Pirates town

7400 Canada Ave, Orlando
(407) 206-5102

Recent Reviews

Giselle Perez

Great show for kids to enjoy, you can tell all the actors put hard work throughout the whole show. Great job at engaging the crowd. Only thing I can complain about is the appetizers. Only 3 trays came out for the whole crowd just 5 minutes before the show. In the description it states 90 mins before showing for drinks and appetizers when in reality its 5 mins of appetizers. But other than that family enjoyed the experience.

Mary Cook

The brownie was the only good part of the meal. The show was fair. Wish we had not gone it was a waste of money and time.

Vei Infinari

You guys, this was such a fun stop on our trip. I didn’t know what to expect from it, but I was totally blown away by the show. The only reason this isn’t 5 stars is because, frankly, the food wasn’t great. We had essentially an over cooked grocery store rotisserie chicken, instant potatoes and a bag of mixed frozen vegetables. I could do that myself at home.


I am giving a 2.5 star. Look the show could be better but we laugh a lot in our evening here that's the reason it raised the bar. Here are the improvements:

Alharith Aloufi

The entrance to the ride & the water smell like a sewer.

Charlie Busa

This place was great! I proposed to my girlfriend Saturday night at the show and they worked us into the show so I could surprise her. The staff went above and beyond with helping me get this accomplished! Everyone was so friendly, they really made the event special! The food was also great. This is definitely a must do if your in the Orlando area.

Universal One

There are much better options in the area to spend your evening, but if you must see a show, take the drive and go see Medieval Times in LBV. It's about the same price, but the food, show, and service are way better.

Rebecca Millner

Lobby area very nice, but not enough chairs for guests, show didn't start on time, the show itself was fun, and our green pirate was awesome, however the food wasn't all that, my chicken was very small, and my daughter's kids meal was a joke! A lot of money for not a lot of food, thank goodness we had coupons!!!

Hope Browne

It was very entertaining and interactive for the little kids.

Tarah Gilbert

I’m not even sure where to start. We got VIP tickets and sat front row. It didn’t make anything any better. I guess this could be considered “fun” if you’ve never been to a show similar. We go often to Dolly Partons Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach and well that puts this poor little show to shame. The food was absolutely horrific and the show was almost as bad. Very very boring. My husband and I just laughed at each other and called this the “bootleg to pirates voyage”. We ended up leaving early and will never recommend this to ANYONE.

Joshua Toliver

Fun show, prices are decent, service I wasnt expecting to be the best but even then it was kinda slow. Refills and requests like ketchup took like 15-20 minutes, an eternity with a 3 year old.

Peter Loesch

Decent show, great food and good service

Dj Janicki

The stupidest thing I’ve ever been to. 4 hours ill never get back

Latarsha Goodwine

Took far to long to get started however love how they engaged with the crowd. Great show

Ale Poj

The show is amazing and very funny. Highly recommend. The foods is very very bad and not fresh.

Justin Lisenby

The classic boat ride with pirates. Very fun and not scary at all.

Richard Revilla

Probably one of the best rides in Disney. First part is a bit scary for younger kids.

Richard Revilla

Probably one of the best rides in Disney. First part is a bit scary for younger kids.

Dale Andrews

First half of the ride is a bit scary for the toddlers - darkness and skeletons and foreboding music. But it could be my fave in Magic Kingdom? This or Haunted Mansion.


The addition of Jack Sparrow to the ride a few years ago was genius. Best scene is the drunken pirate in the mud puddle with the pigs!

Clarissa McDaniel

Ride it multiple times. There is so much to see. You will notice different things each time.

Kristine Rosko

Yo ho, yo ho! Find Captain Jack Sparrow hiding throughout the ride! Water ride (log flume) in the dark. Great animatronics. FastPass+ recommended.

Gillian Pennell

This has always been my most favorite ride in the world ❤️ never gets old!


Made it better than last time I was there, at least cannons are scarier and more realistic!

Bob Adams

Great ride. I have loved it since the first time I rode it on my honeymoon 26 years ago. It is a very amusing ride.

Eric Pillischafske

My favorite. Lots of fun!

Aundrea Smith

Don't put all the weight in the front or else its similar to Splash Mtn. I had to ring out my socks!!

Lori Masucci

A family favorite. Appropriate for kids of all ages. There is one small drop along the way. You may get slightly splashed, but not too wet.


Arrr! One of the coolest rides ever! The Jack Sparrows look so real, it's quite scary. PS, TURN OFF YOUR FLASH WHEN TAKING PHOTOS. AND JUST SHUT UP DURING THE RIDE. JUST SHUT UP. Let the pirates sing.

Lee Simpson

They recently spruced up this ride so if you've ridden it in the past, give it another go.

Bethanne Babbs

A great ride and queue for a break from the heat! However, some young children may find the beginning scenes with the skeleton and cannons a little intense.

Lane Kutsor

Warning! If your boat is weighted unevenly and you're on the side that's being weighed down in the front then prepare to get wet! Never ever gotten wet before on this ride, but this time I was SOAKED!

Moe Dexler

Great ride that spawned a series of great movies. Usually, it is the other way around.

Matthew Keller

Great ride for the whole family! Caution: you get far wetter on this ride than I remembered!

Debra Parma

The new mermaid song in the beginning is super creepy. I love this ride, but I still get freaked out during the beginning of it.

Bebo González

Same old pirate robots from the old ride -like 20 years ago- converted on "Pirates of The Caribbean... Nice ride to grab some air conditioning though.

Greg S.

Fortunately, the recent additions of Jack Sparrow were done sparingly and tastefully. The ride is still as I remember it as a child.

Rusty Van Praag

A Disney classic! One of the most enjoyable ride in the park, however you may get a little wet.

MiKe McDonough

Great ride, especially with the Jack Sparrow upgrades. Too bad that its prone to break downs.

Andrew G.

Bring a bottle of rum and take a swig each time you see Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?