12143 NW 7th Ave, North Miami
(786) 991-6229

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Mrs Boss305

Horrible customer service the guy answered the phone I tried to order me 2 griot plates, he told me I’m asking for to much stuff on the phone & hung up. This was my first time wanting to try this restaurant , I WOULD NEVER ? . Fix your customer service that’s the most important thing, I’ll rate it a 0 if I could.

Leland Shepard

I go with my wife to this lovely place many times a year! This is my favorite restaurant to eat. I go to this spot regularly. The food is very tasty, the staff is courteous and the rates are affordable. I enjoy going in this spot over a tasty dinner.

Nikki S

Where are you located and whats the number?

G Vil

Best haitian ever.. Late night 2 a.m craving some good haitian food that's the spot...

Francine LaRosa

ok, this resteraunt is been closed for a couple of months. i heard the owner died. But, its been renovated. looks like for a resteraunt still. small, very small. i dont know if fritay will reopen.

MamaFrancois FamilyFood&Garden

Yummy yummy and more yummy in my tummy

swaggologist 509

Used to be a great spot.

All About

I’m gonna be very honest here!!!! PLEASE STEER AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. I tried it for the very first time and it was horrible. I literally threw the food away and wasted $20. I ordered goat with Fritay sides such as fried plantains, sweet potatoes, and marinad. The smell alone almost made me puke. Clearly, this was fried in OLD oil and there was so much fat more than actual meat. I’m sorry but the meat smelled more like dog than goat. Very disappointed 😔! What a waste of funds. I could’ve spent that money somewhere else. Please save your money, please, abeg!!!

Piter Mars

My favor place to get comfortable with company for short bites, good Haitians all type meals

MamaJLoc FamilyFood&Garden

Yummy yummy and more yummy in my tummy

Travis Sutton

Fried pork !!!! Yes yes3


Really good food

magdala faustin

Customer service sucks and the food is not even good

Cassandra Cesar

Fritay was awesome. Looking forward to go back there whenever I'm in miami

NMZ -6

Great food and prices

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