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Jodin Gallo

Just getting to this review now. Came back in April. Stumbled upon this gem while looking for a place for brunch. Food and service were the best! Super relaxing cozy atmosphere as well. We got the bottomless mimosas along with the French toast sandwich and steak Benedict. Probably the best brunch we’ve ever had. Wish they had something like this back home in the Mass. This will be a must visit for us every time we are in Orlando!!


We had dinner at this place, decided to eat here base on previous reviews, we were not wrong in choosing this restaurant, food was delicious, abundant and priced accordingly. Service was top notch, we truly enjoyed this placed, if we ever back in the area will definitely eat here again.

Evin H.

The half chicken is amazing. The meat was tender and flavorful and the crispy skin made for a wonderful experience of the palate. The temperature of the food was just right. Great ambiance and excellent table service. Very attentive. The lavender drink from the bar was also splendid.

John Zimmer

Overall, the service was on the slow side but the food was worth the wait. We had a pretty solid meat and cheese platter as an appetizer and were done with it by the time we were able to order entrees. We enjoyed a cocktail each as part of happy hour. The chocolate mousse was very good. We would go back for sure, but definitely not if we were in a hurry- a good spot for a nice, laid-back dinner.

Brian R.

Take what purports to be a restaurant from a chain of French eateries, throw it into the culinary brothel that is Orlando, and what do you get? A Francophile fail. Mediocre merde. The food was just average to bad. The charcuterie and cheese plate comes out with...fried onion rings?! Sacre bleu! The cheese, other than the obligatory Brie, a cheap American brand, is cheddar and some flavorless white mass. They put out four pieces of bread for all of the board. No fruit. We have to ask, twice to get bread for five people to share it. The mains were equally disappointing. They charge top dollar for what is usually a thick cut bone-in pork chop. Instead something that Golden Corral would serve up. The silrloin is flatter than a globe denialist's map, and, because it was so tough, probably would be better served up as a wallet, or a floor covering. The front of the house staff is more Sizzler than Sensational. I don't know where, in France, this place would be popular with the French. In Paris, if they served this swill, WorldChefs would hold a tribunal. The chef who put this menu together would be marched into the courtyard, given their last gauloise, and then step under the giant vat, where they will be sauced in a fine Béarnaise, and plated. Parking is crowded in one of Big O's many shopping centers full of bizarre eateries and crapola stores. The cow logo should tell you how they treat guests, herd. Moooooooooooooooooo.

Terry F.

Service very slow. Clearly understaffed. Food was ok. Drinks were good. Too pricey for the experience.

Jonathan Nugent

Wow, what a privilege we have here in the Dr. Phillips area. The 1st expansion of a well known French restaurant chain outside of ?? globally, and it's sitting right here! ?First of all, the ambiance is relaxed, with a nice touch of French decors. And the foods, well, as you can see in others' reviews. It is a 5 ? for us!Great variety of selections on the menu. We had the Escargots & French Onion Soup for starters, then on to the Half Roasted Chicken, and Patty Melt sandwich. Foods are dead on with flavors & seasonings!! ???Unfortunately, we didn't even make it to the dessert selection, ugh..... Next time, for sure, next time!!!

Joisa Avalos

J.P the waiter was very good and the food was awesome no complaints here will come again for a second time when I come back to Orlando.. thank you for everything our Wedding Anniversary Dinner was excellent ❤️ Picture of appetizers and Dinner

Kimoria F.

I've been searching for a great French bistro since I relocated from NYC and La Boucherie did not disappoint. I came during happy hour and tried some of the small plates including the Escargot (buttery and well seasoned, melted in my mouth), French Steak Bites (sooo flavorful and the potato croquette under the steak was divine!), and side Caesar salad (not your traditional Caesar, the Dijon dressing was amazing and I loved the crunchy sweet pickles). I walked in and was greeted immediately, and was able to choose my own seating outdoors. I came alone but the inside is really beautiful for a date night or birthday dinner. The bathrooms were clean and well lit and my server was super nice and attentive. The only slight negative was that my drink took a while to come but I didn't mind, and it was worth the wait. Overall I was very impressed and will return.

