Burger King

2600 Dardanelle Dr, Orlando
(407) 578-9146

Recent Reviews

Tom Parker

I waited 20 minutes in the drive-thru line just to find out that the broiler was down. In the future it would be nice to have a sign while you're waiting in the drive-thru.

hakkai cho

First and foremost, I understand that you guys just opened for morning shift. But there is no excuse for cold croissant sandwich that has warm bacon inside. Hash browns were hot but I guess they had to be. French toast sticks were not even warmed all the way. I am never going to eat at burger king again, if I could give zero stars, I would.

Destinee Tisdale

Food was cold, fries were cold. Don't think I'll be revisiting again. Employees were nice though.

Rita Aldaz

The worst of all!!! They need to close the whole thing down. Never has staff, or you go thru the drive thru and sit there with no one asking how can they help.

eric strobel

4 for 4$. One car infront of me. Cashier was extremely rude even though i was polite, and the whole process took 30mins. Go to taco bell a hundred yards away if you dont want to wait half hour and have these people treat you like a pile of garbage. Food quality was good though

Anna Parvatova

Absolutely disgusting food with the slowest service imaginable. Ohhh and they will completely mess up your order.

Jeff Holloway

Friendly people good food good service except they close too early

Joseph Aiken

I am a Whopper fanatic...I ask only that B.K. bring back a most enjoyable sandwich you made in 69 &70..the Yumbo...shaved ham on an egg roll with a sharp cheddar cheese sauce ..steamed to perfection...I can still taste it..this was when you introduced the Whaler fish sandwich

Brian Chedda

Food was cold and I recieved hard old nuggets that I couldn't believe that they would serve it. I have worked in the fast food industry as a manager for almost 20 yrs and I know cooked products have a shelf life to be served and once it reaches that time. It is to be put as waste and not served to the customers. I always prided myself to serve customers quality food, and for them to serve this just shows to me and other customers that they dont care and want to make sure they don't have much waste at the end of the day.

Tina Spatcher

Man look. I rode all the way there for the manager to tell me that the grilled chicken doesn't go with the 2 for 6 then my food wasn't even fresh at all. I will not be visiting there anytime soon again

Omar Noble

Closed more than 30 mins before posted closing time with staff outside smoking. They told me they were short-staffed, but how were they running the restaurant prior to their smoke break I wonder?

Mickael L.

Avoid this Sh** place! They not professionals and they treat you like trash and your sandwich comes they treat you like trash and your sandwich comes like sh**, the soda machine offers everything hot and without ice, yes the soda comes hot as a tea. Hope The Burger King close this store as soon as possible!

tosha thomas

I just left there called 6 times no one picked up the phone the restaurant only had 2 customers. Whopper Junior didn't have mayo,ketchup then the grill person put the outside hull onion I mean a big piece of onion too these people's do not care how they fix people food and it sad....

Dairo Alexander Ramírez Naranjo

Today I ordered on the Burger King app and selected pick my order "drive thru" the manager attending by window told that I must wait on line car (they have a sign that mean "skip line" if you took you order by app). I preferred pick up my order inside the restaurant, y employee told that steak burger is not available (only chicken and fish) I requested talk with the manager she never gave me an apologize and with out another word gave me the money in cash. Finally I got my lunch at Taco Bell.


They need to hired people that really want to work 30 years ago Burger King was great. I used to enjoy. But now is like they don’t care. About their customers this place is a mess and so slow

Judy Morgan

A fav location for tasty cheap food. Went there on a Friday I think. The bill was decent for the quality.

Breanna Marie

They either never have anything on the menu or they prposely leave out items from your combo instead of just telling you that they are all out. This is ridiculous. Not to mention the employees are rude.

Emprass Washington

the manager is rude and nasty. needs to find a New job. the woman made me almost loose my Christianity this morning.

Kyle B.

I'd rather give this a 0 star because I waited for 6 minutes and it wasn't worth it, the sandwiches were gross and cold, and the fries were cold a disgusting I am VERY disappointed!!!

Jazzy L.

