Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

1835 NE 123rd St, North Miami
(305) 899-8887

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Patricia Dewitt

This location has a team of employees that care a lot & wrk hard to satisfy their customers! Great staff! Great chefs, great food! Amazing pizza!??❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️??

saniya popli

I went here last weekI ordered - meat balls which were very soft and pepperoni Pizza which was good as well. Pepperoni was crunchy. I wish they had Oregano. I also had a cheesecake which was delicious.Service - was bit slow but totally worth it.Waiters were friendlyNot so costly $Overall had a good experience.Washrooms could have been cleaner.Loved it.


Ok..I just do not get it. Why is this place packed? I think it is the worst pizza ever in my 57 years. I have had better from a 7-11 frozen pizza. ANd to say it is best is a bold statement as you have not tried them all. What is the charm of a pizza so thin that it is burnt? The sausage sauce is cooked all day and tastes old. The chicken wings were so salty we could not eat them. It is loud and the service it slow. SO we go again and again to different locations because it is a fund raiser event place and we have to attend. ANd they are all the same. Each time it is a let down. I really think it is just a social thing. People go where others do even if the better place is next door. I would rather go to a quiet place with better food then to BS ourselves and lie and say it is so great just to fit in with others. The service is slow each time and each time we had to wait and beg for any service from ordering to needed items. 3 times I went we waited over 15 minutes to never get napkins and silverware and basics and we had to get up and get it from the service area ourselves. All I can think of is that people love to flock where others are and would be happy with garbage so they can be seen at the popular place, or see their friends. Seriously, does anyone really like those burnt pizzas? I like thin crust, but this is by far not the best pizza in town. They get an A+ for marketing though. Average to poor food but packed every night. You people need to get out more and try other places if you think this pizza is good.

Larissa Viana

Delicious pizza, awesome service. I was there for a work meeting and was a very pleasant evening.

Michael Knowles

Great enforcement of social distancing.My waitress was attentive, but not annoying. The pizza is outstanding. Peroni on tap was cold, and the cheesecake crust was nice and crisp.What more can you ask for?

John Doe

I do a lot of deliveries for them on the Uber platform. I can honestly say, that go above and beyond for drivers. That’s huge. I truly feel a apart of the family . Much respect ✊? to the hard working staff.P.s oops just realize the Anthony’s on Biscayne .

Xavier Riddick

Malic and Bria Culpepper gave excellent service! Please visit this location and ask for either one of them! Food was awesome as always!

Lazy Boi

When I ordered their pizza from Doordash, it was expensive.I was expecting a very tasty pizza, but what I ended up with was a cold pizza. The eggplant is better then their pizza.I don't think I'm ever ordering their pizza's ever again.


This Anthony’s is probably the best of all locations. They’re not cheap with portions & always have exceptional service.


Great lemonade, friendly ambient and excellent pizza!!!


Omg! I had a chef salad, garlic knots and a margarita pizza. The garlic knots are so amazingly garlicky, they are a little spicy. Wonderful! Sauce tasted super fresh. Pizza had a nice crisp to the crust. This was a great meal.


This Anthony’s is probably the best of all locations. They’re not cheap with portions & always have exceptional service.

Jrw 1963

Good pizza but slooooow service. We were told 30 minutes and we are approaching 1 hour for a pickup.

Healthy LifeStyle

Sometimes, in between all the healthy food, it is good to eat what makes you happy, and where else can you go for it? Well, Anthony Pizza will give you that moment. This place is great, staff is very professional and the quality of the food is good. It is either for the whole family or going by yourself.

B Bates

We arrived at this place for a meeting. This restaurant was recommended to us by a friend. Well, it was very nice. The staff members were very polite and we felt excellent. The meal was yummy. We loved this spot very much and we will visit this place again. Highly recommended.

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