6908 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando
(407) 248-9052

Recent Reviews

Sabrina Butler

We ordered in the drive through and when we picked up our food at the window we were missing a burger, went back and got the burger. Then we took a sip of our drinks and noticed we had the wrong drinks. They corrected that. Pulling out of the drive way the 2nd time we noticed they gave incorrect change, so we were back yet a 3rd time. I would not reccoment them.

Kimberly Davidson

Fast and friendly. Great food

Bailey Martinez

There is something to be said about this checkers. It's great at 2pm and just as great at 2am. Fast and hot.

Yadiel Nieves

The order came out perfect. The food was tasty and service was very quick! Favorite Checker's ever visited!

LadyJ MP

I love this Checkers of all of them in Orlando. They are quick and efficient with their orders.

Stewart McCallum

I had the bacon BBQ Burford burger, and I swear it came out just like the picture- big meaty & delicious!The boneless wings however were disappointing; but the fries were hot crispy & amazing as always.

Jeremiah Wilder

Ordered our food and it took 20 mins to get the entire order. Filled out an online customer satisfaction survey and let them know about the problems. Have not heard anything back from the Manager nor the company.

Feared assasin

The food never gets old to eat! The fries are the best thing and I can't get enough of the Barbecue burgers! Yum

Bader Qutteineh

I've been to the one in downtown and the staff are careless and don't want to work. I got spicy chicken combo and the sandwich is barely edible. If they keep going this way I won't be surprised to see the chain close down

Christopher Louis Ginier-Garofano

Want to go inside a Checkers without being an employee or possibly catching a B&E charge? This is the place?

Cassandra Gary

Fries were great. Staff spent more time away from counter. We kept waiting, two sets of customers came in and left. Fish was just ok.

Jayne Matthews

Restaurant not very clean, don’t smell good. Fries really over cooked and no seasoning and $3 for a cup of ice virtually no soda, won’t be returning anytime soon

James G.

Like everything else in this tourist trap area, this place is a dump, terrible customer service, and frequently questionable food. They rely on naïve tourists passing through... no concern or need for repeat customers. At least they are open super late as advertised... dinning room... sometimes... drive-thru most of the time.

Susan Osborne Pilkington

The decor and the awesome burgers!!!!

Mellow Wello DEDi esports Head

Been laying off Checkers lately cuz the experience has not been good across the board. I would vastly prefer a little kindness with my cholesterol. As well as nine times out of the ten when you say things like no mayo and no ketchup, you wind up with no lettuce and no tomatoes with your no Mayo and no ketchup. People are more often too busy socializing to get you in and out of there. This was The Shining City on the hill of checkers which I expect from a flagship good job great food. Now I feel better about my suicide.

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