Keke's Breakfast Cafe

4192 Conroy Rd, Orlando
(407) 226-1400

Recent Reviews

Paul Carnero

It was our first time and we loved, we recommend the French toast with fruit so delicious, also the service was owsome.

Alba Nydia

I went for breakfast with my son for the first time and I loved the service and the food. I recommend it

Taymalise Tillman

The service was great and the food was delicious. I went with my cousin for brunch today and it was well worth the wait. The wait wasn’t too long, but it was about 15 min on a Saturday. I ate the Philly omelette, it came with potatoes and a English muffin. I highly recommend to try this place and I will be back on my next vacation.

Lynnette Alicea

Wao. It was as needed after a long work week!!!! I loved it!!! Will definitely go back. Thanks.

Sarah Smith

great food, great prices, great variety

Pucky G.

This place is a nice brunch option. The portions are very generous and overall the food quality is pretty good. I ordered the greek omelette and the turtle stuffed French toast and they were very tasty, specially the Stuffed French toast. The filling was delicious and they weren't overly sweet, which I love. If you visit Keke's you should definitely try them. The French toast topped with fresh fruit was ordered by two people on my party and it was dry. They had to put a lot of sirope on it in order to make it more moist. Once they added the sirope it tasted great. I had really high expectations on the breakfast potatoes but they weren't anything special. Our server was very friendly and accommodating. I give this place a four because of the lack of moisture on the fruit french toast and also because I feel that they could improve on how clean their tables are when they accommodate customers. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this place.

Kourtney Dutton

Fast and attentive service. Our server, Tyler, was fabulous. They were busy for a Sunday morning, but service never wavered.

Erin T.

Horrible service. Placed an online order (Sunday Aug 1 at 7:50 am) for an omelette and arrived a few minutes before it was supposed to be done at 8:10. No worries. I see a girl bring a bag out to their pick up shelf which looked like it could be my order. Of course she doesn't call out a name because that would make too much sense. Sign on shelf says ask staff for bags so I go to counter and ask the lady working if my order was on the shelf. She goes to check the paper bag on top shelf (which was an UberEats order), she glances at the bag that I thought was mine and tells me it's not ready. I ask her "it's not the plastic bag?" She immediately says no without checking. I stand there for another 10 mins and right when I'm about to go to the counter to ask again...another girl casually walks to the shelf and grabs the plastic bag that was indeed my order to give to me. I immediately get mad and tell her the lady told me that wasn't my order. The girl responds "well she wouldn't know" What in the world. So they remake my order and of course when I come back inside and go directly to the counter two girls are giggling at the front counter without acknowledging me. Then the previous girl rudely gives me my order. Very unprofessional service at this location!


Food was amazing!! I don't say that often but it was. On the other hand the service was crappy!! I waited on my food almost 1 hour before I ate. Then my family food came out and they was eating before I got mine. My family was finished with their food when I got mine and started eating. I had to get it to go.

Robert C.

Third visit I've been at three different restaurants (Keke's). All three visits were poor they do a great plate presentation everything laid out very nice except for the hash brown third time I've got hashbrowns that some are burnt and some are uncooked I don't mean just not cooked all the way I mean hard as a rock. Muffin had a drop of butter in the center was dry all the way around outside had to ask for jelly. This was my last visit I'll never go back again just to disappointing for what you pay.

Jamie H.

This is the best restaurant to Visit for breakfast/brunch in Orlando that I've visited so far. There is normally a wait so I recommend coming early to get on a waiting list. The estimated times I've been given here have always been right on time or earlier. The menu has something for everyone. I love the French toast, they never fail. The house potatoes need a little extra seasoning but that's to Your liking. They do NOT have mimosas here and I think that's literally the only thing That's missing... but I don't think they are big here in Orlando. I will definitely come back here, as I have Every time I come to Orlando.

G. S.

Great breakfast spot for omelettes and pancakes/ waffles. Wait might be long but it's worth it, try to get there early in the weekends.

Michelle J

I visited the Orlando (Conroy Rd) location, and I have to admit the food was VERY good. It was well worth me ordering during my visit.I highly recommend you try to make a reservation as the wait can be a bit long, so, it might not be a bad idea to order take out (and check your order before leaving), if you have time to spare. Enjoy!


Everything was amazing! We had pancakes, fresh fruit, eggs and everything was cooked perfectly. I would definitely recommend!

Teneshia B.

A+ Amber our waitress was AWESOME!! The food was delicious, hot, and presented well. Amber was VERY attentive without being aggravating her personality was just outstanding we actually came in on our first day of vacation and came back for every morning our entire stay for breakfast which was three days. The food was great and Amber's personality was awesome and refreshing.

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