance on my end !

Amelia Raquel

The scenery is beautiful!

Dee Coward

Dined with my girlfriend this past Sunday. The Pros.. beautiful restaurant. The girl who greeted us was super friendly. The Cons: The area where the restaurant is located is sketchy. $20 for valet which should be complimentary to guests. Outdoor restaurant with no water mists; the fans are old and no one gets cool. Told us we couldn't get a seat by the water cause they were reserved. An hour and a half later and no one was sitting at those tables. The bathroom has no AC so it definitely was awful using it and it wasn't even fully cleaned with no paper towels to dry your hands. Dirty wine glasses and when sent back to the bar the waiter actually took a rag and tried to wipe the glasses clean (the inside of the glass) with the wine still in it. When called out, he finally changed the glasses. The food was good except the Lobster pasta; it had a very strong seafood taste and was $54! To top things off automatic 18% gratuity. How rude! Will never come back and as a person in yacht sales I wouldn't even bring clients here.


Perfect place for a Sunday brunch in Miami. Party atmosphere, delicious food, nice views. My favorite dish was the mushroom risotto. During week nights there is a cover of $20 to get in.

Orlande Sivacoe

Has good, quick Valet,,20$,,,on the river, tables very close to the water , if u wish , ,

Rodney Ibrahim

Went there for a Friday night dinner. Was told we absolutely needed a reservation but when we arrived found the restaurant surprisingly empty. Perhaps it was the "cold front"?

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