Taco Bell

13720 SW 8th St, Miami
(305) 553-2307

Recent Reviews

John Murphy

Very good TB..

Alex Aquarium

Leaky ceilings everytime it rains. Order is usually wrong

leopold deinhofer

Typical taco bell. TACOTASTIC

Jason F

Not bad for a quick bite, i like the beef quesadillas and the crunchy wrap supreme!

Dia Maris

Soggy fries and curdled/burnt cheese. Don't get the fries.

Rudy A

Service is good as well as the food. Bathrooms are dirty.

Luis Rodriguez

I see commercials on TV about the Chalupa Box for $5.00 and in this place they charge me $5.99, false advertising, very disappointed.

Natalia G.

The closest Taco Bell to my house and the most disappointing. It's like they don't even try to make the Mexican pizza bc they slack on the toppings. Since I stopped ordering it from that location, I ordered the Crunchwrap instead and there's absolutely nothing crunchy about this wrap. At least it was edible. Do these folks not go through training when they're hired or they just don't care? It's hard to tell...Headquarters needs to step in and do something about this location bc it's been years since they don't do a good job...Im just going to continue to make the drive to the one on bird & 147th by Braddock since they're much better.

Warren Goss

This is the greatest Mexican restaurant ever!

Maria V

Good customer services great food

Alexio Tercero

Is ok the prices are ok but the salesman need a bit of customer service training

Bethany C.

Wow, total fail tonight. We ordered a box of soft and hard tacos. We received bean burritos and sloppy hard tacos with no sour cream. They are so cheap they didn’t even give us a box.

Jose Medina

The few times I have gone here there's never a parking space to park

Jorge Laverde

Not to crowded, prompt service, good food.

Elizabeth Calvo Gonzalez

Fast and always right order

Kevin Perez

My favorite fast food


It's your average taco bell. Not very clean inside, employees didn't seem too happy. Food is great for the price

ren zeppeli

To those who have had bad experiences with this Taco Bell, please remember that these are people too, making and serving your food. They try their hardest but at times they do not have the correct supplies to give you the hundred percent that they at times do strive to give you. More than half of their staff are teenagers or young adults who have to toggle school and work to be able to support themselves, and very recently they have been understaffed almost constantly. It is not the employees fault that the building floods at times, because if you think the lobby is flooded, take a look inside to where your food is being made, and trust me I've seen these employees talk to their supervisors and nothing has come from it. This building has been in function since 1996, with little to no repairs. Many of these employees work 8 to 10 hour shifts, so maybe by the time you get there, they are tired, and yes they may forget to give you your soda, or an item, because they are human. Give them a break, open your hearts and try to be more understanding, because at the end of the day, the same energy that goes in, will come out, I guarantee you that.

Tito Rivera


blackmesa232323 .

It's your average taco bell. Not very clean inside, employees didn't seem too happy. Food is great for the price

Henry Tablada

Worst Taco Bell Food Ever... Soft Taco's were hard, Quesadillas burned and Burritos was Cold...

Alize B.

I usually love Taco Bell and how fast the process is through the drive thru, but lately every Friday night they have this one person in the window that clearly doesn't know how to do her job correctly , there's always always a line , that takes about 15 to 20 min long!! I'm sorry but it's supposed to be fast food this is not fast at all! Very disappointed that a big chain like Taco Bell would let there employers represent them in this manner.!

John-Paul Nicholls

I'm really not a fan but if I have to eat it I always go with the chalupa. They pretty good.

jenny ramas-suarez

I have had issues with this place a couple of times. It's always been at night time. They have issues with the amount of foods and last time I was told they did not have enough nachos for my nachos supreme. Lately when I go out in Miami it's always something not only in taco bell. I guess trainings are 👎👎👎

Ashley Perez

I absolutely love taco bell if I could I would eat it every hour of the day!!!!

Hilda Zamora

Great variety of choices and combinations of Mexican food

Jorge Puig

I only ever use the drive thru but the place is clean and the employees are kind. All makes the food the taste better :)

Brian Dubya

T-Bell connisuer here. This place is trash. My burrito was falling apart and had nasty grill remnants on it. Also did not even recieve an item I paid for until I went back and asked for it. Baja Blast was gross here was either stale or needed to be changed...

Fausto Sanguily

The worst experience. Hardly any meat, almost no cheese, when I complained the attendant told me to go somewhere else...

Jorge Rosa

Good service from the girl that attended me.

Alex B.

Guys there's one on bird n 147 ave with regular prices that gives the right amount of meat your supposed to get that's why I've been missing in action here with my reviews I can't believe the Taco Bell on 8 street is still open what a waste of space

Mike Watanabe

Very good food! But can be bigger.

Luis E Santana

changed the sodas three time because they were bitter like it was at the bottom of the juice.I gave up after the third,when I opened the box they made me the crappiest taco I have ever had,almost no meat at all.The fries were cold,and I'm guessing it wasn't me alone with this problem, because my wife's taco was the same, almost no meat at all.And one last thing,it's the slowest drive truck I have been in.......slow..

Michael Pereira

Peter the store manager and the rest of the crew here does an absolutely fantastic job every single time thank you for everything you do

Modesto Garcia

This is one of the best Taco Bell restaurant. Very clean and friendly staff...

Pedro Viera

As a lover of Mexican pizzas, this location makes the worst Mexican pizza out of all taco bell locations I've been to. I still ate it though.

Ramiro Rodriguez

I pass by on my way to work and they said it was close. At 8:30 a.m.

Daniel D.

I usually love this Taco Bell although it has negative reviews. However, the lady that served me today on March 18 was horrible. Responded rudely when I told her kindly what I wanted from the menu. My Crunchwrap supreme was horribly made. AND she had a mountain of receipts at her cashier and when I asked her for my receipt she refused to give it to me. Unbelievable! She has to be reprimanded or fired ASAP!!

Rosa A.

Terrible customer service. Lobby or Drive thru the wait is over 15 minutes long. Pick up the pace


Food Good, service not good, employee needs to be prepared and more friendly