Joe's Crab Shack

8400 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 352-2928

Recent Reviews

Marlievelisse Sotomayor

Our server Mark was excellent, he took the time to explain the complicated combo for the broil and had additional ?fun facts? on each crab.


Enjoy the seafood platter combos and their selection of drinks..ample parking, Choice of dining inside or outside.


Great food and atmosphere after a long day at Universal Studios. The waiter was awesome. Boys had crab legs, I had the blackened chicken ceaser salad, the rest of the family had pasta and seafood. Great job!

Jamie Willis

The food was amazing and the service was just as equal... we went for dinner one night during our honeymoon. The staff was friendly and exceeded my expectations, we certainly didnt need a to go box, and we did make sure to grab some souvenirs from their shop prior to leaving.

DM Albert

First time at this location on International Drive. The decor was better than usual for Joe's and we were greeted promptly. We had appetizers, specialty drinks, entrees, and dessert for under $140 for 4 people , which was pretty good. All the food was delivered nice and hot and on time.


The food is good but the waiting time for a table (15min) with plenty of available tables inside and waiting time for food (1 hour) ruined our dinner. Won't be coming back again. This is the second time in a row! Really disappointing.

Hayden Hobgood

Joe's crab shack is a family-friendly restaurant that offers a fresh selection of seafood. The food was well priced and we had a good server that went the extra mile to help us. She told us about better deals as well as her own personal recommendations on what to try. We asked for a replacement for our coleslaw and she was more than willing to offer us fries. We had very messy food, but we were given wet wipes, tools to cut the crab, as well as a disposable plastic apron to keep our shirts clean. They wrote cute sayings on them. The crab dip was an amazing dish I didn't think I was going to like. The portions are large and perfect for sharing. The restaurant was clean and tidy and I'm very happy to have eaten here, and you should feel safe about doing it too.

Margo Riviotta

Our server, who was very nice, was not that knowledgeable about the gluten free menu. Also extremely slow. My mother in law's grilled herb chicken was very tough. She chose not to eat it. Also she is only able to walk with a walker and the handicapped parking in clear on the other end of the entrance. Doesn't make much sense. Probably will not return to this particular location. I would give it a

Harley Gallagher

Joe's Crab Shack is my favorite restaurant and has been since I was a kid but this particular one made me extremely depressed. Yes, that extreme. We sat near the bar so the barmaid was our waitress and barely took care of us despite the fact she only had a couple tables besides us and maybe two people at the bar. So not busy whatsoever she was honestly the worst waitress I ever had. The food was surprisingly dull, which is unheard of at this restaurant.. I've NEVER had the food be bad at these places. I am still kinda shocked honestly just how terrible my whole experience was tonight. I don't know how any of their employees actually have a job.

Anthony Vazquez

Great place, nice outdoor view of other attractions. Our waiter Bill was awesome. We ordered the steamed pot for two. Short of overcooked shrimp. All food was excellent. But nothing butter can't fix, besides.... We go there for the crab legs..


If your the type that like getting stuck in to food tasty food and have no shame cracking the shells and getting to the meat then get your bum to Joe's Crab Shack! I'm not a massive sea food lover, but boy oh boy was it good! Don't be scared to try something new, if your like me, then its well worth it! . . The food was really tasty, if not a bit messy, but its to be expected right? You can get a what looks like a large meal, but actually you walk away not feeling bloated, which was nice as I had to walk back to hotel.. . I LOVE that you can buy a drink and keep the glass, and the shell tool was just telling you to take it home as a souviner, which I did :) . . Staff super friendly and made some good cocktail choices for me too, as I had no idea what I wanted, but he came up with some corkers!. . the place is a bit cramped, more like canteen dinning area, but that does not take from the joy of meal in any way at all, it was all really good and a nice atmosphere all round, great for kids and big kids!


Visited years back and returned.. . Menu has changed. No more full lobster in Steampot, only lobster craws. Quantity obviously is reduced to much smaller portion but price has gone up.. . In some sense, the menu resembles the one from Bubba Gump?. . Missed the old Joe we know.

Gricel Diaz

great place, everything is good

Dan Traina

Got a steam pot. Great fun and enjoyable food. The pot was overcooked a good deal. But still had nice flavor. Hopefully they'll watch the times and temp a little better. Shrimp were super tough.

