Ye Olde Brothers Brewery

4458 FL-87, Navarre
(850) 684-1495

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Sarah Mason

It’s a very small pizza that you get for 20$. We never got refills on sweet tea that we asked for. We had to go and ask if we could order because the waitress never came back. After we put in the order it took 45 minutes to come out. They set the pizza down and left without giving us plates, so then we had to wait on those. We had one person who ordered something other then pizza, that food took so long to come out that we told them never mind. The waitress didn’t check in us at all, when we asked for things like refills she acted mad. This was just the absolute worst experience.

Jeffrey Foster

Quite a disaster would barely describe this place. Ordered a simple carry out order that was supposed to be ready in 20 min. Awesome no big deal, I would grab on my way somewhere for an easy lunch. Boy was I wrong....45 min later my food is ready. I imagine they forgot to put the entire order in or just lied originally. Then we get the food and are told they don’t have silverware for our food. Wait your a restaurant and have no silverware? How is that possible? How can a restaurant not have silverware? Oh well, mark this one off the list.

Angie K.

These people know how to brew beer. The three we had were all great tasting. The bbq nachos were simple and delicious---so much pork!! We also had a personal pizza which was more like a small. The cheese had a weird texture but tasted good. Wish we lived close by or had something like this close to home!

John D.

Best dang barbecue I done seen south of the Mid East Atlantic district. Sauce is spicy. Meat is tender as heck. Comes a close second to Jones' Barbecue and Foot Massage TM. Pizza sauce was a little too un-sauce-like. The Philly Pizza had steak that was to kill N' die for. Weren't open during the peak of the hurricane last weekend which, what can I say? Can't expect much from a company run and owned by "Ye Olde Brothers..." Five stars.

Carly G.

Stopped by this place randomly on the way back to Pcola. No regrets about doing so either! I ordered their pizza and buffalo dip and both were wonderful. However, if I had know that they put garlic whatever on the crust I would've asked with it without it. But I'm also just a fan of basics when it comes to pizza. The buffalo was pretty good! Wasn't better than my recipe tho.

Jacob B.

The best experience after eating boussards and getting the worst experience ever. They were a saving grace on my road trip with my friends. The food, service, and atmosphere was top tier!!!

Larry D.

Recently I posted a review of the pizza that we had at Ye Old Brothers brewery. If you read that review I stated that we would go back for the beer and something else on their menu but not pizza. We'll we went back today and I can tell you that along with the great beer we also had very good burgers and perhaps the best French fries I have ever eaten. Not only was the burger great but it came with a very ample side of mayo, mustard and ketchup. Nothing annoys me more than having to wait until the burger is cold before I can flag down a server to ask for mayo. As we were leaving I ask a couple seated near us if the had enjoyed the pizza the had ordered and the said it was great. So perhaps they have a new pizza chef that knows how to cook in a wood fired oven. I will definitely go back for the burgers and fires and order a small pie to judge for myself.


Stopped by with my mom today to get carryout. She got a pulled pork sandwich on a bun (instead of Texas Toast) w/potato salad and I got the Brisket sandwich on a bun w/ fries and a Rootbeer float. We were quick to get both our meal, the waitress even delivered them to the car so I wouldn’t have to hang around inside with my mask on. My fries were crispy on the outside, yet soft in the middle, just like I like them. While neither of us were too crazy about the bbq sauce, we both agreed the meats were delicious and tender. Plasticware, along with extra tubs of bbq sauce, ketchup, and a ranch dressing were included. Neither of us were able to finish our meals,but I look forward to having what’s left of mine for a snack.

Seth Goldsmith

Great beer. Excellent Reuben. Surprisingly great service.

Heather Worrell

Food was wonderful and delicious. Service was excellent. Patio seating was very nice. Just wish there was a full bar of drink choices since I'm not a beer drinker.

Hannah Mills

I come here regularly. Have only had one minor issue before, today I come with only 3 other families here. Every table inside was dirty except one in the center of the walk-in, no problem we can sit outside . Our “waiter” sees us while at a table near us and walks out after . One of my group goes inside to ask for menus, nobody comes out, finally he comes up to ask what we want to drink, that takes 15 minutes to get. We finally get our appetizer 45 minutes in at a cooler temperature, currently have been sitting here for over an hour now still waiting for one pizza and a chicken blt, the waiter had not came to check on us one time, nor ask if we needed new drinks. It seems they only have one person on wait staff but yet I’ve seen 2 or 3 different employees walking around the restaurant . This won’t stop me from coming here and it shouldn’t stop you, just come at the right time with the right waiter I guess .

Sara Scott

Good good, delicious beer. Came in from out of town and had a great time here. The outside seating was perfect on a summer evening.

Kristin Ullman

My family and I came here early afternoon on a Saturday. We were seated promptly and our waitress was really friendly and quick. Everyone loved their entrees and the beer was delicious.

Sew Bee

The pull pork sandwich today Aug.1, 2020 on point. From the temperature, the SEASONING, and texture. Ye Olde Brothers has the best food and most importantly the BEST staff. They ALL make you feel welcome. Friendly hard working crew. My husband who is a PICKY eater even loves the food here. Great Job ??!

Caroline Waite

Love love love. Great setup tasty beer, even the porter was excellent according to my bf, the beach bum was yummy to me! We had burger and Ruben both were super delicious, perfect service too. Will be back soon!

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