Joe's Crab Shack

8400 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 352-2928

Recent Reviews

John DeBell

Outstanding service by our server, Darcy. Polite, attentive, friendly and responsive. Food was outstanding as usual. Excellent experience.

Kenneth S.

The service continues to be high and effective. However, the quality of the food as well as the quantity have decreased significantly. This has been my perception during my last two previous visits and I've confirmed it today. It difficult to blame this situation to the pandemic situation we are going through.

Patrick N.

I am a frequent visitor to the Orlando area due to traveling for work. Joe's Crab Shack is usually my favorite place to eat, I have been to multiple locations in the Orlando area, but tonight at this specific Joes, I did not get the experience I usually get. It started off by sitting at my table for almost 10 minutes without being greeted. Once my server came over, he instantly smelled like cigarette smoke and alcohol. He didn't bother saying his name, or maybe I didn't realize he did because he was talking so fast and was slurring his words, as well as having a thick accent. My appetizer came, and another server dropped it off, it tasted like it was sitting in the kitchen for quite some time before being brought out to me. My actual meal, the Joes Classic Steam Pot that I ordered with no sausage, came with the sausage. I didnt bother to say anything because I didnt want to interact with my server any more than I already had. After finishing my meal, I had to wave down another server to get my bill for me because my server went MIA for 20 minutes. When I left, I actually saw my server smoking a cigarette towards the back of the building. As I said, I have been to multiple Joe's in the Orlando area, and this has been the worst experience ever. I would have given it a 1-star review, but the meal its self was great, I love Joe's, and they are always consistent with the food.

Action Jackson

If you love crabs and seafood this is the place to go. Great atmosphere and even better seafood.

Kynda R.

Always a fun (and tasty) place to eat! This was our first visit to this Joe's in Orlando. We were seated quickly. Tables were clearly marked for social distancing. Restaurant staff all wore masks. We were required to wear masks to our table and in/out of restrooms.We ordered 1 lb of peel and eat shrimp, each ordered the King crab bucket which came with potatoes and corn on the cob, and two soft drinks. Our meal topped out at just under $115.Really good meal. We need to go to Joe's Crab Shack more often.

Angelique Rios

Food was amazing and the staff was so friendly. Will definitely go again

Jaylyn F.

First we make a reservation around 8:45 and they tell us a hr wait or longer and he end up checking the time they close and it says 10 so why would you tell us to come back at 10 if you're going to be closed then we repeatedly car 10 to 15 times only for them to keep picking the phone up and hanging up on us and they would have the phone off the hook so that it was busy on purpose keep in mind we were just in there to make a reservation and it was not that busy but yet there's an hour wait and when we come back they will be close and then the guy Who answered the phone was laughing and said that's just a quoted time won't dare give a penny to these fools!

Joshua R.

This place was wide open , fully staffed and is serving a full menu , I ordered the Atlantic steam pot , the portions where not as advertised . You would think that the price would be proportionate to the food but it's not , it's a tourist trap and the hostess was terrible , I do not recommend this place !

Tom Freeman

First, let me say that our server Anthony was great! He was on top of his game. Never had an empty drink, always checked on our table to make sure everything was ok. There were 3 of us and we all had the Classic Steam Pot. Man it was so good. I have been wanting to go for a while and just couldn’t get there. Tried the Daytona store but they wouldn’t let us in one night because it was 7:25pm and they told us they were closed. I won’t be going back to that one anytime soon but I WILL be back at Joes in orlando again soon.

Tracey Volturno

Waiter was excellent and friendly. Food was alright but really wasn't what we were looking for. Don't recommend the food.

Stephanie C Slater-Hessenflow

I can’t give enough raves to this place!! The food AND the staff were amazing!!!!

Teri Kretzschmar

First time we went there we were sitting at a table and we waited for 20 minutes for someone to come and wait on us. When the guy did come he apologized. Next time we had two other waiters and they don’t even come close to Carolyn.We had Carolyn as our waitress and she was the best! Food was good. We go there every time we go to universal! Just love it!

Ramona Ramdin-Mercedes

The food was ok. It didn't taste as good as other times. The menu was limited I guess due to the rona. We ordered for pickup but they didn't start cooking it until we got there. They said that many people confuse their location with another and that's why they do it. Just giving a heads up for anyone ordering takeout. The staff was very friendly.

Solar Mike

I finally went out to eat. I was disappointed by the limited menu. Understandable because of the virus. Had to settle on a dish. The bartender served us and she seemed more content to do side work, work with take out orders, and play with her phone. Never once asked about the quality of the food. Zero clams in the $5 cup of clam chowder. The manager walked by several times. Never asked us how we were and seemed more focused on Uber Eats deliveries as well. Seems like if you really want to be taken care of that you should order to go food.

Tanisha Couts

Food was okay. Server was the best out of the experience. Kitchen staff forgot multiple items on our salads...items that are listed in the menu. He apologized and felt bad...even though it wasn't his fault.

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