2210 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala
(352) 351-1971

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Glowbug Night

This has been MY GO-TO subway until recently. They had a new lady there who claims she had “20 years of subway CS” experience. She literally was putting 5 small slivers of onion on my sandwich when I had asked for extra. I had to ask her more than that please. What is with the serious stinginess in the toppings? She was barely putting any on my sandwich when I wanted “extra”.She then proceeded to go into a lecture how she has a picture right in front of her what a topping serving should be like. And when I told her I’ve been coming here forever and her “regular” size topping when I asked for extra was a “lite” portion. She then told me all those other servers were doing it wrong.C’mon now! Aren’t the toppings “free”? Just do it up right and don’t go into a long lecture and argue with the customer!So off putting and ZERO customer service skills. No thanks… Publix is just down the street and I’ve never seen them skimp on toppings and then start arguing with me about it. Good way to lose a long time customer when you make them feel guilty/arguing with them about slivers of onions and olives. She acted like each one costed $1 out of her paycheck.


Ordered our meal than asked if they were hiring, was looked at rudely than asked rudely if I was serious when I said I was the older gentleman that had been responding said duh everyone in America is hiring. Definitely not going back and not someone anyone should want to be part of a team with.

uli sana

Ordered food cashier forgot cookies n charged me for it

Tracey Ritter

Always good food. I had an issue once and the girl Kayla is absolutely ? she took care of my issue right away made it simple not complicated absolutely amazing thank you!

Sue Askew

Tried one of their new subs. Excellent

Randy Cole

Wish I would have gotten the blonde young ladies name I would have mentioned her she made my sandwich ? perfectly


Food was good. There was only 1 guy there though so the service was a little slow but he was doing good and working as hard as he could. Will definitely return.

Susan Trew

The subs were good, but they have gone up on prices. I had club salad and mom had 1/2 sub with 1 drink was over 17.00

Wes Williams

Rude old man working there who clearly hates his job, was being mean to the young man working behind him telling him to move pans, shaking his head constantly. It was a real toxic workplace environment. He said it was $2 for four strips of bacon on a footlong sub I said can I have a little bit more he said no I'm not the owner and just stared blankly at me. One of the worst experiences of my life will never be going to Subway again.

Sadia Corral Benkhalek

Fresh ingredients. Service was adequate.

Sj Patten

Slow and inefficient. Claim to call you but can't dial an out of area number correctly. Poor service and under staffed. DO BETTER !

Ming Ucolo

The place is clean. The servers are friendly and accurate.

Bowdier Sackett

Tried a toasted steak and cheese sandwich was actually really good

Tyler Durden

Better than Publix

Wayne Smith

Always good to stop in at subway I love it especially when I don't fill like cooking

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