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Jacob H.

Where the fuck is the Baja Blast, Taco Bell??? This is the fifth time now. It's the signature drink. How are you selling it in all convenience and grocery stores throughout the summer if you can't even keep it properly stocked at the drink's original location? I'm sick of it. í í í í . We asked for diablo sauce at the window, and we got enough fire sauce to give me IBS for the rest of my life. We also didn't get the Cinnabon delights we ordered. Where'd they go? I'd really appreciate it if someone got back to me on the whereabouts of said Cinnabon delights, because I'm still kind of hungry.

Randy H.

Waited 30 minuets for three tacos. Probably 20 people waiting inside for food. The drive through line wrapped all the way around the building. Never again.

Nathan R.

Lines always crazy wait times. Even inside, 2 registers, only one ever open with standing room only. Complete cluster. It is right off 98 in Navarre, full of tourist. Stay away unless you have an hour to waste for a mediocre (being considerate) taco. This location is dead to me. Literally everyone waiting is making fun of how slow they are. My favorite comment so far: "welcome to Taco Bell, you can check in, but you'll never leave".

Snellville S.

If you're going to offer ordering through an app, let's get the process right. This place is in serious need of process improvements when your fast food comes out slower than a traditional restaurant. Update, placed order at 7:17 got it at 7:56. Update, we'll my %#^* order wasn't complete. Still waiting. How is this place in business?

Amy Miller

Best place to get comfort food for cheap! I love the crunch wraps and the cinnamon twists!! This particular restaurant is clean and prompt. The food was great! I will be back!!

megan bradshaw

There was people wiping down their own tables because nobody was out there cleaning. The food took at least 30 minutes. They were messing up very simple orders before mine and after mine, including mine.

JD Harbor

Friendly service but you know for sure on the weekends you're going to be busy, yet you continue to hire limited kitchen staff. Hence everytime we are here on a Fri or Sat it takes a good 30+ minutes (not exaggerating) to order and get our food. Hire more late night workers please and thank you!

Grant Carson

The food here is well taco bell food which is fine. The service is pretty slow and the place isn't always clean. But alas I go anyway because it's better than the FWB location

Gary Clark

A true GO TO when hunger strikes!

Jason Dogg

Same Taco Bell taste we all know just 5 times slower to get your order.


Sometimes you have to answer the craving. Hopefully not late at night when the line goes around building. Always fresh and almost always friendly service.

The Brieez

They built this when it wasn't populated clearly. You cannot go there at dinner time and go through drive thru will be a 40 minute wait. Went inside it was a 45 minute wait. Its supposed to be FAST food that's longer than a restaurant and you cannot park in parking lot or you cannot get out you will be blocked in by the drive thru that has literally a dozen people. It's so bad. Love breakfast though

Carly Robbins

The drive thru takes longer than any other fast food place I've ever been to.

Jamie N.

The slowest Taco Bell on the planet!! They are always busy but have yet to figure out how to get a fast food order processed under 30 minutes.

R B.

I honestly can't believe this trip to this TacoBell. I loved this TacoBell so much. I was the DD for my friends coming back from the bar(not too late, around 12am). We decided to go to TacoBell, because my friends needed to sober up. TacoBell is the perfect drunk food that's not Waffle House. The inside was closed, perfectly fine, but the neon sign that said DRIVE THRU OPEN was on, so we went to the drive thru just to find out that the menu light was off and no one would even let us know that they were closed. Maybe they should've turned off the sign because I wasn't the only person who thought this. There were a 2 other people besides me in line. Honestly pretty disappointed. If you're closed, turn off your signs that say that you're open.

Ben M.

Real problems getting food out! No one inside restaurant and 25 minutes in Drive-through. Second in line to order window.

Tara H.

Their drive through is the absolute slowest. Not sure why it takes so long, but it is not convenient at all

April Ray-Obermier

One of my favorite fast food taco places. When I want tacos fast I come here. Great food.

Kyle Stone

Food quality is very inconsistent. I have been eating at Taco Bell for 25 years or so and I find that the quality of the food at this location to always be sub-par. It's all the same ingredients I'm sure, it's the way it's prepared or how they assemble the food that needs work. No matter when I go here the drive thru is painfully slow. Most of their staff is friendly though so it's not all bad.

Cathy L.

Drive thru took 37 minutes. It is always at least 20 min. I do not recommend going unless you need down time in your vehicle...without food

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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