Yvonne Wright Agostinho

Great service, great food!

D Martin

I was there last night: 11-04-2019, in Orlando. Food was delicious as always. The bill for, 4 people was $170.00, including tip. Pricey, very pricey. Two beers, 2 drinks, no dessert. The waiter was good but totally messed up our orders. He brought out things we didn?t order, but talked about, he misunderstood our order completely. That?s the price we paid for him not writing our order down! This is a minus -10 in this area! Otherwise it was great!

Toccora S.

Spent $100 and got home and the crab was bad. Had a nasty taste to it. It had to be spoiled or not cooked. The corn and potatoes were not fully cooked either. Extremely disappointed.

Debbie Martin

I was there last night: 11-04-2019, in Orlando. Food was delicious as always. The bill for, 4 people was $170.00, including tip. Pricey, very pricey. Two beers, 2 drinks, no dessert. The waiter was good but totally messed up our orders. He brought out things we didn?t order, but talked about, he misunderstood our order completely. That?s the price we paid for him not writing our order down! This is a minus -10 in this area! Otherwise it was great!

Michael S.

1st time going in and will NOT be back. My wife and I took the time to get all the meat out of the crab and lobster from the Atlantic Steampot and to clean all the shrimp. Bit into the sausage before the seafood and it was undercooked. Tried the potatoes after the sausage and guess what....yep....damn near RAW. Spoke to manager who stated that "everything is precooked separately and then put together. The sausage comes cooked from the distributor." Wont be back. I can go to 3 different seafood places close by to this location that cook the EXACT same way and get it cooked right. Nicole was a great server. Manager is an idiot. Also called ahead to make sure they had a patio and that we could bring our 5 lbs puppy. Was told it was okay. Show up and now the manager has to make an exception because we called ahead. Found out, after talking with server, that they always have dogs on the patio! GO FIGURE!

Tom Bowden

Joe's Crab Shack is great..

Pedro Villar

Great food! Good price! Fun for the family.

John R W.

We enjoyed our recent visit. Richard, an excellent waiter, totally met our needs and then some. I would place my meal at a 3 out of 5. My wife's order a 4 out of 5. We didn't go there for crabs so perhaps that may be their 5 out of 5? It's not a bad place to eat informally and for many that's the perfect way to crack crab legs. Happy Hours are only served at the bar .

Ty F.

I dined at Joe's last night for the first time in a while and I was Thoroughly disappointed!! My server checked on us maybe once or twice throughout the whole meal. When my food came out it was lukewarm and when I mention something to the server about it at the end of the meal a manager is not even take the time to be bothered and come out and speak with me! I will not be returning!!!

Stephen Z.

Went there for lunch. I was really hungry so the food tasted excellent. How can you go wrong with the place of that cigar city beer on tap. People were very friendly and the place has a fun atmosphere. I had a very delicious skewered shrimp that were stuffed with some type of jalapeño laced breading.

Carol D

We use to have Joe's in the Chicago area and loved it. Sadly they closed the locations and so we appreciated satisfying a familiar craving. Our waitress was really nice.

Steven B

Some of the best seafood we have had in Florida this year.We had a bucket of shrimps to start which were heavenly.A tilapia main which was outstanding.We will be going back.

Vanessa Bryant

Best Joe's I've ever been to, ever! Great service! There was a small playground area off of the outdoor seating area which was awesome for the kids while we waited on the food!

Cat M.

Not good. Super medicore at best. Really nice server but the seafood was not good. It wasn't not fresh but just dry and not flavorful and like it had been sitting out. I would try somewhere else! Ambiance was great though. Owners should really improve quality of food and it would be so much better!!

Brandon Y.

Love this place, best crab I've tasted. You may feel like it's not enough food but every time towards the end I am full. Probably because it taste so good. I would highly recommend visiting this place. You will not be disappointed.

Mandi M.

