Shan Kishi

11275 us highway 98W unit 4, Miramar Beach
(850) 460-8998

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Stanton Ingram

I am a Japanese food junkie, and this place is awesome all around. The hibachi is well cooked and very tasty, some of the best I have had in my extensive experience. The sushi is fresh, tightly rolled, and in nice bite-sized pieces (vs. those monster mouthfuls). Every time I come to town, I eat here or get take out. Super friendly stay too - Highly recommend!

michelle khan (Nature's Confetti)

I'm so glad we tried this place!! Pass by it a lot and kept saying one day we'll go did not disappoint! Fantastically delicious rolls, your mouth will be so happy! We tried the kiss, 2 in 1, tuna tuna and the ocean good! And did I mention the top notch customer service? Chloe was a delight, funny, sweet and kind. Daisy was also great. I highly recommend!!Parking: It's in a strip with several other businesses so I feel like parking was a bit tight at that time.

Katie Dyke

We ate here while on vacation. We came around 7:20 and it wasn’t very busy at all. We are sushi lovers and were hoping for the best. Boy- this place did NOT disappoint. The rolls we got (mango madness and crazy Friday) were fresh and delicious. My husband and I both got Sake Don bowls and the salmon was arguably the freshest, butteryest salmon I have ever had. My husband agreed, too. Daisy, our server, was remarkable. She was so attentive and went way above and beyond to be kind to my kids, giving them stickers and talking with them. Genuinely sad that we don’t live here, because we would be coming all the time. I think my 8 year old son was echoing us all as he remarked, “I just can’t stop eating this!” while throwing down on his hibachi chicken. Don’t hesitate for a second to try this place!

GA Resident

The service for my to-go order was great- very friendly, knowledgeable and suggestive. The flavor of the Sushi ? for 2 was AMAZING and fresh tasting.Only complaint i had was the soup and salad wasn't as tasty as I've had from other sushi places.

Laila Ahmad

This place is amazing! I got the sushi, miso soup, kani salad, and calamari. All very delicious. I would recommend this place to my friends and family.

Norm Clinkscales

We decided to try the all you can eat lunch sushi special that they offer before 3pm. The experience was unfortunately typical for “all you can eat”. The staff were very pleasant. The restaurant was not at all crowded, and there were 2 sushi chefs working. After our first order was taken we waited 20 minutes for the rolls. The nigiri was mostly rice with salmon and tuna so thinly sliced on top I swear I could see rice kernels right through it. The rolls were barely average, decent, the Pacific roll was the best. We had 4 different rolls. They all tasted alike. We waited 10 minutes till the waitress came back so we could order round 2. Ordered 2 more rolls and a ginger salad. Salad back in 5 minutes. Nice creamy sweet dressing. 20 minutes later the rolls came out. Tasted the same. By now we had been there for over an hour and were tired of sitting. The place isn’t bad, but don’t expect to have delicious sushi rolls coming in one after another till you are stuffed.


Very attractive restaurant. Tasty food! All you can eat sushi is a good value. We ate $160 worth for only $75!!! Service a bit slow.


One of my favorite spots! From the soba to to the sushi to the steak, it’s all good. I’ll go here every time!

Janea S.

Really great sushi. All you can eat is the way to go! A lot of variety in special rolls and it's nice all you can wat includes appetizers. It's also very clean inside.

Caroline K.

We went there because we are in Florida, near ocean, great seafood right? Was I so wrong. We have ordered sushi rolls and sashimi. The rice was hard and tasteless. Fish didn't taste fresh at all! I looked around and noticed everyone else has ordered non sushi food... I wish I noticed that sooner. Salad came with the food and it had fishy smell to it. I love salad, I tried to eat it with my nose closed but the smell was too strong, I couldn't do it. The food also came with miso soup which was weirdly sweet. Never had sweet miso soup. The gingers that came with sushi were bad. The whole order was so bad. We also had green tea. The server never came to ask for refill or even to check on us. I'm not sure how this restaurant has 4 stars reviews. My advice is, if you are from another state, thinking what I was thinking, don't eat sushi here. I came from Chicago suburb, they have way better sushi than here so is many other states I have been to. I'm giving 3 stars because I'm not sure if this is how Florida - this particular are sushi restaurants are, but if this was at any other states, I would leave 1 star and never go back.


Family purchased 5 all you can eat sushi meals and greatly enjoyed the Sushi. Service was great and food came out of the kitchen within 30 minutes of ordering.

Tim S.

Excellent sushi and no wait! Service was also very good. Prices reasonable for this area.


This was such a great Japanese dinner option. The food was some of the best Japanese I’ve had and the service was great. So glad we discovered this place.

Brandon Jones

All you can eat sushi is great. You can quickly get your money's worth. But the overall quality isn't very high above grocery store sushi. It satisfies that craving but doesn't WOW the taste buds. Absolutely worth the visit.

. ..

Great deal for all you can eat sushi , hibachi and apps. Sushi is not bad, tastes fresh just wish the rice had some kind of seasoning!! Needs some rice wine vinegar, mirin somethin! Just tasted like plain white rice in the sushi. Would've given a higher rating but there were several hairs rolled up in my sushi :/ server was sweet and apologized.

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