Eileen Arndt Celauro

Excellent service and food

Jason G.

I am giving this place four stars because the food is generally good. The service is average. We ate outside which was a mistake as it was humid and as usual, waiters tend to forget about you. Our waiter was friendly but forget things. 1) was gonna bring some bread, never did until I reminded him after we got apps which usually require more bread 2) asked specifically for plain baked pototoe and it came doused with butter (he exchanged it out) and then goes oh wait, you wanted it plain. Food Apps Escargot- was really good. I was one of those but it was tasty, especially on the bread Bone Marrow - waste of money. You are essentially paying for butter. Waiter was correct on that assessment but I don't find it appealing or tasty as all. French Onion Soup - wife enjoyed. Seasoned nicely Drinks Cocomojito - amazing drink. Highly recommend Cucumber Elixir- I liked it. Never had one before. Main Short Ribs - wifes pick. Dish of the day. Plentiful and tender. Wow. Filet Mignon - wanted medium. Was a tad over but good but not worth $31 for 6oz. Nothing special Dessert Floating Island - great light sweet dessert. Overall food is good. Service is ok. Not a big French food guy but the short ribs were the highlight Another thing I didn't get was they allow dogs on the patio where we ate. They were disciplined and obviously trained but something about eat with dogs doesn't really scream professional. I love dogs, I don't need them when i am at a restaurant.

Yanira L.

Everytime we visit Orlando we just HAVE to stop by for brunch. Food & service is always amazing!! Can't wait to stop by again!

Arun K.

Went here for the Orlando burger week on a Saturday. Came without a reservation and still was seated immediately to a requested outdoor table. To start, I requested the suggested A French Affair cocktail (10 dollars). For my entree, I chose the burger week special, Guacaburger (6 dollars), with a side of Caesar Salad (5 dollars). The salad came quite quickly. It was a nice salad with lettuce and another greens with croutons in a Dijon Caesar dressing. The veggies were fresh and the Dijon gave the dressing a nice kick without being overbearing. What came delayed was my cocktail, which the server apologized for the delay. It was well worth the wait as it was sweet and refreshing. The elderberry gave the perfect sweetness and the vodka provided the right amount of buzz. I kept on saying yum after every sip of that drink. When my burger came, I had to use a knife and fork you eat it. It came the requested rare, very juicy! The melted pepper jack cheese, guacamole, and strips of bacon harmomized it well, making this a very delicious burger. One of the top burgers I had in Orlando. For dessert, I chose the homemade chocolate mousse (8 dollars), which was light, fluffy, chocolatey, and delicious. A perfect end to a great meal! The service was prompt, friendly, and caring. All staff were wearing masks as well. I chose to stay outdoors as I didn't have a mask and also found the inside a little cold. There wasn't much outdoors other than the covered patio. Since there wasn't too many people outside, it was not too loud and I was about to hear the light jazzy music played. I also was able to hear the tourist helicopters going around the area as well. I am very happy that I chose La Boucherie for my burger week restaurant. Everything here was delicious and the staff were great. Will absolutely come back again for the regular menu as well.

Maximo Ceron

Great restaurant, amusing staff, two ambiance, taste and presentation of the food was really nice, we tried carpaccio, bone and burgers. Cold draft beers and is actually not expensive. 100% recommended

Ashlee Chambers

I’m pretty confused by my experience here. Everything started out pretty strong, we were very excited to try these French entrees. We mostly enjoyed our specialty drinks, plenty of options, and all of us liked our appetizers. The turning point was when the entrees hit. While our meat was cooked perfectly to the temperatures we requested, every single one of our dishes lacked flavor, and it’s not due to preference. I wish I could say they seasoned any of it but I’m not confident that was the case at all. A server who was not ours, suggested a sauce he liked and also a different type of potato side he felt had more flavor. That sort of saved things. Unfortunately I’m not sure it is worth a return. I still wish them success as the idea of a consistent, local and authentic French Restaurant sounds amazing. Good luck!

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