Tropical Smoothie Cafe

8646 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
(850) 936-1320

Recent Reviews

Sheena Brown

I would have given it a one-star but the girl Jessica is very sweet but I don't know if it's her or what the deal is but my smoothie taste like water I'm pretty upset I got a beach bum with white chocolate not a cup of water with a splash of strawberry.

Larissa Laughlin

Worst customer service ever! Sat for over 10 mins at the window without anyone ever tending to us, even though she clearly saw us there. Then she proceeded to take others orders when they walked in 10 mins after we had been sitting there. Won't be going back.

Alan Mccoy

Worst customer service ever. There ordering speaker doesn't work so I have to drive up to the window to place my order sit there for 5 minutes call out for someone and still nothing.then finally someone just happens to come out to the window and looks at me like what are you doing there.meanwwhile there are 4 other cars behind me in line.i wish there was another option in navarre for a healthy meal. Like a smoothie king.

Amanda Carpenter

Same issue today as the guy who posted 2 days ago. Sat in the drive thru lane and nobody took order. Pulled up to the window and sat for 20 mins waiting to be acknowledged. Employee looked at me multiple times and never came to the window. Insane.

Erik Plumley

I don?t know who is doing the hiring, but they need to really pay attention to the employees they hire on. The food used to be quality, smoothies perfectly blended and tasty, and the service was stellar.

Stephanie Oliver

The quality of smoothies and the wait time is awful now. You need to hire more people and speed things up.

Russell A.

I almost didn't come here because of the 2 star rating I saw on the Apple Map for this location. I then read the reviews and decided I would take the risk. Unfortunately I am now writing a review and giving them a 1 star. I just received a smoothie with plastic in it. Yes, PLASTIC. The first part that came out of the straw had a piece in it. I then pulled that out of my mouth and thought maybe a small piece had somehow gotten in. I took another pull of the straw and got another piece. I'm not taking anymore chances with this smoothie or this location. Reading other reviews shows management is lacking and my experience confirms there is no quality control.

Rodney Waits

This is the very best place to get a smoothie in town. Staff is always friendly and a smoothie will make anyones day! Dont forget to try the food as well!

Christopher Mallet

I don't know what is is about this location but it can not make a wrap to save it's life. I have been to just about every location from Pensacola to Destin and Navarre is the only one that can't get it together. I live in Navarre other wise I would not spend my money there. It did not used to be, I don't know what changed. Maybe I'm over critical but a wrap should not fall to two pieces as soon as I pick it up. If I were the G/M I would be sending that entire crew that works there to get retrained. When I'm in there it is obvious everybody is working hard behind a line but that's no excuse for not knowing how to do your job properly.

Jason Sprott

Very good food, itâ??s a great stop on the way into or coming home from work

Rowan C.

I love waiting in line for twenty minutes to order some extra cold fruit juice just to wait another miserable twenty minutes for a gross smoothie. Throw the whole franchise away because it's trash !

Kristen W.

Sitting in line in the drive thru as I'm writing this... Haven't even made it to the window and it's been 30 minutes?? There were 3-4 cars ahead of me when I pulled up so I figured it would be a minute bc it's normally slow anyways but 30 minutes?? And I still haven't gotten to the window where more than likely I'll wait another 10? Ive worked at a tropical smoothie before and I can say this is disappointing. If you're in peak hours, and can't handle the volume of business on a Tuesday afternoon then close your drive thru. If your understaffed, close your drive thru. If I hadn't already ordered I would have turned around and left by now. Update; it took 40 minutes for me to recieve my food. Staff is sweet, you can tell they're trying their best but without a manager or qualified professional it's hard to deal with situations like this with unhappy customers. When I worked there three years ago manager would often not come to work and without the manager we had no manager code or authority to even comp something or get a discount. Best we could offer is an apology. The problem isn't the staff, it's management and corporate.

Kelly Urban

The smoothies have always tasted great. However it isn't worth the wait anymore. I have been to this location many times. Each time I have had to wait a minimum of 8 minutes for my order...and it was just a smoothie. The product is so good I keep telling myself that maybe next time the service will be better. But after spending 18 minutes at the drive thru yesterday I decided enough was enough. I won't ever be back.

Kristin Feldner

The last few times Iâ??ve been to this location have taken entirely too long for my order. These are at times when there were maybe two or three other customers waiting at the same time. Today, I thought I would order ahead so I could just go in and grab my order. I was very wrong, I waited another 20 minutes after they said my order would be ready on my order confirmation. Something needs to be done at this location because this seems to be an ongoing issue for a while now. Very disappointing.


The last few times I've been to this location, the wait time has been approximately 15-20. Today we waited about 20 minutes and after we paid at the window we waited about 10 minutes to get our smoothies. There was a young (probably teenage) boy who was just dancing by the window and a young (probably teenage) girl started yelling at him and telling him to "act serious, the customers are watching." She was very nice and confirmed our order but she literally had to yell at the other guy to start our order and basically work. On top of that, our smoothie had chunks of maybe whey protein?? You're not supposed to feel chunks of anything when you order a peanut paradise. Very disappointed with this location and won't be returning.

Ana Cox

Sometimes the smoothies are perfect and other times I vow to never return.

Cami G.

Yummy smoothies! Great customer service! They all seem like they are working hard! I would definitely recommend but it's not a fast food place.

Johnny N.