First time at Joe's ever, for my friends birthday. Not the best, based on last night's visit I would never go back. Stefan was unattentive, did not check on us about the meal. Steak was overcooked, and 1 lb of peel and eat shrimp was hard and rubbery, some pieces were mush and gross! Total waste, not worth the 20$ asking price. Very disappointed. The platter my friend got - menu states It comes with rice, and seasonal vegetables. Stefan was adamant that the meal only comes with 1 side and the seasonal veggies are just a few pieces on a skewer with the shrimp. Yet...when the meal came out she had potatoes (subbed for rice) and broccoli...not on a that tells us....the meal DOeS come with 2 sides. Stefan would cut us off telling us we don't know what we were saying and "we're not the only customer who says this" well sir, your menu says exactly what all your customers are saying. So seems like the staff is misinformed

Joey B.

Don't go here. I feel sorry for the staff. They do a good job and are very friendly and take care off their patrons. Then the kitchen screws it all up.

Lisa Hufford

This was my first time enjoying a steam pot from Joeâ??s crabshack. I ordered the Crab Daddy Feast. Kim the server was amazing, friendly , warm and accommodating. I had issues with cracking the King Crab legs. Who knew when the shell is new on the Crab it can make it bend rather than snap when you try to crack it?!? But Jeff the manager, without question, brought me out more more King Crab. We live here and we will definitely be making this Joeâ??s Crab Shack our â??go toâ? for our seafood fix! Thanks again Kim and Jeff!

Jasmine R.

I came from out of town because in my hometown of Chicago they no longer have Joe's Crab Shack. First things first as the hostess sat us outside my family and I noticed the table we got assigned to was sticky and filthy. My hubby took a napkin wiped it across the table and the napkin was black so we went to ask to be sat inside. Our waiter Curtis was very nice and attentive, he made sure were doing well. Now for the other downside I dropped a palate of lemon wedges and another waitress looked at me and said oh what happened? What u do and kept walking I thought she would help me pick up the wedges and say let me bring u more but no she walked over to the table beside me and kept taking the order it's minimal but if I was a secret diner they look at things of that sort. The bathrooms were a little clean not as bad. The food was ok my crab legs seemed a lil rubbery.

Christina Coley

Our waitress was GREAT. She made sure we had everything we needed, took a picture of us with our Polaroid, cleaned out our souvenir cups, just above and beyond service. I love me some seafood and the food was absolutely amazing. Joeâ??s Crab Shack is my new favorite restaurant!

John Trumble

Friendly service, good food and a so so performance on getting the wait staff to do "the dance" but some friendly patrons attempted to fill in. The food was good and we didn't wait at all which is the best part of hitting up Orlando in the off season! I can't recall the name of the dish I had but bacon wrapped scallops, fish and chips and (the best part) stuffed shrimp with some jalapeno mixture. They were very good!

shawn blair

We came for brunch or server Billy was great. The crab daddy steam pot was flavorful and they gave us generous portions. My daughter also enjoyed her kids steam pot. Definitely coming back before we head back to PA!!!

Gareth Gentry

Me and the wife went to eat here on our vacation. Very disappointed. Server was terrible. Acted like he didnt even want to serve us. Even though we came in 4 hours before closing. I had to ask for more drinks.

Greg Poskas

Well..... The crab legs were cooked well. Although very salty. And $33 for a "bucket" of crab legs that was actually only 2 clusters? For sure not the amount I expected. The crab dip was very good. The calamari was tough with a thick, overcooked breading. All slow to arrive. The service? He talked a lot.... to other guests and staff. Took a long time to take our order after "be back in a minute" do to previous comment. Checked on us only twice. Incorrect drink. Forgot part of the order, so we mentioned to take that off the bill. His confused look verified why it is important to write things down. Service was the clincher..... we will never go to a Joe's Crab Shack again.

Chris K.

It's an overpriced chain. Food was mediocre at best. Service was fine. This is a novelty restaurant, but if you want to enjoy your meal go elsewhere.

Jackie W.

Loved the food, the atmosphere and the great service. I ordered a drink called Shiver Me Timbers I believe and we got to keep the glass which was an awesome perk. I ordered another drink called TKO punch which was unbelievably stronger yet sooo tasty. Ordered mussels, mozzarella sticks, bomb shrimp, crab and shrimp dip with calamari and housemade fried balls. The main dish was coconut shrimp which was very tasty alongside my fries plus I paid a little extra for housemade shrimp Mac n cheese which was definitely worth the additional charge. I will definitely be returning very soon!