Rustica Hondureña Restaurant

633 NE 125th St, North Miami
(786) 530-9833

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Kelly S.

Ordered a baleada for appetizers, seafood soup and fried pork chop for entree. Waited over an hour and 15 mins for them to bring out the pork chop; baleada was never brought over after we spoke with the server 2 times about our meal. AND WHEN THEY SERVED THE PORK CHOP, is when they told me there's no seafood soup.. I would need to order something else.. and also wait for the meal to be made. we canceled our order because we were tired of waiting. As we are leaving, the chef is complaining about how unreasonable we are for leaving when she already made 1 out of 3 meals that we ordered and didn't even bother to tell me while I'm waiting that I have to order something else. Nor the server, nor chef apologized for the inconvenience. If you go, make sure you have a full meal before going.. the wait of going to make you hungry again.

Ivan Gatooo

Worse place to eat. The food don't taste that good. And the prices are to much no good. And to much traffic to get into the parking erea.

roxana diaz

Worst place to ever get food, Workers are extremely slow and are very rude, i highly recommend any other Honduran place but this one. 1/10 ?

William Arrieta

One of the worts place to eat ever! If you read my review and still go eat here then is all you. Bad food, worst service, horrible place and very small, only 3 tables and kitchen looks so dirty..No starts if I could

Alexander Alvarez

I decided to give this place a try. I came in and ordered what I wanted to try. The waitress came to my table 3 times telling me that they didn’t have what I wanted which is something she should have known from the beginning.The wait was over 20 min just to get the food. When I got it wasn’t warm or fresh at all and it did not taste good either. Very disappointed and will never come back ......I do NOT recommend this place !!!

Ed Ochoa

Great place ! beautiful girls cold beer great food!

Jesse Garcia

Food was great and place was very clean. Really enjoyed it

Bradley H.

Bad service .. took more than 1hr to get our food . Food is ok but not worth the wait .

Edward Rodriguez

Good food, good vibe, bad costumer service. The server i think her name was kira very aggressive with bad attitude she should be working as corrections officer

Lisseth Ruiz

So bad . Food is not fresh . the food was good but not anymore.

Johanna V.

Taste and portion was ok. I've had better. What I didn't like was that I made an order for pick-up and I was told the total was around $42. I gave the girl my card and she charged me and said I was good to go. She didn't give me my receipt so I asked for it and  when I checked it I saw she inserted an 18% tip and I was charged a random "additional fee" for almost $2.00. Mind you I ordered for pick up, gratuity should only be included when you actually get a table and have a server. However, I was in a rush and had to get back to work plus I always give a tip so I didn't REALLY mind but again she told me it was $42 so she chose the tip when she inserted my card and I think that is very unprofessional the least she could've told me was that a tip was included. If I wouldn't have asked for my receipt, I wouldn't haven't have even known and possibly given her an additional tip in cash. Make sure you ask for your receipt here.

Jerome Hargrove

Good vibe experience staff so far so very good.

Johan P.

The service was great considering there was one person attending the bar and the customers dining in. The churrasco was flavorful but don't expect it to be grilled like it would be at a higher end restaurant. Overall the horchata was really good as well and the food was freshly made when it was brought out.

jennifer keiz

My name is David and this place is fantastic, great food and and good service. Highly recommended!!

Alfredo P.

Great food,  super friend service.  The ambiance is very is cool because it has 2 areas.  One for sit down and a food bat with huge TVs to watch most soccer games.  Specials on beer buckets and again the food was solid.  Real maduros, not frozen.  Whoooohoooo.
Keep up the good work, i'm hooked.

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