The Alchemist Coffee Shop

17830 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach
(786) 916-3560

Recent Reviews

Ari S.

I love everything about it. The atmosphere is like no other, food is always fresh. Price is just a bit high but with all the positives, it's well worth it.

Pablo M.

A Sunday morning disaster. Upon arrival, they sent us to order inside. We later found out there were waiters taking orders to other people. Why not us? Don't want to speculate. The place looked good, perfect weather and we're looking forward to eat. The coffee arrived quickly. The food? It took them an hour to bring half the order. Everybody around us, they were all eating! Even people who arrived later than us. When the food came, it was a disaster. Cold. Flipped avocado containers. All full of plastic. My wife brought up a picture of the same dish from a year ago. How can you go down so quick? The personnel were not accommodating, except for the blonde guy, they were all pretty careless, even the manager. I don't like to give bad critics, but hey owners of the Alchemist, wake up! Not going back ever again.

Emily D.

Loved the atmosphere, we went for a late breakfast around 2 and all breakfast items were still available. I had the melted Brie slicer and if your a Brie fan it's definitely a must try it was top with honey and almost. My friend had the English muffin breakfast sandwich that came with a side of spicy salsa which she enjoyed very much. I also got a latte with oat milk which had a very nutty taste which was very different but I didn't mind. The outdoor sitting space was definitely photo worthy and relaxing.

Christopher Otero

??? ????????? coffee shop in North Miami brews up magical treats that will dazzle patrons. Tucked away behind ????????? ????, this hidden gem combines healthy fresh ingredients alongside vibrant gardens views that are sure to ease your mind and tummy.⁣⁣Entering the cafe, you are transported into a world of knickknacks meets antique chic. It is a comfortable atmosphere filled with many different pieces of furniture that you can call home for the meal. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors you will find something that catches your eye to talk about.⁣⁣A refreshing way to take it all in is to start with ??? ????????? ???? ??????, a signature 24 hour cold brew potion with condensed milk, brown sugar and choice of milk. Our breakfast consisted of the ?????? ?? ??? ???, a beautifully golden waffle smothered with Nutella topped with strawberry banana goodness. Partnered with this was the ????’? ?????????, an crumb flying crispy tater tot hash brown waffle buried underneath two fried eggs, a delicate avocado salad, fresh pico de gallo, bacon bits and if you are feeling adventurous like I was, smoke salmon. Quite a mouthful. Highly recommend.⁣⁣Feel free to stroll around the community before, during or after your meal to catch a glimpse of all the art surrounding the restaurant. There are colorful walls, galleries to browse and neat things to find behind every turn. ⁣⁣This house of waffle wizardry is sure to cast a flavorsome spell on you.

Farouk Chemam

Beautiful spot and very relaxing. The vibe is amazing and the crowd is cool. The dishes and drinks are amazing. Really recommend this location.

Ms. Ellis

I enjoyed the experience and food. Very Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-ish! They give you a menu where you wait in line to place your order and pay; then seat yourself. We both ordered the Chef Special: Tatertot hash brown waffle 2 fried eggs avocado pico de gallo added smoked salmon, golden milk and golden coffee , melted brie almonds and honey waffle. I would go back. ?

Aidar Vafin

Design and atmosphere are good in this place, but you don’t come only for your insta photo. You also need to grab some food and coffee. Unfortunately, their cuisine is no so friendly, the food taste and quality as in fast food places with unreasonable price for that quality.So, you can definitely come to take some pictures and go away to grab food and coffee in different places.

Camila D.

Beautiful place!! Loved the art and food! Everything was fantastic!! Would recommend for brunch and late lunch! Also the ice coffee is amazing!!

Annie T.

Really cute spot! I sat outside at one of the many adorable outdoor tables. Some of them are oddly low to the ground, it's quirky. Others are more standard. I had a flavored coffee which was sweet and yummy. I also had a salmon entree that was so so yummy! The service was friendly, theres no table service though. You order inside, and there can be a wait. I recommend this place if you're looking for casual, cute ambience. Good for coffee dates, catching up with friends, etc. I don't live nearby but still imagine I will be back soon!

Cecilia P.

