Five Guys

13286 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami
(305) 893-8393

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Joseph Ramos

It was good a little in the expensive side for one Burger medium fries and a small drink but it was good the fries are delicious

Carlos Erban

I used to go to this place very often prior to Covid. Today was first time post Covid. I was surprised how much prices went up. I paid almost $11 for cheeseburger. The small soda was $2.79 plus tax so I ordered a cup of water. It almost seems that they want to humiliate customers who ask for water. They gave a cup so small that seemed like a joke. The fountain machines did not have ice. So I ate my cheeseburger which was overcooked and tough and left very unhappy. Five Guys has been one of my favorite places since it opened but today’s experience was to so bad I may go Buger Fi next time

David Aguilar

I really like it all the food is really good you can't tell you don't like it.

Monch Star

Fast, quick, informative and very friendly cashier. She also didn't get upset that I messed up my own 2 orders and she fixed it really fast without hesitation. Food was done very quick and was fresh. Very hard working and fun staff which is rare these days.

Tom Janz

Tasty burger, lots of fresh fries, free unshelled peanuts, wide selection of sodas. Only problem comes from the burger. It gets loaded with condiments and then is hard to pick up and eat without it falling apart into a soggy mess.

Nelson Paez

Really, really good costumer service everyone the manager, cashiers, cooking and cleaning guys. And the burgers off course 5 stars fresh and amazing flavor!!!!

Nina Dasha Magri Sforza

Fast service. Delicious food. A little expensive for what it is though.

Lissette Mercedes (Rocket)

Hands down THEE BEST LITTLE CHEESEBURGER IVE HAD FROM 5 guys IN FOREVER. It totally hit the spot. Even the fries. When most 5guys have soggy burnt fries not these guys! Everything was literally on point. Coming from west Miami it was we worth it.

Corby Heath

For fast food you really can't beat it. The burgers are delicious and so are the fries.

Lulu C.

Horrible. Ordered ubereats and was missing items and the bag was broken from the bottom , this is why you need to get your education, I don't know how you miss adding a whole burger and other items .

Christi Balaki

Love this five guys location - they are super quick, clean, and very nice. The burger itself was also very juicy but it was super greasy (which I guess makes sense). The fries are good too and they give you lots of them when you buy it. Highly recommend!

DJoumbarey Moreau

I love this location for Five Guys because it's in a safe location with a lot of lighting and a lot of parking. Also, the wait times inside of the restaurant are not long which makes it enjoyable.

Ingrid Riepl

Worst place ever!!!!! Don’t buy any burger here! Ordered two burgers and let me wait for it for more than one hour and a half!!!! People who works there are lazy! When i got the food it was cold, they lost the order and made me wait for more than one hour ! Received cold food! No manager at all!

Robert F.

I made a special trip to this five guys because I wanted one of their burgers on my lunch break, but I found out they aren't even opening now until 1 PM! I understand having staffing problems these days when the government will pay you more not to work than you can make working, but a restaurant manager should know better than to stay closed until 1 PM on weekdays when people have lunch breaks!

Harley Foust

It's five guys haven't been to a bad on yet. Keep it up guys.

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