Pollo Tropical

12000 NW 7th Ave, North Miami
(305) 685-2179

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Jamie Cole

Yes I am writing this review because on todAt 1:56 p.m. on 11At 1:56 p.m. onAt 1:56 p.m. on 11 8At 1:56 p.m. on 11 8 2021At 1:56 p.m. on 11 8 2021 IAt 1:56 p.m. on 11 8 2021 I had Uber eats To bring my food at work and I am missing my soup that was with the salad I've already paid for it andI'm having a hard timeContacting someone

Championship Bullies

We ordered thru Uber eats I Ordered a quatro leche never got it none of the sauces we asked for lol they called me saying there was no soup and no more vegan wrap I chose something else to then receive my vegan wrap and and the soup lol their a joke

Melissa Faria

Unless you have nothing better to do and want to spend one full hour waiting for your food while watching employees fooling around and even smirking at you when they notice you're getting angry, go there. The first time I went there and I had to wait forever made me think I was unlucky to find the restaurant too busy. The second time was just the same and there were very few customers, many of them were complaining about the very long delays. It is their pattern. There will be no third visit. You also should stay away from it.

Ethan Taylor

New management needed badly. Corporate office should send undercover agents to investigate this poorly ran restaurant. Three cars ahead of me and 30 + minute wait. I sat at the intercom for ten minutes without even being acknowledged. My food was poorly sealed and leaked all in by bag. Its sad how they conduct business at this location, and I think this allowed because of its location. Its not ok!!!!!

Jay Kay

I made a very big order and first they didn’t give me like 5 items when I said something about it they gave me 2 of the items then they refused to give me the other items They were very rude and said maybe I hid the food to get double.. when they finally gave me all the food I paid for mind you it had already been 45 min all the employees came out as if they wanted to fight or something I will never again go to this pollo tropical. I’ve never had such a bad experience in my life with any one or any place at all.

ZBoy In motion

Alright my girl like it I don't really like pollo to be honest needs more flavor. Aka seasoning

Tam mart305

I love love this Pollo! They are always willing to accommodate me when I order the original cuban sandwich. I ask for the potato sticks to be added to the sandwich and it is done with no hesitation!!!

Brenda Lane

This chicken place suck. I would not be coming back here again. Ask for black beans & rice, quarter chicken. I received half breast with a chicken neck attached to it. The black bean, had no beans just juice. One table spoon of rice. You always suppose to check your food before you leave, but I didn't. And the drive through line was crowded. Th girl at drive through window waste some sause , and left it right in the bag. Not no more ??

Evelyn Kaylah Valenti Tamayo

The whole place is a mess. Always messing up your order, you always get less than what you order or mix things up. The drive thru takes forever seriously 15-20 minutes. The employees at this location seem like they don't even want to be there, disorganized, disoriented and 0 customer services. I usually don't write reviews but every time I decide to give this place another go something happens with the order and i arrive home to the disappointment of not having my order right and being charged for food they are not giving .*( 0 STARS)* AND THEY NEVER HAVE CILANTRO SAUCE.

Baxter Knight

This Pollo tropical has improved a lot from before I really enjoy going there now where before I didn't

Blanca Sanchez

Love morning shift very nice and pleasant food serve hot and fast cashier friendly liners work beauitful now night shift a total mess always dirty food always wrong mangers rude

Angel Molina

Morning shift is also I was amazed how my cashier was able to take orders and make order real quick was no long wait she very polite and respectful I give lynnnettee a 5 star store very clean and organzied live the stafff food was awesone

Tammy D.

My first time going to this pollo tropical I did an order online I get there the order was not ready I'm asking them about my order they have no idea and then I told can you please check on my order she said we going to make it now so what's the purpose about making the order online there the worse and the place is nasty

Nuria Hurtado

The chicken tropichop was missing chicken again!

E. barber

The staff are very nice, but it's always a bit of a long wait because they're busy with online orders and drive- thru... the food is pretty good, but the new crispy chicken is way too salty. I won't order it again.

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