Flamingos Deli Shop

595 W Church St, Orlando
(407) 481-8101

Recent Reviews

chandra sekhar

I was not satisfied with the 14in chicken pizza in the Flamingo’s and that is not fresh chicken they used here


Some of the best Italian subs around town. Mom-and-pop place... quality food, friendly staff and good value.

Liam Lewis

best breakfast wrap I’ve ever had. Rafi’s the best

Joe Majka

Pretty good food reasonable price for the area

Jami Ganster

So yummy ..... best pizza downtown orlando fast and clean and rocky the main man is friendly and makes the best pizza in the town

I sometimes do things

I’ve ate here before but my most recent experience was regrettable. I came in the other day and a young lady took my order. Not only was I overcharged but my pizza was burnt. Normally the food and service is amazing but their new staffs service was very pour. Not only that but the cook didn’t even seem to know what he was doing and had to be instructed several times what to do. Really hope to never have an experience like this again.

Kelly Carter

Pizza was amazing, restrooms are very clean!We stopped in this evening for a quick bite on our way to Garth Brooks… the owner was running the restaurant by himself and still had quality food coming out.10/10


I have been coming here with my older brothers since I was 12, the owner damn near cooked my food for almost a year straight treating me like family, I will forever be a loyal customer here

Jean Simmons

I was there the 1st day it opened and the pizza is the closest ive had to a NYC slice! SCORE 7.7

Rick Magana

The owner is a great guy.

Sam Reden

Best pizza ? in downtown without doubt. You just need to try one of the many varieties available.

carl battle

Great place food is great always worth the money ?

Brandi Kent

The pizza was incredible and the owners were so down to earth, funny, friendly and treated us like family!

Mrs. Grandin

His food is beyond delicious!! The surrounding area may be shady but don't pass this place up!!


Great place to eat owner is very nice and funnyLoverble person treat you like family been open for 15 years

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