Buffalo Wild Wings

7004 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 351-6200

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Alexandria Veldhuizen

I lost all excitement getting my food once I saw 4 out of 5 employees wearing masks incorrectly. One man in the kitchen had his mask pulled down completely while he was preparing food, it was under his chin completely off of his mouth the entire time. The others had there's on, but they were constantly touching them without washing hands AND the mask wasn't covering their noses. Please wear your masks correctly, and please wash your hands or use sanitizer when you touch other things.. I was only in there for just a few moments and I witnessed all of these things. It's very frustrating because I barely leave my house during all of this and it scares me to think I could contract the virus with just a simple Togo food run. This state is in danger because of all the insane amounts of cases coming up daily, we should be more strict if anything during these times. I blame the management for not correcting this bad behavior. I will go to another location from now on. Thanks.

Polli Smirnova

Amazing customer service. We got our order wrong, had to talk to manager but he was very responsible and fair about figuring this problem out. All the more I really love their honey bbq wings


Excellent attention. they speak Spanish. clean place and respect social distances.

hector Sarmiento

Got the food wrong noticed when I got home..... They gave me a 20 dollar credit bit it's not really about the money :/Food wise like any other one ... Not my favs but the wifey loves it

Andrew Wnuk

The manager who I spoke with tonight turned a frustrating situation around and showed she actually cared about a poor situation. I placed an order online for a pick up time later on. I arrived at that pickup time and text the phone number they had posted. However after no response I tried again, still nothing. So I called and was told my food would be out right away. Anyway, I sat there for about 25 mins waiting for my food to come out, meanwhile 3 other to go customers walked in to the location and walked out with their food no problem. I ended up calling a third and final time to cancel my order and spoke with a female manager who was super apologetic, and showed genuine empathy. I asked for my order to be canceled as I was done waiting and being mislead and without going into detail about what happen, let’s just say she was wonderful and how she handled and approached the whole situation makes me wanna give them another chance. Thank you!

Sherella Williams

Best Customer Service I ever experienced!!! Rose is amazing very professional & kind. Thank you Rose, you made our day stay blessed sweetheart??❤ Food is amazing as well!!!!

bill donehoo

Ordered online at 110 pm was supposed to ready at 130 pm but wasn't ready till 200pm. I ordered 15 med wings and 15 buffalo and when got home to eat them they were all plain no sauce at all on them I did have two little sides of some kind of sauce which was good. I ended up making my own sauce. The lady behind the counter was very nice and polite. She said they were busy which was the reason they were running behind on the orders. The order was for Bill

Best Vacation Deals Management

Should be able to post 0 stars. According to previous reviews this store needs new management. I ordered online and they got the order wrong. When I called to see if they would correct it I was transferred to the rude manager named Rose. Rose was very unhelpful. Had the nerve to put me on hold to check the system for an error then she came back and had the nerve to say that must be how we ordered it because the system is working fine. All the staff should be terminated and new management brought in immediately. But from seeing how far back the bad reviews go BWW doesn't care much about customer satisfaction.


The best deal for wings and fries is here guys. I have buffalo wild wings on my street and this is the best thing ever. Hope they do fine with all of this but still nice job guys.

Tatem F.

Worst experience of my entire life. We waited over an hour for our entrees. Our bartender messed up the order and didn't even check on us for 20 minutes. Asked to speak to manager and nobody was ever sent over. We finally flagged him down and he didn't even seem to care. He said he would take the meal off our check. We didn't even want that but then he ended up taking the cheaper, correct meal off. So disappointed in service and quality of food and drinks. Beer lines need to be cleaned.

Heather Winfree

We were told our order would be ready 20 past the hour, and at 40 after it STILL wasn't ready. When we asked the woman if our order was still in progress, the woman gave us attitude. We grabbed our food and left. Once my husband opened his box, it wasn't even remotely the right order. We turned back around went inside, and the problem was resolved almost immediately. But absolute terrible service and slow prior. Would not recommend this location on International Drive!


Buffalo wings with hot sauce,celery sticks are amazing!All I want to eat when I am in USA.You can get boneless too.I like to eat the wings with bones!

Gemma Milne

Ate here several times in the summer when we couldn't be bothered venturing too far from our hotel in the rain (across the road at The Ramada Plaza). The food was delicious with plenty of choice on the menu and big portions. Tried a couple of cocktails off the menu too which were also really good! Servers were all really pleasant and super helpful. Also a great place to watch whatever sport you want to watch as TVs are plastered all over the walls showing fights, golf, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, boxing, etc. Can't wait to return this summer for more amazing food

Celina Gonzalez

LOVED IT HERE! Boyfriend and I came, in Monday, got seated fast. Waiter joe i think, was nice and friendly, highly recommend him! The GM came and talked to us , we felt like it was a friendly and great environment over all ! Will come again!!


Terrible attention, they had tables available and they made me wait more than 40 minutes ... They treated me very badly ... I do not recommend it

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