Grace Japanese Steak House

3035 SE Maricamp Rd, Ocala
(352) 368-6888

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Always fresh and delightful! Friendly staff and good authentic food with casual ambiance. Great “Day Date” or family gathering. Entertaining Hibachi and artful sushi chefs. Hot Sake, good tea and nice cold sake choices plus beer and cocktails.

Jackie D.

One of the best places in Ocala for Sushi. Also the dumplings are amazing so definitely give those a try. The kids hibachi chicken and vegetables were a very good sized portion and the flavors were right on point. Pictures attached are the dumplings and Jimmy Smith Sushi rolls

Merlibeth Brito

I ordered a HAND TUNA ROLL but they sent me a regular tuna roll with very old tuna, dark color, bad taste and bad smell. This is Very dangerous!

Destinee Styles

This place used to be good when you sit down. I ordered to go this time. Asked for extra noodle and no vegetables. My noodles were bland, they almost forgot my salad, and the amount of rice given did not equal what they give you when you eat inside. Also did not recieve soup.

Anya Morris

Found some kind of bugs in my food after eating more than half of it…I won’t be ordering here anymore. Can’t tell you how bad I want to puke right now.

Amanda G

Our first visit was fantastic. The chef was entertaining and fun to watch. I enjoyed the family style seating & customized plates. The steak, chicken, veggies & noodles were delicious. I also ordered the fried spring rolls which were some of the best I've ever had. We will definitely be back.

William Busby

Just had bad service. Food was good. We come here allot.Wished I knew the waitress name. But they don't ware name tags and since there still wearing masks all I can say was she was maybe 4'11". After waiting for the check for 20 minutes with empty glasses I finally walked up and asked a waiter for the check. He said he would have to find out who my server was. After another 15 minutes. The waitress walks up laughing and tells us she forgot about us. Very poor service.

Natasha R.

My first time trying this restaurant. Friendly staff, got seated quickly at Hibachi table and food was delicious.

Barbie Nettis

The chef was new, but cooked our meals just the way we like; however, the lobster tasted like it had freezer burn. Another man at our table heard us talking about the lobster and said that he could not eat his either. Other people at our table had very complicated others with no 'this' and extra 'that,' but the chef did a great job! I'm not sure if I would go back because of the lobster issue.

Mandy S.

Decided to give it a try. Was really guppy with the food,but the waitress not so much. We ordered 2 drinks and she brought them to us but with no water. When she returned 20 min later we asked for water but a few mon later we were ready for another drink. Waited 10 minutes waitress nowhere to be seen so u got up and got it myself from the bar. Okay no problem. Then my boyfriend needed a spoon she was nowhere to be found. He waited 10 more mins then got up and got his own spoon. Our bill was 71 dollars w4 gave 80 and told her to keep it. We weren't happy with the service. As we were leaving so rudely said were u happy with the service I said sure it was ok. She then goes well u can collect your few dollars change from up front. The girl was a shitty server and shes lucky she got almost 15 percent. 9 dollars was better than the o my bf wanted to give for your terrible service.

Rayen K.

Some of the food was ok Cooking oil they use is bad Made anything fried we order taste really bad Sushi pretty good Eel not so great stay away

David J.

Dinner for six, four of whom were 12 or 13 years old and about to perform at the Marion All County Band concert, was great. The food was fast and very tasty. Five teriyaki bento boxes and a salmon/chicken hibachi dinner. Band kids talk. A lot. And loudly. Refills on drinks would have been nice, but... Grace Japanese Steakhouse on Maricamp Road was a nice outing.

Danni S.

This is my first time leaving a negative review, but in this case I thought it was necessary. I went to dinner yesterday evening for a friend's birthday- I've been here a few times, the food's not bad at all! But unfortunately the server added a 9 to my $11.98 sushi order and charged my card over $900. She apologized, still charged me for my dinner and sent me on my way. When I checked my account and noticed that amount was still missing (rent's due the first of the month, yikes), the manager's response was to shrug and say "People make mistakes, it'll be back in a few days." I absolutely understand that people make mistakes, but nearly $1,000 for a teacher (or anyone without a spare thousand bucks lying around) is a Very Big Mistake. For that reason, I've gotta caution against eating here to anyone who doesn't have the luxury of space for "mistakes"- especially when paying with credit card. And the way it was handled was unprofessional.

Kevin Workman

Out niece stopped by on her way home from school. Took her out for lunch. So enjoyed our time. The food and service were excellent!

Matt Like

I’m glad that business is booming here, but they really should consider adjusting their staffing and processes around online orders. I arrived here at the stated pickup time and the lobby was full of guests (11 of them in a tiny room) all waiting for pickup orders. Several of them mentioned they had been waiting even longer than I after 30 minutes. Eventually, I got inside the restaurant and the staff was flustered and disorganized, yelling at each other and the energy was causing patrons to begin yelling as well (“Your service sucks” was overheard by at least 2 different guests). Overall, it was a pretty bad vibe. I’ll update if I ever get my food (and if it tastes good).

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