Smoothie Spot North Miami

1807 NE 123rd St, North Miami
(786) 747-4177

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Justin Baldoni

Customer service is terrible, there was a female worker I think someone called her Nichol? Skinny, long hair. She was so SLOW and rude. Like if you don’t want to be there, then quit - or work in the back. It was also visible she was being rude and condescending to other workers. she threw off this whole vibe and honestly should get fired. Wouldn’t come back if she’s working there.

Mel Rubio

Very disappointed. I would NOT recommend this place. Broad menu, nice vibe/ ambience (hence the 1 star) but, the Manager Carlos is completely incompetent. Not only did I have to repeatedly tell him what I wanted (maybe it was a language barrier) but as soon as I placed my order he said it’ll take 5 mins for my avocado toast and goes to a random couple and gives them my smoothie I ordered. He seemed not very present and after TWENTY mins of waiting I couldn’t take it anymore, I requested a refund and I no longer wanted the avocado toast I was promised in 5 mins. While getting my refund he came out with it and he said I was being disrespectful because I was upset it took so long (ONE little toast took 20 mins!!) they weren’t busy, my order was placed when only one other person was in the restaurant. I told him he’s disrespectful of my time and to get out of my face because I honestly couldn’t believe his audacity to come out and play the victim. No one there could tell me when the owner Javier would be in to express this distasteful experience. With customer service like this, your money is best spent elsewhere! What a disgrace!

Chesney J.

Did the create your own w chicken and shrimp. The meat wasn't bad, but the rest reminded me of cafeteria food. The strawberry protein they use for the smoothies is pretty gross. Makes the drink super sweet. Not bad enough that I won't finish my meal, but not good enough for me to go back

Dex M.

Great food and staff. I eat here weekly before or after the gym! Loyalty program doesn't work but minor since food is delicious and friendly staff. They wear gloves and bathroom clean!!! A germaphobe health nut paradise

TGE Official

Perfect location right next to the gym. I love getting my bowls of food there, they have great options of healthy things to pick, which is unusual to find. Their smoothies are delicious as well, doesn’t taste fake.If you want my suggestion go for the Berry bomb

Marcela Westberry

They don’t have chicken breast for bowls & wraps which is very usual for a place that sells to a fitness audience. They have dark meat only. Portions small & the sweet potato didn’t taste right

Elizabeth G.

I decided to eat at this location because I heard that they had a really good variety of vegan options. I personally do not think that the food was worth the price. Their tofu is tasteless and I was charged more for it just because I asked if I could switch one thing from my order to the tofu. I ordered a wrap and let me tell you, it was not worth the $13. I can honestly say that this is my first and last time coming here.

Gloriane Gonzalez

Horrible service. I was on a time limit and Every time I asked how much longer my waffles will take to be ready they said “5 minutes”… which ended up taking a total of 45 minutes because they failed to mention early on that the waffle machine wasn’t working. After waiting 45 minutes I couldn’t wait any longer, I was late for my appointment and asked for a refund which the girl in the register didn’t know how to give me my refund and took another 10 minutes to figure it out… very disappointed. I am now super late for a client and have to go on with my day hungry.

Bryan Riley

Great food. Friendly service. Large portions. Reasonable prices. Can't ask for more. Will be back again soon. Thank you

Yasmin Koch

Yum, yum, yum:). Been here twice and loved my meal both times! Had the avocado toast and the bowl w salad base, lots of veggies and protein on top. Healthy, delicious and place is very clean, adorable decore and friendly staff. Can’t wait to return…

Mitch Chelane

They are always giving me two separate cups because they never have any large cups!!!

Jaime Moreinis

Smoothies taste like expired cough syrup. Don’t reccomend.

Blu Mariee

The Miami wrap without tomatoes for me and an acai bowl it was bussin. Healthy, delicious and refreshing definitely will be eating here again it was good. Check them out ??

Darren W.

Very clean restaurant- love the food - first time at this location, and I won't likely return. The other shops to which I have been to 4 or 5 all do well on large Keto salad. Here- pathetic. Asked for extra items- asked for add ins ( YES- willing to pay) and nothing. Very skimpy- the large came out like a small. Very disappointed. As I said earlier- very clean - decent location but staff and service- lacks!!! I will plan on visiting the other locations!

Ivan Ospina

Love this place keep the good work and on a constructive note I always order from here and I get the super green I let the staff know that was very acidic and they changed it thank you for that but the second also was... like if it was the same .... please better the consistency thank you!

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