Billy's Pub Too

732 NE 125th St, North Miami
(305) 899-9986

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Boricua scout

Great local spot, tvs all around to catch sports!

Clarissa Joaquin

Bar is laid back and has a decent vibe. Food is ok as far as typical bar food goes…..Website and signage clearly indicate a happy hour. Came in tonight and was surprised when my bill came and questioned the bartender who stated that there has been no happy hour since the start of the pandemic. Not too happy about the false advertising

Jashayla Brown

Food is terrible and customer service is even worse. Waster 40$ on me and my husbands food. We are never coming back. I ordered wings that tasted like cardboard with barbecue sauce on them. The women who helped us was not attentive practically ignoring us most times. Didn’t even bring our food out to us.

Ashley Signorello

Went there the other night , food was great ! Music is awesome ! & I had the best bartender named Lexi , tall , beautiful and makes one hell of a margarita ! Def one of my new favorite bars!

Desiree Garrison

Gigi is great!! Brought us our drinks and was so friendly!

Arthur Joseph

My first visit to Billy's pub I went there around noon on Sunday I stayed there until late at night around 10:00pm. The bartender served me the salad,water, beers, liquor. I saw posters for not smoking inside the pub yet the bartender and guest were smoking cigarettes inside the pub. I played some pool with the guest there and then went out the door.

Natalie T.

My friend and I had a day of exploration in North Miami and came across Billy's Pub Too (which funnily enough I had bookmarked under "Dive Bars" to check out). We came on a Sunday afternoon, not many people there other than us. There are 4 pool tables, so we played pool (poorly), ordered beers, and took advantage of the TouchTunes jukebox. Eventually we wound up ordering food and had 10 wings, which they very kindly split into 2 flavors for us (hot and lemon pepper) and an order of fries. I was really impressed with the food, especially the wings, as they were super flavorful. The bartenders were really nice and we had a fun afternoon here. I would definitely revisit this bar and order the wings again.

Stacy Bagnasco

Laid back hole-in-the-wall bar with both an indoor and outdoor bar. The outdoor has misters all around to keep people cool during those hot nights. They have 5 pool tables, 4 indoor and one outdoor, all in good condition. Plus they don't close until 5 AM which is perfect for someone like me who can play pool until the sun come up.

Lourdes Marulanda

Bartenders as super sweet and the service is great. Bathrooms are cleaned constantly and there’s security with metal detectors to get in for precaution which is really cool.

Marie Collins

Came to Billy’s tonight for a quick drink, i was served by Gigi (bartender) she was absolutely amazing. Her drink recommendations was fantastic. The lemon pepper wings was to die for. Please make sure you ask for Gigi on your next visit

Jessica Joseph

I feel this place has lost it's touch. My husband and I sat at the bar. We didn't cook dinner that night and wanted some food from Billy's Pub Menu. Long story short, the server didn't really assists us professionally. She kept forgetting to come to us for our orders. When she finally arrives, she tells us most of the selection are not available. Then when we prepared to pay she gives us a bill that didn't match the menu. I asked her why does your menu says $10.50 but on the receipt I showed $$12.35 and the same for My husband meal $10.50 but his receipt showed $12.65, her response was "it's awful I know (straight face no empathy showing) It's nothing she could do about it". You should of saw my face. I was so hurt, and hungry. I would of gave the food back and said forget about it. We waited for an hour so I just said forget it, I will not be giving her a tip and this is my last time here. My issue is poor customer service, and lack of respect for your customers. The vibe was okay, not spending my money here anymore. If you still decide to go, ask for the price in advance or they will create one for you. The server would also fail to tell you ahead of the new changes.

Rafael Lopez


Anne DiGiacomo

Don't go there at night who goes to a local pub in the city of North Miami and has to be padded down. Who wants to drink at a bar that does that. Not me. Dive bar yes you are. Won't be back. Sorry Gigi no more good tips from my wallet to you. Your a great personality and a wonderful bartender but we won't be back.

Andres Aristizabal

The pool tables were a little beat up and the food could be better, but the service was great and we had a good time.

Greg McClendon

The young woman who waited on me was absoly fantastic. Very warm, personable, friendly. Answered all my questions.Please fix the beer taps.

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