Skyebird Juice Bar & Experimental Kitchen

3201 Corrine Dr, Orlando
(407) 960-2861

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Margaret Payne

Ordered a $12 juice expecting it to be made fresh but sadly no it’s pre bottled. Not fresh.


I love juice bars and for 10+ dollars for orange juice I would expect fresh squeezed. This was not it, after the first sip I realized I wasted my money. They pour it from a fridge and it does not taste fresh and had an awful bitter grapefruit flavor. They’re customer service isn’t good either. I felt like I was bothering the employee that took my order. If a place can’t get orange juice right I have no interest in trying anything else.

Reina C

bad service. a black haired cashier girl was not very friendly or helpful. and she was not honest with the food recommendation

Briana S.

The Skyebird is in my favorite... everyone's favorite... location, the East End Market. It's right in the middle of the quaintly chaotic bazaar. I ordered the tropical kale cold pressed juice which included pineapple, cucumber, kale, and ginger. It was lacking a little bit of flavor for my taste. I like a juice that packs a punch. I'm interested to try this smoothie bar again and see if a another flavor has the flavor blast I'm looking for

Blake S.

Salad was flavorless and juices very pricey. Think their menu is limited and has changed a lot since covid.

Anna Bradley

The food here is good, most times even great. I have had a bowl or too that did not make the par. Maybe Covi is to blam but I hope they can get the standards back up where it use to be.

Alexandra Osorio

I’ve really tried to like this place. I usually only get their OJ but even that wasn’t right this morning. It tasted like they’d used the same juicer for OJ and grapefruit juice without cleaning in between so my $10 orange juice was bitter. I’ve tried their cold pressed juices in the past and those were pretty bitter/one flavor dominant as well. The staff seem unhappy to be there and act like you’re an inconvenience. Sad to say this place is a miss for me.

Esther L.

Very cute spot! The menu is completely vegan... So unlike other new restaurants that are trying to promote with plant-based marketing that their meals includes cheese, sky bird is actually completely vegan. Totally appreciate this and I love coming here because I can order whatever from the menu without having to ask 50 questions about the ingredients and the technicality of the naming of each ingredient. I got the açai bowl most recently and it was delicious... Maybe I was just extra hungry that morning but not feeling enough I would say I would probably add more to it so that it has a little bit more substance. Other than that I love it I am coming back again and again thank you for staying in business and staying local!

James Minks

Their juices and their food are amazing! Fair prices. I love coming here when I'm in the area. Also, their zoodle mac and cheese, which of course is all vegan is out of this world ?


Delicious cold-press juices.


Overhyped, and disappointing. My boyfriend and I visited from out of town and saw the great reviews for this place. Granted we came during the time of COVID (not a great time to go anywhere, so I'm cutting some slck for that) but the girl behind the counter didn't look like she wanted to be there, and they didn't have certain things they normally do. Will probably come back to try it out another time but definitely post COVID.

Alexander Gomez

So delicious. I go every chance I get. love the atmosphere and the menu is incredible.

Deveron L.

I appreciate their consistency and kind staff. They really make you feel like family and always help you if you have any questions. Even during this time they're still making sure to stay open and available for online and in person orders. I got the super food smoothie, little tart but that's to be expected considering they use the most natural ingredients and none of the fake stuff you can easily get in most "smoothies" now days. Their açaí bowls are also a great! They have different seed options to throw in which is a nice option'

Alaina Farmer

Great fresh juices and exceptional ginger shots. The customer service is outstanding and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

Warrior ONE

This gem is ON POINT! So delicious and ALL plant-based. Not just juice -great salads and snacks and even desserts. Avocado chocolate pudding is my fave. I stop by daily for turmeric shots or Ayurvedic coffee. You will not be disappointed.

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Skyebird Juice Bar & Experimental Kitchen

3201 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 960-2861