Buffalo Wild Wings

7004 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 351-6200

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Nani L.

Horrible service wouldn't recommend . I ordered for pick up 2 hours prior to the pick up . I ordered 2 chicken wraps with sauce on the side and when I got there my order wasn't ready and my sauces weren't in the bag . Never going to eat here again.

Ryan R.

I happened to stop in at this Buffalo Wild Wings location for a birthday dinner and I received exceptional service from a server name Christina. She was very pleasant from the start. Got us started with our drinks very promptly. Everything came out correct and she gave us great recommendations for our appetizers and dinner entrees. She made us feel at home and had plenty of jokes to go along with her beautiful smile. I highly recommend requesting her if you happen to pick this restaurant for an outing. She's the girl with colored hair. I'll definitely be stopping in again. I give her a 5 out 5 stars.

Donna P.

I had the worst experience here BEFORE I was seated!!! I was NOT greeted, I asked if I had to seat myself, no. Then I was told there was a 15 min delay because they were short wait staff. Ok, we waited 15 mins. They sat two other families!!!! I went to the front and told the hostess that she asked me to wait 15 mins. And she sat other people. She asked where I was waiting. I replied, you even took my name! Oh Donna! Later bitch Zero stars.....

Mikey B.

This place was amazing Very kid friendly, ROSE the manager knows hospitality! Buffalo Wild Wings need more manager like her on their team!!!! Jad was our server, great service from the kid as well! You guys are doing great! Keep it up!!!

Rob R.

Just wow...... I had a party of 5. We came in around 6:30pm on a Saturday. This location was completely dead. We ordered mozzarella sticks for our appetizer. We are still waiting for for said appetizer. We all ordered some type of chicken, and each meal the chicken was extremely dry, especially my chicken wings. We look over and most of the employees are in a meeting, leaving the tables without service. A waitress covering for our server checked on us. I requested a refill on my drink......... never came back. I flagged down the hostess and she said she would get my drink.......never came back. Literally, 19 minutes later, our original waiter seen I needed a refill and placed my drink in front of me. One of the meals had onion rings, and they were not even close to being done. Two of the meals came out, and we had to wait 13 minutes for the other three meals to come out. We had to practically beg for our checks after waiting over 15 minutes after he took our plates. WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE! WE WERE BEING PUNKED, RIGHT? Where are the hidden cameras? I will not return to this location because the food sucked and the service was not great either.


First visit but will not be the last! Food was incredible and the service was fantastic! Would definitely recommend going to this restaurant. Hot BBQ boneless wings and chipotle BBQ seasoned traditional wings were delicious

Bianca N.

I'm giving this specific restaurant one star not because of the food itself bur for thw terrible service we just had today around 4:15pm. We walk in and it seems slow (not alot of customers) but for some reason no one came to our table to get our order. I saw one server taking an order of a table, ither servers walking around aimlessly and what appeared to be a manager talking it up with another customer but never acknowledged us. After waiting for 20 minutes, we got up and as we walked out we saw at the entrance aroun 5 employees (one of them being the lady that took the order right next to our table appeared to recognize me but didn't atrempt to say anything). Look, I understand maybe they were backed up or something but to not even let us know theyll be with us in those 20 minutes we waited was unacceptable. Very, very dissapointed. I won't be visiting anytime soon.

Natalia Rodriguez

Bad customer service. Too slow and it wasn’t even busy. Food was great but the servers aren’t great.

Samiah N.

I went yesterday for a nice diner with my boyfriend after work but it was a disaster, I got dry and old wings, my boyfriend needed another beer after eating his spicy wings and our server was gone for more than 10 minutes. I needed blue cheese and same, no one around to ask about it. At the end there was a server walking next to me and I asked her for blue cheese she rolled her eyes and throw the dressing on my table really rude. I literally wasted $65 and I'm so mad about it. I couldn't even say anything because I wanted to leave the place ASAP. Any way.

Scotia Morningstar

Great place to dine-in whether for a brief amount of time or semi-lengthy. The staff is friendly, helpful and prompt as well as the menu and options being simple yet different in a sense... I wouldn't go as far as saying creative, however it is a wonderful experience worth the tab. With (3) An ideal locations on Orlando's famous International Drive/Tourist district alone. (1) in the Universal Orlando district, (1) located in the I-360 district literally under the World Famous Orlando Eye and the final (1) to my knowledge is located in the Sea World district easily accessible to the Vineland Premium Outlet and WDW area.

Keegan Mathur

Literally ALWAYS makes a mistake on delivery orders. I have never had my order arrive correctly from this location, and they offer no support when they make a mistake. They tell me they see the missing items in front of them, but can’t do anything about it. Great way to waste money by ordering from here.

Jennifer Cortez

Yummy first time experience. My family and I all tried different things and enjoyed everything. Great service as well.

Kenneth Fields

I placed an order by phone for a BOGO 7 piece boneless wings and a side of fries. I arrived there about 45 minutes later, and my order still wasn't ready. I got there, paid, and then waited another 40+ minutes because my fries were not ready. I understand a little because it was certainly busy, but I ordered ahead of time to avoid this problem specifically. Customer service was pretty much as expected, hardworking and polite and apologetic for the wait time. But she should have received more support from her managers. Anyway, food was still good.


Great food, clean, and Great Service. We had the wings and the burger - all delicious. The service was attentive with plenty of offers of refills.

Praneetha R.

I am usually a BWW fan, bit didnt like this location. Poor service and food didnt come out well either.

Jalen K.

Don't not come to this restaurant save your money and go somewhere else. I came here and waited over and hour for my food. When I got the food it was ice cold also to mention my dad seen roaches crawling on the counter and on menus DO NOT COME HERE!!!

Jarred Mattingly

Go see Hillary at the bar! She's great. I had the classic burger, and the food came quick, fast, and in a hurry. I was surprised at how great the fries tasted. Definitely seek out Buffalo Wild Wings. Enjoy!

Justin Shockley

PLEASE READ. Our experience at Buffalo Wild Wings was great. Food was good. Service was a little slow. Hostess was incredibly nice.

Daniel Whitehurst

This was my first time eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. The staff was friendly. Food was good, the place was clean but the fries were cold. Burgers and fries is my favorite food. Cold fries diminishes the experience. The burger itself was good My wife kids had the tacos which was suprisely pretty good.

Steffany V.

Came on a super busy friday night with a party of 7 and we were seated almost immediately. Drinks and food came super quick, and was absolutely delicious!! Our server was super polite and came to check up on us regularly with refills. Great experience overall.

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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

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