Au Bon Gout Restaurant

12051 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami
(305) 899-0507

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Shawn Miller

I have no experience with Haitian food. I went here to try something different. It mostly a togo place. They had no problems with us dining in though. So many people came and went getting togo orders. It was expensive, but good. We felt a little uncomfortable being the only white people there the whole time. They have limited English speaking ability, but enough to get by.

Manfred Maitre

My sister and my mom really loves this place I thought it was okay I will go back there and try something else just to make sure but I had the meatballs like I said it was okay but my sister and my mother they love it

Beyonca De La Paz

Currently home from food poisoning from the stewed okra purchased yesterday, May 2nd, 2022. Two hours after eating I could not leave the restroom with food coming from all ends... top and bottom.

Rashad Marsh

Great food. I got the legume. Whenever I come to town I try to come.Great customer service. Good music.I'm satisfiedI'm taking the rest of the food to go. Lol

Jennifer Marrero

I wish I can give a zero star, One we order white rice and beans. Waiting 30 minutes for the food for the food to be wrong. And then the food is horrible!!! The rice taste so old and oily the only good thing was the plantain. Waste of money!!! I won’t recommend at all. They need to do better.

Lain Augu

customer service was incredible... my server was friendly and helpful with making food choices... I will love to return... the food is good

Herline Romulus

Good food thank you

Dionne Greer

Great food. Haitian love?

Joadline Cesar

I brought a fried chicken and white Rice and rice beans food was nasty omg rice was burn Man taste something that was made yesterday this how people get sick man that’s why I don’t like supporting Haitian Restaurant‼️

Jon Carlos

Food was delicious , Restaurant was very clean & The best customer service in the area.

legba eshu

Food is excellent by all means but they take no initiative to up keep the place

Moni Dave

Racists. If u have dreads they assume u DONT understand Creole walked in today. The worst service. I even called ahead same rudeness. I was skipped service because i didn't appear to look Haitian.

Lovelyne J

The food tasted good, but portion is small. Customer service is absolutely terrible. We walked in and stood there for a while before someone asked to take our order. Ok no big deal bc that's the expectation at most haitian restaurants. As I was telling the lady what i want to order, without saying a word she just turned around and walked away; she then came back with an order notepad, again without saying a word. So considering i was already there, i finished my order.While i was waiting for the food (45 min later), my husband and I were sitting accross from each other talking, just a few feet between us (our knees were almost touching), the lady who took our order just walked right between us. We had to lean back to make way for her. I couldnt believe it. There was a guy there who came to fix a broken mirror, he was going around and over my husband to take measurements instead of just asking him to move. We hand the lady our card to pay, then she told us cash only and that everyone knows that. She told us to go the the ATM next door. Mind you we're from out of state, and cash only is not written anywhere. We had to scour our bags to find sufficient funds to pay.I decided this was the last time I am going to take my butt to a haitian restaurant; i've had too many bad customer service experiences with haitian restaurant.Toutotan customers ap kontinye frekante restoran ayisyen, yo pap janm chanje. As for me and my household we are done with haitian restaurants.

Ceylon Smith (Ceylon El Padrino)

Always good food..I love the meatballs & rice.

Sky's World

Wish I could give negative stars. The people here are horrible. I walked into a empty building placed my order speaking to them in English. Over time more customers came in while I waited everyone speaking creole got served b4 me. Little did they know I also speak it so I was listening to them tell everyone else I can wait for my food when the other customers asked why I looked so mad, they all laughed. I got tired of waiting and asked wheres my food in creole. They went into the back and never came out.If your not Haitian don’t waste your time coming here. PLEASE!!!

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