Hong Kong House

955 NE 125th St #5741, North Miami
(305) 891-3111

Recent Reviews

Luis Rosales

The delivery service of this place is horrible I made a food order and the driver called me to find it in a place that is not the door of my house because otherwise he was going to take the food back I do not understand if I had that leaving my house I do not call for delivery

Stan P.

Ordered late night take out on 06/05/21. Thought I'd give this place a shot despite the numerous horrible reviews, and I got a fried insect in my food. I tried calling back immediately numerous times at 11:01pm (one minute after they closed) and no one bothered to answer the phone. And that's pretty much all I have to say about this place. @HealthDepartment

Giselle J

Food is always fresh and delicious, fast pickup, great customer service

Julie Marie

I had food delivered the order was missing and the quality was terrible. The noodles lacked tast and the entire meal was simply a waste of money.

Harold Moreno

From the first moment you come to that place they give you an agreeable feeling. Very comfortable hosts, it is a friendly restaurant to go out with buddies or with your date. very good cuisine, qualified chef, honest pay and courteous service. Warmly recommended.

Conrad Larsen

Tried this place once with a friend and I am obsessed since then. I enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and delicious dishes and drinks. Keep up the good work.

B’s Gmail

I sincerely love this place, out of all the chinese food places i have ever eaten at, this one is by far the best! Best orange chicken ever! Makes my hungry just thinking about it!

Jay Rock

Standard take out Chinese food. Call in. Pull up. Pay. Take home and eat. Folks at the window are polite.

Jenny G.

My honey chicken was great. Everything, not so much. Egg rolls are bland. Crab wonton are small and nothing special. The pork fried rice had nothing but a bunch of bland rice and small amounts of pork. Nothing else! My husband's steak w vegetables tasted like rubber. Wonton soup dumpling meat have a weird seasoning. Price is reasonable.

Lore Isturiz

I found traces of a steel sponge in my fried rice. it got stuck in my throat, my husband had to help me get it out of my throat. What do you do in such cases?.

Nico Saporito

Best food in town!

Kayia K

Great food and speedy service

Selina A.

Ordered delivery online. Added instructions to call upon arrival because we are in a cottage in the back so not to disturb the owners of the front house, but they did not do that. Also, I ordered medium spicy on my Mongolian beef (which should have been Mongolian onion because there was not beef on the top layer, so many onions it was ridiculous) and it barely had pepper on it. The pork low mein had no seasoning whatsoever. They give good portions, but this was more than disappointing after reading all of the reviews.

Faith Fisher

Good food atmosphere not so great I would go again though cuz of the food

Shernettie Glenn

My 1st visit the food was fresh & good took about 45 mins too get it my order which was bad for take out. Last night I ordered delivery the food came in 15 mins which was strange now I know why..The food wasn't fresh looking & tasted horrible & Very over priced for two dinners that cost me $38.45 For Fried Chicken with chicken lo mein & Honey garlic chicken with plain lo mein. Later that night I was sick...Never again! Now I know why we make our own Chinese Food.

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