Lost Pizza Co.

10859 Emerald Coast Pkwy Suite 301, Miramar Beach
(850) 353-2284

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Del K.

Service,,,good. I ordered a panini, but was served cold...weird. Not sure about the pizza.

Mike j.

The pizza was fantastic! Great thick crust with a crisp, buttery , taste. The toppings were perfect. We had meatballs and cheese. My wife had a salad with grilled chicken. She thoroughly enjoyed it. The house salad was iceberg lettuce , grated cheese and tomatoes- no carrots-no peppers -no cucumbers- plain but fresh. The service was great , welcoming and most of all on top of everything! The only part of the meal that was absolutely horrible was the fried ravioli- not sure what on earth was inside but the stuffing was mystery meat with little cheese- They should get a new supplier for this frozen junk. I'd definitely go back for the pizza but skip the nasty ravioli appetizer!

Andrew R.

So let's clear one thing up to not get anyone confused on the star rating the pizza was delicious! I'd give the pizza a solid 4 out of 5, not super greasy and the thin crust provided a nice delicate crunch and easy on the stomach, with that being said, the staff itself wasn't up to par they were slow as ever, they didn't make ordering easy for me with them knowing it was my first time there, I had 3 people stare at me for 5-10 minutes before I could order a beer at the bar area, just every movement they made was super super slow it didn't seem like they took their positions seriously enough to care, I think if it weren't for the staff I'd give this a 4 star and not a 3 star, but like I said prior the pizza itself was really good, the staff not so much!

Alan S.

We opted for takeout as getting a seat was not in the cards. The pizzas were well prepared and tasty with sufficient tripping on every slice. We would chose it again when visiting.

Fred S.

In spite of what it says on website, it's NOT open on Monday. Lots of places are not open on Monday understandably. But don't say you are if you are not.

Joshua Swink

I’m not one to complain but I will give them 4 stars because this is my favorite pizza place down here so far but I ordered the hot chick and requested banana peppers and bacon on it and didn’t receive either. It’s perfectly okay because the pizza is still delicious and I recommend getting the fried ravioli!

Kristi C.

Best cauliflower pizza!!!!!!! Husband is gluten free and this pizza is SO good you won't notice it's cauliflower. They use a local delivery service- Butler Delivery- instead of Door Dash and they were also excellent! Highly recommend both, we're impressed and happy

Lisa H.

The front help could be a little nicer , ran by a bunch of kids that need to learn how to interact with customers better So we had the cheeseburger pizza and the hubby got mild wings. The wings were a little toooo saucy- but good . The pizza ....OMG delicious GREAT FLAVORS , and the ranch ???? I could seriously drink it lol . Great all the way around , it got 4 stars for the wings and they do need better customer service. It is a must try !

Ronnie W.

The Kujo is a good pizza. We got a thick crust pizza. My wife expected a chewy crust and I believe I expected more flavor in the crust. The ingredients on the pizza were good and not greasy.

J P.

Good food and good atmosphere. I would eat there again. We couldn't decide as a family where to eat and we didn't want just pizza. It turned out the menu options allowed for everyone to choose something they liked and the beer choices were good too.

Ed S.

Great thin crust. Sauce is zippy. Not too much cheese. Just the right amounts and cooked to perfection with a fantastic crispy crust

Anna Lisa A.

Very good pizza. Friendly staff. Try the roasted garlic on your pizza. Our leftovers were fantastic the next day!

Joshua B.

Good local pizza. Was my first time here. Placed an order for bbq nachos while we looked over the menus and decided. After ordering our pizzas we had to wait almost an hour before asking and they had forgotten to make them. One of the pizzas was incorrect at that point and had to be made again as well. So if you don't have a lot of time to kill this isn't the place for you. We had the kujo and the taco pizzas. Kujo was good...taco just ok.

Abby R

I experienced some user error on their online ordering and got no marinara on our pizzas. I called back— the employee who picked up was very kind, the manager was swift to remake our pizzas contingent on us paying the delivery fee. Fair enough!! Tipped the delivery guy fat because that’s what you SHOULD do. We got perfect remade pizzas in 15 minutes, and we could not be happier with our experience. 10/10 highly recommend.

Land Lord

If you are in a hurry, call ahead or order online. Excellent pizza with a cool vibe a fun atmosphere. Multiple beers on tap and in the bottle. This is a counter service experience, but the staff is very nice and welcoming.

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