Super slow, bad service, bad food, bad Management. They asked me if it was ok to wait 10 to 15 minutes what I'm the flying world ? Anyway.... go to the one in Fort Walton Beach, FL Mary Esther

Joey Pecararo

Excellent! Went 3 days in a row, everytime was great, and great prices.

James Freudenberg

This location is very disappointing, as a local we honestly try to avoid coming to this location. The staff is very young and immature, today I waited at the counter for over 5min while 4 sat there and chatted and 1 girl working tge drive thru window

Justice Batt

I absolutely love Tropical Smoothie but I absolutely hate this location. Itâ??s a bunch of children running around like chickens with their heads cut off that have zero communication skills. Fort Walton doesnâ??t seem that bad of a drive for better service.


I waited in line 25 minutes for a smoothie! The wait here is CONSTANTLY RIDICULOUS! I thought the person in front of me ordered tons of food. I was SHOCKED when all that was handed out the window was a yellow smoothie. Also they almost never answer the phone when you want to order ahead. I love the smoothies here, but hate to come because of the wait. If I wasnâ??t able to get some the best nutrition when it comes to smoothies....I would NEVER come. Even when I pull up to the window, there is one person inside. Itâ??s unacceptable...a long line of cars behind me too. Iâ??m now at the window...Another 5 minutes so far waiting on my one smoothie i ordered almost 30 minutes ago.

Hannah Bristow

Smoothies are good but this location is extremely slow. I waited 25 minutes in the drive thru line. The next time I went I thought going inside would be faster but the girls were standing around talking and took about 10 minutes to make one smoothie when there was only 1 other person there..

David T

I pulled up and ordered my smoothies, and sat watching the numerous amounts of people walking in, and leaving shortly after. I continue to wait, noticing the drive through line isnâ??t moving. After waiting almost 35 minutes just to make it to the window, and watching dozens of people go in, and leave with their food and smoothies. They couldnâ??t remember my order. So I place it again, and wait for about 20 more minutes, only to be asked yet again what I ordered. I was offered no apologies, no discount for my almost 1 hour wait sitting in their drive through. The icing on the cake is after my extremely long wait, I drive home to find out one of the cups has a hole in it. Officially making and nice mess not only all inside of my car, but all over my clothes. Thanks for the amazing experience tropical smoothie of navarre!

Lara Chart

Iâ??m an avid Jamba Juice fan, but this place is so much better!!! Prices, selection, and the smoothie all exceeded my expectations! Will be back!


My family decided to try this place out after reading the menu. I ordered online and we picked it up to take back to the beach. The smoothies are really big and filling. Honestly I wished I wouldâ??ve split one with my husband. Thankfully we did decide to have our kids split one as it wouldâ??ve been way too much (there is only 1 size option from what I could tell). All 3 that we tried were great! Peanut Butter Cup, Beach Bum, and Mocha Madness.

Michael Hantus

Great food, good prices, not much seating.

Hannah Logan

Highly disappointed. Have gone several times never a problem. Found two big chunks of peanut butter in my smoothie. Which means it wasnâ??t blended all the way. Got a peanut butter crunch sandwich. Barely any peanut butter but honey everywhere enough to where I couldnâ??t even eat it. When I went through the drive-thru. You would think that employees would make it edible for someone in a car.

Lydia V.

My husband got down after 15 minutes of us waiting in the drive thru line and went inside to find out the smoothie is ready. the guy behind us got down to walk his dog! This is unacceptable, just because there's no other smoothie store to compete doesn't mean this place should be ran so poorly.

ryan gladu

Every time I go to this tropical smoothie leave disappointed, the wraps are poorly made, and the smoothies are bland. Go to the gulf breeze or fort Walton location. I have gone here 3 times and each time I've been disappointed. Better yet go by Culver's. I revisited this location today March 13 2019 and this location has improved. I got the beach bum with dark chocolate. I was able to taste all 3 ingredients. I was very satisfied.

Jeff Pergolski

Blimey limey is goooooooooood.

Dana E.

Have the best service I ever had from any Tropical Smoothie location. The employees there were so friendly and nice and had me laughing. The food and smoothies were great. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks guys! You are super awesome.

Melissa Woodall

I love the island green smoothie. But the best is to sub apples and kiwis for the mango and pineapple. Absolutely delicious!

Melissa Woodall

I love the island green smoothie. But the best is to sub apples and kiwis for the mango and pineapple. Absolutely delicious!


Victoria and Christian are awesome and the food is outstanding. My daughter loves this place. She has me take her here at least 3 times a week. Canâ??t believe the negative reviews but unfortunately the complainers are usually the ones that like to leave reviews

Leah Lynn

Delicious! Just wish it were a bit less expensive. But it's a franchise so they domt care.

sandra ward

Our favorite place for healthy smoothies. Staff are very friendly and the smoothies are amazing

Brian MacWilliams

Smoothies from this location are terrible. Don't waste your money. Tastes like all they do is throw ice in a blender and add just enough fruit to change the color of the ice.

George Beauchamp

Poor service. Consistently gets my orders wrong, slow, and rude... Even went inside to order, and they still get it wrong..

Daniel W.

WARNING this location has no qualms putting spoiled ingredients into their sandwiches - in the smoothies too probably, but its hard to tell due to all the sugar covering up the taste. This place used to be pretty good, but the last couple of times its been dumpster quality... I'm not exaggerating, this place is a danger to the public.