Chuck E. Cheese's

7419 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 351-3368

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Alondra G.

Poor customer service ever. Took two hours to receive food! Would not recommend this place to anybody, not even my worst enemy.

Mr. Marty

I really liked it. No complaints. My kids had lots of fun!

Jay Martin

I am here NOW and I am just appalled at the terrible customer service here. The worst Chuck E Cheese, I've ever visited. The first person we saw, the greeter was so cold and non chalant. She never smiled. In fact, I'm pretty sure she didn't want to be here. As the first impressionist, she failed miserably. There were plenty of employees walking around, none of them spoke or even acted as if they were working in an establishment with children. The food was cool and the it wasn't crowded, which is a big deal. HOWEVER, the rude customer service made the entire trip a bust. I am very disappointed. Especially since we visit chuck e cheese all the time. We are from Ga, and as a first time visitor to this chuck e cheese this did not leave a good impression. We spent a good amount of money here and the least we could have gotten was a couple friendly faces and smiles. I should note that the greeter NEVER smiled at any customers walking in but currently, her and two other female workers seem to be having a great conversation, while laughing and carrying on. I didnt see her name tag , but it's whomever was standing at the gate around 12pm.

Eliel Ortiz

Nice place,the only problem it's a little small

Thomas Dipaolo

Easy to get tickets for prizes. Safe for children. The staff is very helpful. Good value for buying cards by time to play games instead of using coins which would go faster. My son who is 5 years old have a blast.

Dennis Frye

If you have young kids, 10 or under, this is the place to come. Their unlimited game deals are perfect. Food prices are pricey of course but it's how they make their $. Great place for a birthday party or celebration for kids 2 to 7ish.

yaheily velez

Staff are not checking adults and children while leaving the establishment which is very disappointing because it’s the second time I see this happen at this location. After asking the staff to provide us with a rag to clean something that we spilled she said I’ll be right there but she never came. There was vomit on the floor next to the school bus and was never cleaned while we were there and we were there for an hour.

Stian Klepp

Great place to bring the kids. Arcade and lots of game to be played and fun to be haved. Quite noisy, not the place for a quite family dinner. Service was ok, employees seemed quite happy to be there, but not over excited to make the experience great. Kids loved it because of the games and arcade.

Miles Shrimpton

Great for the kids and pizza some of the best we've tasted.... We need one of these in the UK


For my 25th birthday party my father Guy Fieri gave me a solid 20,000 dollars in Chuck E. Cheese tokens. You think I could win a big prize with that many tokens ,but I only got enough tickets for a plastic ring. That was definetly not gangster. After the arcade fiasco, I thought the pizza would cheer me up. I ordered 5 large meat lovers pizza for myself since I wasn’t that hungry at the time. I waited for a solid hour and a half. I was getting ready to leave but then they finally came out. I saw on a Shane Dawson video that they reused the leftover pizza and I didn’t believe it. However when the food came out it tasted so bad I guess it had to be. I love Chuck E. Cheese pizza and that ruined it for me. I though nothing could make this worse until the animatronics came out. They were so scary that I started to cry. I ran out of there with a plastic ring, starving while crying my eyes out. Worst 25th Birthday Ever. I recommend heading to one of my fathers restaurants instead.

Lauren Rowley

This is the worse place I have visited in Orlando yet, we come from Michigan and overall my family and I , enjoyed the experience but it is places like this that reminds me why I don't leave my house. They have the worse customer service but I cannot blame the employees. Great service should start from the top beginning with the manager. If your crew does not have a good group leader everything will fall. "Final thought.The manager at this location should take a few classes on customer service and appreciation. The workers at this place just turned this children's play house into a hangout. Do not take your children here ppl should more like take their friends from high school. We waited hours for 1 pizza, ridiculous.... Never again. They should all be working at Mac Donald's. The cook was so rude plus the pizzas he was making tasted like they dumped a truck of salt on them. Good luck with with this place to the owner. So sorry you had to end up with these type of employees....

jaye Dunc Sarwar

Very neat place, kids loved it. I like the way they have introduced the time play cards gives you more time to win more points. Salad and pizza for kids was great to.

Artie G

We went there for a birthday party and it was very nice. The kids had a great time

Diane Batista

it was nice and fun for my son

Pam Foley Hall

the staff was awesome even asking guest how they were doing


GOOD RESTAURANT!!! SIMPLE AND FUN πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ Ideal for family, Kids and parents. Safe fir childrens. Wonderful Staff. A good experience always


The manager was so amazing. She was so nice and the staff was very helpful and nice. I can't say much about the food since I didn't eat there. But the bathrooms were horrible! So dirty, I took my daughter to use the bathroom somewhere else. Toilet paper all over the place toilets dirty and more.

gordon baker

Noisy, sticky and dirty.

Minnie Shanice Mack Thompson

Yes we enjoyed our self great customer service


I am undecided on weather to give two or three stars, so ill give the three to be generous. Its a pizza place with an arcade! simple as that. When we walked in, had a look around sat down and walked out without ordering. The whole place looks very dated compared to other CC's we have been to. The arcade games for the kids seemed very... 1990s and the whole feel in general felt like we didnt want to eat there. Make up your own mind as we would want to scare anyone off. Its ok for an extremely budgety food place. VERY young kids (2-5) may enjoy it.

Chuck E. Cheese's

7419 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819