Mis-Cue Lounge

975 NE 44th St, Oakland Park
(954) 771-5176

Recent Reviews

John Leeheart

Really cool place. Very relaxed and fun environment. Had a great time out with friends in here!

Jacqueline M.

There is no place that makes you feel more at home! Great music, cute ass bartenders, and plenty of games. Owner continuously improves the lounge and is open to conversation. Love it here!

alexis morel

Miscue is great ! Cheap drinks, great food , a lot of drink specials and they just redid all pool tables so they are awesome. Only thing I will say is they are a dolphins bar so do with that what you will . Lol they are Yankees too so that saves them !

Alexis M.

This place is great , the music is great for the most part usually they have touch tunes available and on the weekends a full blown dj . Great for a chill night out honestly ! During the week they have a lot of pool league members so it's more lowkey but on the weekend it really does get lit . Full bar , cheap drinks and specials who can beat that . All the pool tables have just been updated as well so great for date night ! All the bartender are amazing a few of my fave include Fatima , Betty , Jose and Ivan they treat you like family ! Overall this is my go to place on any day of the week! Oh yeah and they have food , the menu consist of food from Corintos so you get the best of both worlds can't beat that !!! Anyways if you never been I'd definitely try it out .

Susanna Allen

Absolutely the best place to play pool or just hang out. Tables in great condition and staff is fantastic. Food is incredible and the most important part.. coffee is available as long as the kitchen is open.. Miscue also has a full bar.. definitely go check out this pool room if you are in the area.

Susan Workman

Friendly people. 10 pool tables. New owners. They order food from the restaurant next door. Really good food. Service is quick when you order it. Music is good

Steve C.

Non smoking pool hall with inexpensive table rates and strong pour drinks. Summer special is my favorite the old fashion for $5. They have plenty of tv's to watch anything you want. There is a great vibe about this place that makes you not want to leave

Ay Nayra

Good prices and lots of tables to play poolDelicious food ...Expecially the chicken Greek salad...from the cafe across the street .....This family business is great ...Amazing owners & employees ..a must go to spot ...Its literally my second home... Im always here

Brittney A.

Come here often usually the vibes are great but coming this Sunday night ruined my night to be completely honest I'm a bartender myself and when my company and I get treated like shit just because we asked how much something was compared to the other to decide what was the best choice with the time we had is ridiculous lol I get it you feel like it's a stupid question maybe annoying but considering there's absolutely no menu to look at the bartender could at least be nice enough and friendly to tell us without the attitude .. meanwhile everyone else at the bar gets treated amazing she's taking shots with them laughing it up .. I don't get it could never be me... don't know her name but she knows who she is (Spanish I assume, blonde hair.) any other night this place is lots of fun for those who like a chill vibe.

Sarah G.

best place in oakland park!! bartender bethan is amazing and attentive. great new music and pool tables available also very happy I stopped in 10 stars for Bethan


Very inexpensive drinks. The price to pay pool is $4 an hour and $7 for the whole day per person. Friendly owner/staff.

Kareem Campbell

Good music, great place for playing pool

John Mcgeary

Pool hall with a lot of clean true tables. Beer and wine and light menu. Last year it was updated with a new bar , much improved

Danny Tavares

The bartender Keith gives great massages

Kendra Walton

Great local dive bar! They recently renovated, and have definitely become the local hangout that often feels like a reunion. There are plenty of pool tables, but there is often a wait list. They offer a full bar, with awesome bartenders. Touch Tunes is available for music, but many nights you will find a DJ. No kitchen, but you can order in from the Family owned restaurant across the way, Corintos. Want to watch a game or fight, they have you covered!

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