Moe's Southwest Grill

4192 Conroy Rd, Orlando
(407) 226-8700

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Andrea Glover

I visit this location often. Today I ordered a burrito and there was a long piece of hair in my food after the 3rd bite. I called the location and they promptly gave me a refund. However they missed a step in the service sequence. They didn’t offer to make it right. When the employee asked the manager… they returned to the phone and said since we gave you a refund that’s all we can do. My response was wow!

Mary Suarez

Ordered a quesadilla and once I arrived home realized the steak was missing completely so ….chips were also stale and kids meal was missing the tiny side of salsa it comes with. The employees seemed confused while preparing the food, which is concerning because all we got was a burrito and quesadilla kids meal with added steak we never have a problem ordering that on the moe’s app and door dash.

Dewitt Delancy (DELANCYTV)

Untrustworthy Moe’s the store manager wants to cancel franchise discounts when she wants. No BOGO but I’ve eaten there before and service is ok.

Karina Gonzalez

The place changed administration and has already lost its essence. They made bad changes like cheese and ships that were the best of the place. I definitely do not recommend it.

Alexis Frankel

Absolutely the worst moes I have ever used they can never get the pick up orders correct and you can never reach anyone in the store. I have stopped eating moes as much as I used to cause of this locations poor service.

Wade Hender

This place is TRASH! I did an online order which by the way was incorrect and they refused to fix it or refund me, but when I walked in the door was propped open to "air out" the restaurant and was absolutely filthy. If I had ordered in person I would've left immediately after seeing the inside and went to T-Flats instead. Please save yourself and avoid this place at all costs and go to Tijuana Flats, Sus-Hi, Five Guys or even a Chipotle ( UGGGH) instead of wasting your money and risking your life with their food. Besides the ignorance, lack of cleanliness they also were rude - 3 Strikes and you're out Moe's, I will never be back and I will definitely share this review with everyone that I know. THIS MOE'S BLOWS!

Ruby Rose

If I could give zero stars, I would. Not only would this place fail inspection because the place isn't properly monitored, we are also very under paid. The owner includes tips as payment when we as employees have to do everything on our own. The manager constantly talks about me behind my back, making up lies to get me fired. I like to respect people's personal lives. In no way have I ever disrespected a customer as what was told nor have I ever disrespected anyone I have worked with. Knowing that I am talked badly about behind my back by the owner and manager has discouraged me from going to work but not once have I ever said anything about it. I tried to treat everyone with the same level of respect, I don't pry into anyone's lives and I try my best to have a cheerful tone when I speak. I, nor does anyone deserve the kind of treatment I have received while working here. I do not recommend working here. 10 an hour plus little tips to get overworked and mistreated isn't enough to make me stay. I really thought everyone was friendly but some just turned out to be two faced.. Save yourself the time from applying here, it's not worth it. I'm happy I got out of there as fast as I could.


The asian guy that works here could easily be the worst customer service employee ever hired. This guy will mumble a whole sentence then get mad and start breathing heavy when he has to repeat it again. I've witnessed him reply to a guest "Don't know" when they simply asked if the chicken or steak was better on a bowl. Probably the owners son and has never had to try and keep a job. He would have been terminated from my establishment long ago


The doors weren't open on time I went there first thing in the morning 11am. half the food wasn't out or cooked. I don't like brown rice and that's all that was available because the white rice wasn't cooked. The food tasted 2 days old the chicken was hard I was not impressed I don't think I'll be going back.

Legal Genius

Personally I feel as though Moe's popularity has been on a steady decline. The people at this location are generally friendly. There is a lot of cross contamination with food, i.e. dairy products being dropped in non-dairy items; meat pieces being dropped in to other bins. If you are vegetarian or vegan you need to keep an eye on them as they scoop things out. No changing of the gloves. The location does not have a "clean" feel. The food is mediocre in comparison to other fast casual Tex-Mex available out there. The open salsa bar is great because the salsas are good and it is all you can eat, but do you really trust everyone walking in the door handling the salsas? It is acceptable to go here in a pinch, as it is filling and they are generous with toppings and the chips; but, I would not put this location on my regular rotation.

Mar & Terry

We love Moe’s but wow this time it was a disappointment. We placed an order for pickup after a long drive and didn’t realize until we got home how bad the order was.We ordered two of the chicken quesadillas but the ingredients were almost non existent! They had barely any chicken at all, it was mainly cheese and some lettuce and no pico de Gallo inside and this was for both quesadillas.We also barely received any chips at all with our order. The food itself just wasn’t great this time, I’m not sure if it’s like this at this location or if they were having an off day but unfortunately it wasn’t what we were expecting

Sonya Royster

The burrito this time was too salty, not sure if it came from the steak or what. Customer Service just alright. No smiles not friendly ?, no is there's anything else. Plain dry Monday Service ?

Venancio Perez

Usually I don't have problems with Moes but dang. This was just disappointing. I paid for Delivery through the Moes app, after 30 minutes, my tracked order said it was delivered and completed yet nothing was by my door and assumingly delivered to the wrong address. I called and spoke with the manager, they fixed the mistake but I had to drive there to go pick up my order instead otherwise it would have been a refund, which I didn't want. However, it would have been nice to recieve a refund for the delivery fee (which was never delivered and I had to go there) .. Although, what's most shocking, was finding dried queso on one of my chips in one of the bags. This concerns me and kind of grosses me out because I don't know whether queso was spilled over the chips and eventually dried out, or, reused chips a customer didn't eat and was thrown back into the chips bin. Now I'm not claiming this is what happened, but you can obviously see my concern there and now im skeeved from eating the chips. For safety, wont be going back to this location. Although most Moes locations are great.

Beard Man

Food was very good, and they have very large portions of food. If you like to eat lots of food, go here. You get to choose what you get in things.

Wendy Chartier

They made an error on our order but quickly fixed it. Employees were very nice.

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