So I have mixed feelings about the Alchemist. Overall I would try it again. Pro: -cool ver eclectic, artsy decor. Felt very New Orleans - nice patio seating. Many different places to sit if you don't mind sitting outside. - a lot of foliage outside which helps with ambience & not 1 mosquito bite which is rare for me! -nice varied menu. You could eat healthy or not, depending on the degree of your hangover that day -they used coffee ice cubes in my iced coffee which is a really nice touch - the lemonade mint slushy is yummy and refreshing Cons: - they don't have table service which is not my favorite. - they don't have tons of indoor seating. There is a huge communal table and a few smaller tables all in the same room. Felt a bit claustrophobic. -You have to stand in line and order your food at the counter which doesn't give you a lot of time to decide. -Additionally, when you pay, it prompts for a 18% to 20% tip. The servers literally just drop your food off. There are no refills and nobody comes to talk to you after they drop off your food. - I ordered Farmers plate. I asked my eggs to be scrambled but they don't do scrambled...seems odd to me that they don't...its not rocket science. -i got my food right away. my sister ordered a salmon salad and it took about 15-20 for them to bring her the wrong plate of smoked salmon. Then it took about another 20 minutes for them to bring her the salad. Nobody came to apologize. - I saw a male server adjust his junk as he was going to drop off a plate of food to a guest. It was on top of his clothes but still disturbing. I saw him then go and touch the silverware stacks without ever touching his hands! Gross! I wanted to go talk to a manager but my sister convinced not to because he may get laid off and it would snowball into a scenario where he becomes a junky, homeless, suicidal or all three and I don't want to ruin someone's life even more during the pandemic. sum it up. Would I go there again? Probably yes, I just know what to expect this time around and definitely not while the Shake Master is working. -

Maor R.

I always loved alchemist since their original Wilton Manors location. Great ambiance & fun place to just relax on a lazy afternoon. I tried working from there too but Internet is too slow and Att reception ia also weak too in that area so couldnt hotspot. Sadly, once my favorite, Their coffee has gone downhill since my first experience. You can tell they use decent beans but need better trained baristas (like yesterday) as each espresso is just all over the place (under/over extracted, burnt or just right). Ambiance is fun, food & coffee are decent, prices a little high for a casual cafe. Great for dates. Coffee snobs look elsewhere.

Lindsay W.

This is the cutest coffee shop ever!! The outdoor seating space had a few different vibes and different set ups which I really appreciated. Our waitress was so sweet and very attentive. We got an iced americano and an espresso shot and they came in the cutest little mason jars. They also had fans going with some mist so that really helped with the flies and everywhere you look is great for pictures. The biggest downside is the parking, absolutely horrible and it shares an entrance with an apartment complex so you could easily be stuck waiting for someone.

Yuky L.

I was on my way to the airport and was just stopping by for some quick food. We ordered their award winning iced coffee, a seasonal tea and a chef breakfast. Everything was great! Chef kisses for the chef breakfast, I thought it was a waffle on the botto., it is actually made with potatoes, so like a hash brown. Topped with two eggs, two scoops of tuna and guacamole. Everything goes so well together, highly recommended!

Brion C.

This is a funky low-key restaurant on Dixie Highway about a mile south of Aventura Mall. There is outdoor and inside seating. All employees wear masks. It's a breakfast and lunch type place with things called Slicers with toppings on Tuscan bread and greens, pizzetta which are smallish individual size pizzas and focaccia with various toppings. They also serve not a bad selection of alcoholic drinks. We had a caprese pizzetta (tomatoes, mozzarella and basil pesto topping) and a mushroom focaccia. Both were really excellent and very tasty and served piping hot. The mozzarella was melted and creamy and there were a ton of mushrooms on the focaccia all sautéed and browned. Seating is at small tables that don't match plus a large common area table in the middle - a very eclectic space. A nice place to go to forget you are in crowded Miami.

Lucia P.

I've been to the Alchemist in Ft. Lauderdale but was near Aventura so decided to check out this location. The inside and outside has cute decor. The staff is very nice. We ordered the golden milk latte and the iced matcha. The drinks were quite pricey at almost $7 each. The golden latte was pretty tasty. The matcha latte was not too tasty. While it was made with condensed milk it was not sweet at all and was very tangy/bitter. I ended up switching it for an iced tea and that was quite sweet. I think I will stick to coffee for next time!

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