Chuck E. Cheese

7419 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 351-3369

Recent Reviews

Calixto M. Pockels

su servicios de comida y bebida y entretenimientos.

Brigitte Ebert

Service was quick, pizza came out fast, and it was clean. Lots of game and ride on options for younger kids but not too many big kid video games. Over all good experience my kids are 4&5 so they had tons of options for game play at this location.

Nicole Foster

Not my cup of tea but my baby and her dad be gettin it in ...glad they have the all u can play cards best idea ever

Christopher Andrighetti

Packed but very kid friendly. Love the salad bar and beer!

Leona U

Kids birthday party held before opening time. Our group had the whole place to ourselves. I don't know who had more fun, the kids or the adults. Staff was friendly and efficient.

Wizard's Enterprise

It is a lot of fun here. Thanks to T-Mobile Tuesdays we used a coupon to go to this location for the first time. The kids had an amazing time and it was affordable. There is a good selection of games and food. The location on West Colonial Dr. has different games that our youngest kids like more. The only downside to this location is that is on I-Drive so it is extremely busy and crowded with tourists.

Cherie Ramlaal

Eat and play concept. Very big play area with good dinning place. Family fun play games with good food. Clean and open environment with very good security. Kids can't go out from play area without parents. We can book for birthday parties. Need to do reservation for birthday parties. Free WiFi while kids playing inside.

Arthur Barksdale

Service was pretty poor and there was no enforcement of limits on hogging individual games. One family held the Jurassic Park game for 30 minutes which is utterly absurd.


Great place for kids! Nothing bad about it except the bathrooms are under construction. The alternative bathrooms they have are better than expected.

Hayes Weggeman

Went there with family so they could let there child play. I did not think the place was very clean. The kids enjoy it.


My son had a great time here today for his 5th birthday. The food was great and staff very friendly and professional.

Cherly Joseph

My kids love it and crew very courtesy everyone very nice and understanding when your kids screaming and don’t know what you doing they very patient and kind thank you

Marla La

Very nice and well organized, and the cast member we had was kind and friendly.

Tim Clegg

Strangely enough, the pizzas are really good! We all loved them. Kids just can't stop once they get on the amusements.

Reynaldo Perez

Is a nice place for planning birthday party and more for kids and children or infant. But manager need to be more on the look out for male or female employees where is children playing place like this no hickeys on the neck showing in public no one needs to know they personal business.thank you

Arlene Philbert

Nice space for kids to run about. My daughter enjoyed the games.

Marilyn Macias

All the games worked fine. There were games good for the little and the older ones. Very safe llace to bring your kids to. The pizzas taste delicious and as lso has a salad bar

Air Stream

We just visited this location today . It's a one and done for us. Absolutely the dirtiest children's establishment I've ever seen. Salad bar was so gross!! Bugs on the table seats. Just nasty!!!!!! Manager did not care.

Daniel Reyes

We had an amazing time here at chuck e cheese, our server/hostess Destiny was amazing. She was working multiple parties at one time and made sure that we were comfortable as well as making sure we had everything we needed. She has a great personality and was awesome with us. The manager expressed that we were in good hands and sure enough we were. I'm glad we came here and can't wait to express the great service we were provided today. Food was great service was great highly recommended to all families.

Josh B

Unfortunately, it just wasn't worth the price. Our order was messed up, even though it was verified before the party. One of our pizzas came out after we were having cake and they took so long doing things, we only had about 30 minutes of the two hours of the "unlimited" play time. They seemed to just delay every hung waiting for the next thing. Kids enjoyed it enough luckily so that's good. But not worth it.

Dilfuza Malikova

We had a birthday party and wen we went in the tables Weren’t set and we ask for the food and drinks it took the 40 MINUTES and wen we buy the pizzas for $8’s each and it was soooo Misleading,because wen we Bought them on the website it looked like a decent size pizza but ween it came it was soo small you can ONLY feed a kid and if we order something you have to ask the 2 time and will take 30m the list i don’t recommend to put on a birthday party AT ALL, for the price you can throw a better birthday party somewhere else.

Gabjoh J.

This place bathroom is so disgusting. I came with my family and the attention is zero. I complaint to employees about the bathroom and they continue with their chac chac talk. Their ignoring me.

Jeffrey T.

My daughter wanted to come to Chuck E Cheese today, so that's what we did. Let me make this very, VERY clear. This place is for the ages 2-10. Children older will not have fun here. They have about 40 games and about 30 of them are for the ages of 6 and under. The employees are extremely friendly and very well mannered. They were very polite and helpful. They were definitely the bright spot of our visit. The building was very clean and well kept. Even the bathrooms were pleasantly clean. Now, the food. We had the pizza buffet. In all honesty, you are better off going to CiCi's pizza right next door. They had a VERY small selection of pizza, and it cost more than CiCi's. Definitely a big let down. I spent $50 for two adult buffet and one child, two drinks and a hour game card. It was pricey for what we got. Even the prizes seemed to be over priced. So, negative one star for the food and negative another star for the cost is how I got to the three star rating.

Mary B.

