Cairo Bar & Hookah Lounge

7040 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 442-7266

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Abdullah Abdelhameed

Great atmosphere for a night out with friends!


Best Hooka and nigh club in all central Florida

Turki Miski

The service is really good name is SEMO he brings the stuff really fast

Saad W

Great place to relax & unwind! Saaly (Salwa) & the rest of the guys are doing an incredible job of hosting you like it's your place. Kudos to Saaly!

huyuni suratt

It was a huge place that was practically empty on a Sunday afternoon but the hookah was OK. The drinks are really strong.

tampa bay

Is not worth my time boring place ..

Nawfal. Alfadly

Incredible place, great service, nice staff and wonderful DJ.

L Lander

Great staff and relaxed atmosphere

Nawal Chaaban

Every time I go there I have a great time I like the place I like the service it's like a family they treat us

Aladdin Belmlih

A very great choice for an Arabic night out!!

Yousif Abuzaid

Hookah and customer service is just okay. Food is very expensive and wifi is very bad + they charge you 18% of the bill for tip without your permission. I don’t think I will come back here again.

alan pinto

They are super nice and helpfull, made a birthday there and it went super well. The staff were amazing. Deff recommend this for anyone.

Paula Ibanez

Best hookah place I have ever tried. The service is second to none and the establishment is clean and spacious! Music is great and prices are totally reasonable, but most importantly the hookahs taste amazing!!

Ahmed Osman Fadl

I have just arrived from Atlanta and met my friends over there. One of the worst places to smoke and chill. Customer service sucks. The hookah guy serves flavors that we didn’t order. Watch out. It is a rip off. NOT RECOMMENDED for the quality and the price. Better find somewhere else where you will get better treatment.

Sean Clements

First time I came here the service was horrible from my main server, didn't want to come check on me between all these stages of my visit except when I got the bill, he took one walk around the room and wanted take the bill payment. Just made me feel he wanted me out fast. Second time I tried here I had a good experience and enjoyed myself.

AmyChristine P.

Excellent first experience here. Sally was excellent. Very knowledgeable about Hookah. She gave great hospitality. Great chill, laid back atmosphere. Will be back!

Emily Sharifzadeh

I love this hookah bar! Classy! Plays great music and the service is top notch. Amine is always attentive and quick to ask if I need anything! Defiently recommend visiting here if you love hookah and good music! ♡♡

old saw

if you want your eardrums to be fucked up badly this is the best place for you but for me wtf so fucking loud and even the dj doesn't know a shit about how to equlize the trible and the bass togther


The staff here at Cairo Bar & Hookah Lounge are pretty friendly. They're prompt with taking your order and quick about getting your drinks and hookahs to you. The only thing that I would have to critique is that it didn't seem like they cleaned their hookah stems very well. The hookah tasted pretty clean, but being a at-home hookah smoker with multiple personal hookahs, I'm pretty critical. The ball bearing on the purge port was stuck, so I couldn't purge the hookah out until I unscrewed it myself and cleaned it off with a tissue from the table. There also wasn't enough water in my base to produce decent sized clouds. If you're looking for a quiet place to relax, I'd recommend this place, especially if you can't travel with your hookah. They also carry coconut cube coals, so opt for those instead of the Quick Lights.

Mars Bars

The DJ needs to get fired. He keeps transitioning from rap to hispanic music to arabic music with horrible transitions in between. Its a vibe kill

Cairo Bar & Hookah Lounge

7040 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819