3537 SE Maricamp Rd, Ocala
(352) 218-3408

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Sadie Silvestro

I’ve visited this location quite a few times. Busy or not too busy, they always provide the same level of service, excellent! My order is always prepared properly and with a smile. I love this location! I drive out of my way to come here instead of another location.

Ashley Wright

30 minutes after ordering I still didn’t have one of my 3 drinks I ordered. I over heard another customer saying their mobile order was supposed to be ready 41 minutes ago. When I told someone I couldn’t wait any longer they told me I could re wait in the line and request a refund. If I don’t have time to wait for the coffee I paid for what makes you think I have time to wait in your line again. Worst customer service, agonizingly slow, very poorly managed. Oh and the breakfast sandwiches I ordered came out in 5 minutes. So we got cold sandwiches and a waste of money on coffee.

daniel lembo

Girlfriend ordered the AppleSpice whatever it is. An was pretty good!! Now I'm hooked. Lol. Plus my to Dogs were on their best behavior an got a pup cup!! They enjoyed it as much is I did!!

Brian Nedabylek

Obviously have been to Starbucks many times over the years. First time visiting this one. Atmosphere, music, staff all pleasant. However; pricing is definitely an issue in today's economy and staffing is definitely not an issue as there were five females ready and working at 6:00 a.m.

Javier Carrion

We love Starbucks and we are used to Orlando’s friendly service. By no means it is perfect over there. But, this one here in Ocala is really sad on this aspect and the empty food shelves does make it easier on the eyes. God knows it might the pandemic causing this. It is just sad that on these holidays when you trying to get away from the reality of how things are you are remind it of it at Starbucks.

Darrin DeTorres

I don't understand why customer service has gone so far down the drain. Try to order a pastry with a drink, they tell me that their ovens are already shut down. If you're not closed, and something is on the menu why are you not offering it?I pull up to the window, person looks at me then proceeds to ignore me for at least 3 minutes. He finally opens the window to take my payment and proceeds to shoot the laser into my eyes because he can't be bothered to put his arm out the window to meet my arm so that he could scan the barcode on my phone.Ask for a drink holder, "we don't have any." Hands me my drinks without telling me which is which and shuts the window. Maybe I wanted a few napkins.

Greg Hartzell

Made a fantastic Mango Dragonfruit lemonade refresher with sweet cream cold foam for my wife. I just ate lemon loaf. They didn't cheap out on the drink like other places.

orlando Ortiz

Horrible drive thru experience today. The useless person at the window just stood there for 5 minutes and watched me sit in my car only until someone else asks what I’m waiting for just for the person at the window to state he never paid. She never at any point acknowledged me at the window until then. She laughed at me and repeated he didn’t pay over and over. Don’t know why this person was even working there.

Bentley Morris

The crappies Starbucks I've ever been to some of the staff is amazing. But every drink I've bought from this location has been a waste of money. Still a very nice staff at least.

Vince Orlando

You know the coffee is fantastic and the service is outstanding but have you tried the cheese danish? All of the treats are delicious. Try a different dessert or sandwich with each visit.

Arthur Lavely

I placed my mobile order only to find that the store itself is closed and I can’t pick up my coffee. Instead, I had to wait 23 minutes in the drive thru and by then, my coffee was cold. This has happened several times and the consumer is left in the dark that they can’t go in and simply pick up their items, get on with what is supposed to be a good start to their day. Nobody really seems to care that works there, either. Store number is disconnected, so if you’ve got a problem, that’s just too bad. Changed their hours to open at 8AM. Now closed on Sunday. It just keeps getting better and better here for the customer. This might be the absolute worst Starbucks location I’ve ever been to, it’s all about them and the rules change daily. You get to find out that the rules have changed when you arrive also. Changes are in order to get this ship back to port and scrub the current mission.

Ash Leigh Majcen

Always makes things to Starbucks standards. Never had something made wrong. They are always nice and courteous.

Tristen DiAngelo

What can I say about this starbucks that has not already been said. It is an absolutely amazing place to stop. the staff is always impeccably friendly and I always get my stuff on time. The barista, Rylee always helps me and is courteous to everyone. But everyone there is incredible. Keep up the good work!

Matt McFarland

Waited in slow drive through line, just to get a cold cup of coffee. Can’t call them to get a new one as their number is disconnected. And what kind is coffee shop opens at 8?!?

Scott Papanu

Went this morning at 6:30am only to find they have once again changed their hours to 8am to 6pm?!!! By 8 am most of us are already at work! Something seems amiss at this location. If they have to reduce hours seems like 6am to 1pm would be more appropriate time frame, coffee is mainly a "morning" drink, a pick me up as we trundle into work in the AM.

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