Taco Bell

8714 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
(850) 939-8180

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vicki shelgton

On highway 98. They was bad to me. Dont go there

Kathryn White

Got out drink order wrong but overall pretty good.

megan west

Tonight I had the best experience driving through the drive thru in Navarre. I drove to Taco Bell balling my eyes out sad. I ordered my food crying, I paid crying and before I left one of the sweet guys made me smile. He wasn’t flirting he was just being nice and that meant a lot to me. More than he probably knows. There’s not a lot of “good” People now a days, in my opinion. Especially who work fast food. Anyways this young man could have just handed me my stuff and went on with his night but he chose to try to make me feel better and it honestly did. I still cried all the way home but I wasnt crying because I was sad I cried because his actions. When I got home I called and asked to speak to the manager to figure out his name so I can say thank you. Manager Wasn’t sure which one it was so he gave me the name of both guys working the window. So I’m not sure if it was Liam or Jacob but from the bottom of my heart I’m thankful there are still good people like you and I appreciate the time you took to try to make me feel better. I will always remember that.

Luke Golden

The best Taco Bell around. Very courteous and efficient. With all of the bad Taco Bells around, this one sets the example of how they all should be! Great job!

Kenneth Ødëgard

One of the best tacos bells I have been to. The workers were respectful and the service was better then I would expect from a taco bell.

Mary Swisher

Ordered online and picked up in drive-thru. Food was hot when we got it. We had food for seven people for dinner.

Madison Starnes

So originally we were going to go to McDonalds and the line was super long so we decided to go here instead. Took no time at all with the line and ordering. Everything was accurate and made quick. Absolutely no complaints here!!

Erika H.

The service was good. Drive thru cashier was very respectful. I usually don't eat Taco Bell, but the quesadillas were fresh and hot. Quesadillas are great for road trips with children because they aren't so messy. I was pleased with my service and food.

Sue Kittle

Food was great. I ordered online and it was made exactly to order. All employees were wearing face masks correctly!

Savana Sade

Line was long in the beginning but got moving faster.

Lauren L.

My burrito came out hot and fresh and was fully packed with what I ordereed. No complaints. They did a great job!

Nicole Parker

The line is always super long but the employees are super friendly

Missy C.

Went to Taco Bell 6/24/2020 going to this location during COVID-19 reopening of restaurants having gone to this location the server at the window was masked & gloved. Having gone other times the server/s either handed out the window a tray to place your money in or credit card charger. Always young servers.On the evening the 6/24/2020 an older adult male with NO MASKS - NO GLOVES - NO TRAY - NO CREDIT CARD CHARGER out the window. Just HIS bare UNCLEAN HAND waiting for either the card or $. I was going to give my card. I asked the MORON Lto wait and I dropped the exact change into his FILTHY PAW! Now I wonder if this idiot was the manager!!!! MORON are you trying to KILL your customers the VACATIONERS are doing enough damage! SHAME ON YOU!

Travis Gibson

Good food and service. A little slow in the evening sometimes but overall pretty solid.

Nate M.

I swear, this Taco Bell is ran by crackheads. They put zero effort in customer service and every time I go, something is messed up. I wish I took a picture of the nachos earlier but I was so starving after a long day, I just ate around the ashy dried out pile of beans I'm sure they made sometime last week. At the risk of sounding dramatic, HQ needs to cut off this location and let the staff (who only shows up to waste everybody's time till they can cash their check) find work at an establishment that doesn't tolerate their disrespect. Don't go here, you'd honestly prefer cat food.IN ADDITION: This tostada was put together by a blind and deaf toddler. I'm convinced. Where's Ashton Kutcher? I must be getting punked at this point. Absolutely unacceptable.

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