Rootz Soul Café

1651 S State Rd 7, North Lauderdale
(954) 597-6202

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I always order on doordash because the location is a little too far from me and it doesn't seem like the type of place I'd want to sit down in (personally not a fan of food places that's basically just a counter and chairs). Besides that the food is godlike. I'm not a big eater but the portions are hearty and heavy and I've absolutely engorged every order. It always arrives nice and warm too. The beans are spiced and sweet, tender flavorful macaroni and the vegan chicken is smokey, sweet, and crispy. Absolutely love it every time and would highly recommend.

chris j

Girl up front was sweet. Food is good. Quick and easy.

L Rawlins

Very nice clean and fresh restaurant, the food was prepared fresh and in a timely manner, thr staff was polite patient and helpful, I am not even vegan but I would most definitely visit again because the food was very goodParking: Plenty of free parkingWheelchair accessibility: Wheel chair ♿️ accessible

Supreme Prime

This place is amazing!!!! The shrimp tacos are always delicious. ??????I have ordered too to many count. Also try the fried Broc ??????. The staff know exactly what they're doing!!

Sean Wauchope (Soldado)

Food is okay, I had the Bacon burger which came with a beyond burger so you can't really mess that up. The customer service was horrible and literally all 3 employees there had a bad attitude. 2 of the employees were eating CHICKEN BREAST dinners next to us inside what I thought was a vegan restaurant, we were so disgusted by It we left without finishing our meals. Whoever the owner is needs to pay more attention to how the employees are treating the business, they are running it into the ground. I don't think I'll ever revisit this place.

Empress Beauty

Customer service is TRASH! but the food is amazing.. the lady with the locs at the front is not welcoming at all and always has an attitude... but i come back cause the food hits everytime...

Finnegan Gutierrez

As a vegetarian, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a chicken sandwich. I had the ultimate chicken, and although it was $18, I’m feeling satisfied. It was delicious. Obviously would love it if it were a bit cheaper.Parking: Not a huge lot, about 25 spots or so.

Helen Johnson

Clean environment! Good vegan burgers and the service was satisfactory. My type of food.

Agnes Nkhata

Wow unfortunately we had a very cold experience here while on vacation in FL trying so hard to support a black-owned local business. The place had 2 tables which seat 3 people each (6) and we came in with a party of 6. Although the place was empty, we were rudely told we could not move the tables together in order to sit together as a family. Then when trying to order food for my toddler, the associate came from the kitchen, interrupted us to tell us again to tell us that the tables needed to be moved back to their EXACT positions. Also, they were out of the most popular items. The vibe was so negative we had to leave.

Damon Peters

Rootz is such a cute place with great food and wonderful folks. I highly recommend the food and it’s a great choice for lunch or takeout. We had the fries, tacos, burgers, and salmon and were super pleased with our meal. We were here from Miami, and we’re going to stop by wherever we’re in the area. Congratulations on such a great business ????

Haitian Spells & Beauty Services

This place is a hit or miss for me. Some items I like, some items I don't. I don't like their green. I ❤️ their vegan fish tacos and vegan Mac n cheeze. Their vegan chikn is ok. Their greens are so nasty. I gota take 2 stars away. They either poured vinegar or hot sauce on it, yuck.

Sheenay Walquer-Warenne

Definitely will be returning as a newly minted vegan attempting to find my path. This is definitely one of the best stopping places along the way. Foods great service is great location amazing recommend 100% even if you’re not vegan and just like great tasting food.

Kris P

Where to begin!!!!! The food was AMAZING. The cashier was very polite and knew the items on the menu very well. It is not a "dine-in" restaurant they have 2 tables in there. However, we did dine in. I ordered shrimp tacos, and my date had a vegan southern crispy sandwich with vegan bacon and sweet potato fries. We ate all we could and what didn't get eaten. We took home and ordered a portion to go lol!! Look, go here!!! They are a vegan restaurant!!! Just in case you needed one last shout!!! We will return and recommend anyone to try!!!

a “gypsy”

So I tried calling but the person who stole keeps answering the phone . I went to pick up my order last night . Over the phone she refused to tell me the price then when I arrived she pocketed my changed . I noticed simply because I paid in 20$ and my change was suppose be over 10$ . I am a great tipper and I was excited to try this place . She took forever to get the key from her backpack and reopened the register . Who works the counter is making you guys look bad . I love thé Food , i was happy to see a staff of minority women . I will not return because that girl probably stole over 50$ yesterday. I don’t trust ordering because she refuses to tell the price of what you are ordering it’s to sus. The food is 5stars , taste great and you get a nice portion . I won’t be going back because of the thief .


Delicious!!!We got the shrimp tacos and sweet plantains.The shrimp were cooked to perfection and the vegetables in the tacos were fresh and crunchy, the sauce on top was amazing!Plantains were also cooked very well, soft and sweet.The place is very clean and the staff is very helpful and kind, thank you! I am very happy I found this place and will come back soon for more :D!!!

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