Papa John's Pizza

601 S Dixie Fwy, New Smyrna Beach
(386) 426-7272

Recent Reviews

Larry Budd

Pizza ready as scheduled. Order was correct. Staff was helpful & friendly.

abe taylor

No tables just carry out

Josh Piatt

They are to busy to take orders waited on the phone for over 7 mins and had to call back to see if they could even take my order which they couldn’t cause they to busy at 8:30 on a Monday night.

christopher g

Love their hand tossed pan pizza!

david gargani

Pizza was super good delivered on time

michael burnett

Last 2 times I ordered pizza for carryout they messed up the order I mean how hard can it be to get 2 toppings correct

Trish Flowers

ordered family deal. pizza was good, but ingredients in the middle of the pie. tried to call, said they were getting manager, put on hold twice. no resolution. expect more for my money.

Patricia Oneill

Ordered a next day delivery for a party. On time and really good.

Dawn Applegate

The good: the delivery people are always very friendly. 5 stars for them

Donielle Raulerson

I would really like to take a moment to thank Jeffrey from the New Smyrna Beach, Fl 32168 location. He is the example of GREAT customer service. Thank you.


I was put on hold for for approximately 7 minutes however when the guy answered the phone, he was super friendly and very accommodating! He helped me with the specials I needed to feed 7 hungry teenagers. I appreciated his extra time and effort! Thank you Papa Johns!!

jason short

Kathy is awesome at this place

jake n

Ordered wings .they didnt even show up lol .

ashly m

Every time I get Papa John's pizza it does not disappoint!

Sam Wade

MUCH better than it used to be. New manager I guess. Hot, fresh, tasty.

Don Johnston

Ordered xtra lrg 2 topping...least amount of pepperoni I've seen in a long time. Very disappointing.

Angel Eyes

The guys were closing store to be open for delivery so we laughed and we asked if they would deliver to the car out front it was a black car and it was our car so they brought the pizza out very kind of them they brought out plates and napkins and everything else we ask for keep salt in your car they don't have it there anyways it was a wonderful experience and great time to get out of the house I had the best time and the best pizza you got to try the new chicken barbecue it's to die for

Stan L.

I keep giving this place a chance. But 4th time in a row. They mess up easy on the cheese and extra sauce ! I just don't get what the issue is. I would rather it to take longer and be made right instead of fast and wrong every time. Waist of money !

FyahSpittah Katty Diaz

Abe is the best at this location. I truly enjoy the whole staff. No issues for a whole year

Joey Hager

Called in two pizzas today July 23 around 5:15 for pickup; i paid for pizzas but the cashier provided no napkins. She was rude because I did not include a tip even though she did nothing but hand me the pizza and tske my money. I asked for napkins, she gave me TWO. What poor service. Little winder PJs is falling from public favor

Jennifer Eubanks

Amazingly nice staff. Pizza was hot and fresh too.

Dawn Seaman

The best and people friendly

Iaeshia Fuller

My pizza comes on time and is always nicely hot,fresh,and good!

Brenda Zwick

I tried to order pizza online, I've done it many times. They asked me for password, they sad it wasn't right?? They would email me a link to reset my password. PLEASE, I don't want to have to remember a PASSWORD for PIZZA. It's pizza for God's sake.30 minutes later, I'm still waiting for the password link... Already ordered from someone else


Excellent service, fast delivery. Pizza was hot and very good. Staff was helpful on phone and order was accurate.

Pat H

Excellent service, fast delivery. Pizza was hot and very good. Staff was helpful on phone and order was accurate.

Michael Sawyer

Pizza and dipping sauce was pretty good. It made me pee pee out of my butthole.


Worst pizza in Florida! The sauce tastes like sugar and ketchup! The cheese was barely noticeable, and we had maybe one piece of pepperoni per slice of pie. The dough was rubbery trash. Nothing like paying $17 a pizza for bad pizza. Little Caesars down the road has way better pizza for only $5! We will not waste our money with you again!


My pizza is usually still hot when delivered, which is nice! Orders accurate. I'm about 7 miles away. Drivers nice and timely. There are other pizza places closer but I prefer PJ. Make sure to tip your driver!

Rory Harms

All I can say is, "Repeat your order and double check before you leave the store"...Stood across the counter from Tyler and ordered BBQ Chicken pizza with NO Onions and a Pepperoni pizza... don't know which employee made the pizzas, but we received a BBQ Chicken pizza that had Onions, Pineapple and Ham... thankfully the Pepperoni Pizza was made correctly

Janine P.

Idiots.......I call for their 2 medium pizza 2 topping deal for $13.98 and the 12 year old manager tells me they can't accept that order and it will be $28.....they don't recognize that price. I say if i order it online to be delivered from your same store in New Smyrna Beach to my address it will be $13.98???? Yes. So i ask why can't i continue this conversation with you.....give you my credit card number & get my 2 medium $13.98 pizzas????? Nope! Ridiculous conversation! Papa John's SUCKS!!!!!!


Have used this restaurant a few times and it is fast and reasonably priced. Food has a good taste and good sized portions


This store is very busy. When they say ready in 20 minutes, they mean it or longer. Ate here a couple of times. Once the pizza was very very done. We didn't say anything, but probably should have. New pan pizza is pretty good.

Dave O.

Finally decided to try Papa John's again after many years, the last time was a completely different experience hence the time between visits. Although this pizza wasn't much to look at it was actually pretty good. After trying nearly all the pizza joints in the area I thought this option was worth a try and I'm not regretting my decision, but they aren't going to move to the top of the list for pizza by any means. Being the delivery time was extremely long I decided to pickup and I'm glad I did, the staff was extremely friendly, the store was immaculate and the pizza was fresh out of the oven when I arrived. The ingredients were of high quality, it was cooked perfectly and that's about all I expected. I'd pass on the giant cookie though on the next visit...

Hanna Spedoskee

I disagree with the bad reviews. I got carry out and it was sooo delicious. I enjoyed it more than a lot of the authentic pizza shops, Pizza Hut, and Hungry Howie's. I ordered a thick crust pizza and I would recommend it to everyone.

Edith C.

The phone number displayed is not correct! 386-426-7272 They do deliver and all the guys are super nice.