Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

1257 S Jefferson St, Monticello
(850) 997-5561

Recent Reviews

Kris Peckham

Pretty good lunch deals. Big portions

Tammie Givens

Owner is very nice

Matt Wilson

Great place! Food is made to order and hot when you pick it up. Prices are on par with other similar Chinese restaurants, which is to say very good!

Patty Lebouef

It is closed till the 20th of June.

Shawn Wolking

Chicken had a bad taste wouldn't eat it. First time ever to be disappointed there. Usually very good


Nice friendly and food is great

Chris O'Baugh

This was the worst Chinese restaurant I have ever eaten at

Polly Yates

Safe pick up available. More food than any one person can eat. Don't forget to ask for non styrofoam containers. They will accommodate. Very friendly owners and staff.

Katherine WhoKnows

My fav Chinese takeout. I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH GOOD CHICKEN WINGS IN ALL MY DECADES OF LIFE! And what a stunning value. We love these folks. Fast and accurate every time. There is not a lot to eat ready made in this tiny town and even less during the week; thank heavens for Hong Kong restaurant.

Tan Springer

Wonton are good

Emile Pierre

Bad taste food with plenty of fatty oil......

steve Tucker

Very nice owners. Good food at a great price

Stephanie R.

Food is what you expect from a small place like this, good, not superb but makes a good, quick and cheap lunch or dinner. The girl that works the front counter is super sweet though.

phill groh

Grrat quick stop good food

Timothy Dover

They're always friendly, food is fresh and timely.

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