THESE 2 managers; one is named MIGUEL & the other is an African American. THESE MANAGERS spit in our food. After sitting in the drive thru i realized how DISGUSTING this restaurant is. They are nasty & roach filled. I literally watched the African American man pick his nose & make someone's food. If you value customer service and your life, don't go here. I'm currently awaiting a call back from corporate.

Lydja Jarbath

It doesn’t even deserve the 1 Star but I have no choice but this Burger King literally closed there store down at 7pm today . Not only was doors locked but the two female workers inside said they were close . What Burger King establishment closes at 7pm ? I even recorded the entire thing , called Burger King customer service and filed a report . Seems as though the employees run the restaurant when there’s no management around . I wonder if they even get drug tested? I guess Burger King just hire any and every body . I love Burger King period but this particular store needs to hire a new team of employees who will work and provide great customer service instead of rude cashiers who act as though it’s our fault they have to work a 9-5.

Sky Smith

This location has not changed. just a few minutes ago a person infront of me made an order and then suddenly their service was down. what a big surprise since everyone inside was sitting around and laughing. staff argued that the person did not get food. taco bell right next door got some more service tonight.

Nicole Gray

Cashier handled food without gloves after handling cash

Chris Nichols

Rude and horrible customer service. Incredibly slow, even when there's only a few customers. Can't remember the last time I was at a good Burger King.

gina duchard

Some of the workers were working , they did use foul language amongst each other because two of the workers was flirting and kissing while on duty. Place was dirty. Nothing seemed to work. A worker had a bonnet on . I wouldn't want to go there again. The drive through was closed because they were switching shifts. The food was good.

S White

This place need to be closed. How can you run a restaurant with no employees at 8pm the doors to the lobby was locked. My son had a certificate from son the man would not accept, then he acted like he didn't know how to apply the digital coupons. Also, tell the customer to hurry and order because he is on a time and short staff when it only look like one person working but he leave out to go get in a car and drive off with someone who pulled up. Employees are rude and need to be retrained, shut down and not opened again until fully staffed. And they got the one star because I had to press something but the experience was below awful.


Worse location. Drive through intercom not working, then wait 20mins for them to say they're not serving breakfast right at 10.30. Been to this location before and it's always something. They've got to learn to be better than their location

Katrina Wilson

Why is this place still open?? This has to be the most ratchet BK in central Florida. Close this place because obviously they people that work here don't care about their job. I ordered a whopper...the bottom bun was hard and it had onions when I specifically asked for no onions. The outside sign hasn't worked since hurricane Irma hit. The place looks shady and unsafe. Just shut it down.

Jack P.

This place is horrible, you are never going to get what you order and the employees could care less. The place is nasty and horribly mismanaged. Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY

Dustin Rhodes

Bad service i dont pay for whip cream at anyother burger.. This was horrible how do you not have fries or onion rings smh its a trend on silverstar they both should be re managed cause the have no management skill what so ever...

Greg Thomas

The worst Burger king location yet..!! Managers just as bad as their customer service. I ordered a meal. It was wrong.. Went online and contacted corporate and they request I call that location first. So I called and a Rep answered. I hear the Rep talking to the manager and he said to the Rep. I don't have time for him just hang up the phone. The Rep did! They want a pay raise. I think they should clean house! I have pictures of the receipt vs food ordered.

Ralph Z.

This place really blows went there through the drive thru the speaker was broken got to the window girl has a big attitude they don't have any chicken strips at 1145 in the morning how can you not have chicken strips at lunchtime this has got to be some kind of a joke don't waste your time going to this burger king this is ridiculous

Janine J.

This is the worst Burger King in the entire Orlando area the wait was 26 minutes for fast food.. The order was remade 3 times absolutely horrible service. .. There were 3 other cars waiting for orders that were wrong as well ...nothing fast or professional about this location I do think see how they can remain in business with this kind of service

David Stamen

Would of been quicker to order inside instead of using drive-thru.


Para mi gusto es el mejor fast food, la comida es abudante, la atencion es buena y los precios son muy accesibles.Dos personas pueden comer con 14 dolares muy bien

Misty Meow

Longest wait ever!!!! Drive thru

Misty Meow

Don't go through the drive thru at lunch time... You'll never make it back to work

Jacque Baskett-Judon

Where you can get it your way...lolol