Burger King

12371 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando
(407) 856-2822

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Alicia Pierre

Asked if I wanted cheese on my burgers twice after specifically asked for cheese then purposely didnt put cheese on the sandwiches. Drove half way down the road and had to go back ??‍♀️


The team here was very halpful

Angie Bell


Mr. H

Allegedly, they ran out of fries at 10:30 PM on Saturday night. They attempted to swap it out with onion rings, which I'm deadly allergic too! Besides that, this Burger King has the worst customer service I've experienced from any location thus far. Avoid if you can.

Jynnett Garrido

Haven't been to bk since they got ride of zesty sauce last year. Been having a hankering for bk for a week now and gave in and like a dummy went to this one. They never get the order right and the fries and onion rings are old and stale and over cooked Everytime for friggan 8 years. Seriously? With different management every other month you think someone would get it right. Anyways they missed my add-ons and the food was sloppily put together. Went back in the drive thru to rectify and found myself sitting in a line of only 3 cars for 15 mins. Asked cars behind me to move cuz I was just over it by then


The people here are rude, the food gets us sick sometimes, Eat at your own risk.

Maiky Perez

I can’t believe the way they talked to me while taking an order, i said i have a coupon code for the order and out of nowhere she comes up yelling “whats the coupon number!” with no respect. I didn’t even get an apology smh. Worst burger king customer service ever!

Guarionex Rivera

False Advertising Asked for the 2 for 5 mix and match deal posted on the drive thru. If you order 2 sandwishes it is actually 6 and not 5.

Diana V.

Drove thru to buy a Whopper Jr combo and it was cold the bread was so stale. I think that they don't realize that the customers notice these kinds of things. Never again!

Debrashaun Simmons

My mom and I needed to have an Impossible Whopper. We used the drive thru and things moved smoothly. Food was hot and delicious

Michael C.

Great service and a great team. I was a little worried because of the current star rating but they were great. Food came out hot and as ordered. The gentleman at the counter was even able to assist me with a coupon that he saw me click on that then gave an error in the app and was able to honor it. Great team, great service and great food.


Always making the wrong orders...and they dont give a receipts so u dont complain

Joseph T.

Horrible service His name is Juan don't go it's a waste of time and money the food isn't all that don't come trust me

James Rowley

Roommate got an order through Door Dash. 4 milkshakes were ordered. Was, instead, given 4 Cokes, and was never contacted about the store not having the milkshakes, when the "contact me" option was very clearly selected.


The store manager need more training bad service . She is hispanic but not have the name.

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