We held my son's birthday party at this location after having a great experience at another location. In retrospect we should have booked the party where we had a great experience even though it was out of our way. Our party coordinator spent a good portion of the party off in a corner talking with several of her friends. She couldn't answer questions about timing of things so our kids and guests ended up not getting to use about half of their 2hr "unlimited play time" cards we purchased because she kept them at the table waiting for the different birthday party activities. She did help with cutting the cake but was nowhere to be found when we were distributing the pizza, which she told me she would plate for all of the kids. Our pizza order was wrong and we ended up flagging down someone else to tell them in the hopes it could be quickly remedied. Instead they found our person so we could re-explain it to her and our correct pizza ended up coming out after we were done with lunch, after the birthday celebrations, after the cake and ice cream, and after everyone went back to playing games. Lastly, I tried to get a picture of my son with Chuck E Cheese as well as a group picture. Chuck E Cheese literally walked away from my son while I was trying to take the picture. Thankfully my son didn't notice and wasn't upset but this was a waste of money. In the future we will be doing something else. It was a very frustrating experience!

Stephanie Dilger

Lots of fun games to choose from. Kids loved it!

Hailey Wildbore

Came a couple of times and really enjoyed each visit! Daughter enjoyed the games and we enjoyed being able to let her run about. Food lovely and beer good too. Staff very friendly and helpful. Definately be popping on our next visit.

Rajesh Khubchandani

It was my first time my family n I visited Chuck E Cheese. My kids had a fantastic time. Understanding the process of ordering food and getting the gaming card was simple enough. Had to wait quite a while to get my winning tickets counted my the machine. Only two ticket counting machines at this location.


Price for time limit cards is slightly high but affordable. Prizes however are WAY over priced. You have to earn 150 tickets for a lollipop or tootsie roll. Ridiculous. But if you know how to hold a receipt, save all your ticket reciepts and you may be able to buy a cup, after 10 years of going.

Anna Samuels

Family friendly. Good pizza and salad bar. My kids loved it that they had me return 3 days in a row on our vacation 😂. I liked it too a very wide variety of arcade games and the staff is patient with the kids. You can buy time on the game card and play unlimited games which is awesome. You can win tickets after every game and my kids loved that Chucky came out every 30 minutes to sing and throw up free tickets. My favorite was the photo booth though I took so many photos with my kids. I like the part where they print the number on your arm and the same number on your kids to ensure your kids leave with only you.


My sons wish for the second time we have come to Orlando is to go to Chuck E Cheese, we went to the fort Myers one last time so this was our first time coming to the one in Orlando, this time we got a card for $10 which have unlimited play for 30 minutes unlike last time, this was fab as we could all have a go at the same time, on some games you can have 2 players so we could both play without using up his credits like the fort Myers one.. We all had a great time, Chuck E Cheese himself made an appearance which made my sons dream come true, he won lots of tokens which meant he could pick 2 prizes, we bought him 2 of the characters and a cup, the gent who served us asked if we wanted the party cup and went in the back for one, this was a lovely gesture as being scouse it’s obvious we’re not local, my son wanted this cup too so we bought both.. Chuck E Cheese thanks again for making my boys wish come true, carry on doing what your doing making kids happy


We had a couple of hours to kill on way to the airport. My son watched people here on YouTube and wanted to come. We paid 20 dollars for 70 minutes of as many arcades as we could and winning 760 tickets. Tickets do not get you much but it was great find. Defo try this.

Maria Rodriguez

I personally like this location the most. Employees are very friendly. The food is pretty decent. The place is very clean. Reasonable prices.

Farah Yameen

The kids had a great time. If you come before noon, it's not as chaotic. They need to renovate their outdated bathrooms.

Christinne Roach-Lugo

Fun place to bring the kids, it's not the cleanest but if you're on a budget your kid will definitely have a good time. Teens and adults enjoy the games, the prizes are not the best but it's still a fun place to go.

Alondra G.

Poor customer service ever. Took two hours to receive food! Would not recommend this place to anybody, not even my worst enemy.

Mr. Marty

I really liked it. No complaints. My kids had lots of fun!

Jay Martin

I am here NOW and I am just appalled at the terrible customer service here. The worst Chuck E Cheese, I've ever visited. The first person we saw, the greeter was so cold and non chalant. She never smiled. In fact, I'm pretty sure she didn't want to be here. As the first impressionist, she failed miserably. There were plenty of employees walking around, none of them spoke or even acted as if they were working in an establishment with children. The food was cool and the it wasn't crowded, which is a big deal. HOWEVER, the rude customer service made the entire trip a bust. I am very disappointed. Especially since we visit chuck e cheese all the time. We are from Ga, and as a first time visitor to this chuck e cheese this did not leave a good impression. We spent a good amount of money here and the least we could have gotten was a couple friendly faces and smiles. I should note that the greeter NEVER smiled at any customers walking in but currently, her and two other female workers seem to be having a great conversation, while laughing and carrying on. I didnt see her name tag , but it's whomever was standing at the gate around 12pm.

Eliel Ortiz

Nice place,the only problem it's a little small

Thomas Dipaolo

Easy to get tickets for prizes. Safe for children. The staff is very helpful. Good value for buying cards by time to play games instead of using coins which would go faster. My son who is 5 years old have a blast.

Dennis Frye

If you have young kids, 10 or under, this is the place to come. Their unlimited game deals are perfect. Food prices are pricey of course but it's how they make their $. Great place for a birthday party or celebration for kids 2 to 7ish.