610 NE 125th St, Miami
(305) 899-2882

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Fatt Boy

Fast service and delicious food. Any now in 10 minutes.

Levi Faust

Had a rough start to my morning and dropped my coffee as soon as I walked out of the restaurant. A man by the name of Jerry J empathized my situation and served me up with a fresh cup of joe on the house. From one man to another, I just want to say that I am very grateful for you being understanding and making things right for me. Much respect, God Bless you.Have a good day Sir.???☕️

Art diamonds

The spicy chicken sandwich was trash(soggy, wasn't spicy and rubbery bread), I ordered a shake didn't get that I got a Expresso instead but the fries were good though. I'm team Burger King for now

777 Gotkog

Horrible service under cooked food. Everyone that work there can't speak English. But they act as if I'm the problem. I will not go there again as best I can. Food preparation takes a long time . Rest rooms aren't clean etc etc etc

Kitty Kat

Awesome had my favorite. Chicken sandwich with ranch. Eating candy now


The service was good the establishment just has roaches crawling around in the lobby, bathroom and sitting area

śhanell spencer

This is the worst McDonald’s ever. I found two rats coming out of a hole in the wall leading to the restaurant. DISGUSTING. And the wait is crazy. They are under staffed it’s ridiculous.

Grazie Services

If I could give less star than 1 I would I arrived at 4:26 after my work shift was told that they were closed because the only employee had to clean and couldn’t take my order. She then processed to tell me her name is natalia and she dsnt have a cashier and she has to clean the store for breakfast. What a shame !!! Definitely not 24hr has been Portrayed that way for long time and has never been .. shame on MC .D chain for not providing enough workers. I will be calling for this location to be closed as 24hrs.

Curt'Terria Robertson

Very rude workers. I ordered 3 Mcflurrys and one of the employees took my Mcflurry. I told her that it was mine, then she preceeded to walk out the door giving me attitude like I was wrong. Never again

Susan Funes

Had a garden hose running into window where you pay. So they could clean floors.


This morning I ordered a burrito and a medium orange juice. The orange juice was room temperature and the burrito was pretty much only eggs. This is a pretty awful way to ruin someone's morning. I am never eating there again.

Blessed Savior

Fast for lunch especially since I used the McDonald's app to place my order.

lisa joseph

Apparently the hours displayed aren’t that accurate this location only opens a 6am

Nastacia Buchanan

I will never understand why when im at this McDonald's location do i have to ask for my food to be Freshly made at the screen, REMIND the worker when im paying, to pull up and get old fries and food that I have to send back pull up and park for 10 mins for fresh food!!!!! Like who wants old cold food! TUHHH!

Daniel Cuevas

If you go to McDonald’s at night just know you’re going to wait at least a hour to get your food. By far the worst, slowest, “fast” food in Miami. Horrible staff..

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