10725 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 248-6546

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Jamila White

Diligent. Polite. Busy but quick and efficient. 2 grande (medium) iced vanilla cold brew drinks and a bacon egg sandwich for $16 after tax. Drive thru, walk in and patio seating available.

Joe Micetich

We use the drive through and are always happy with the service. There may be a line but know when they get to you you are well cared for.

Keith Nichols

The girl at drive thru was very unprofessional....while trying to pay she apparently couldn't reach the money and as I attempted to hand it again, she just snatched it out of my hand and rolled her eyes and got an attitude...y'all are having training for new baristas maybe she should attend and get reorientated again on her job..

Bodega Mouse

Not sure why they wouldn’t add at least an awning over the drive-thru speaker so the customer doesn’t get soaked during heavy downpours. Doesn’t help that they’re slow either.

Michael Gaudet

The worst Starbucks in America. The counters are dirty, the staff is unfriendly and doesn’t acknowledge your presence. Not to mention they are the absolute slowest Starbucks I have ever been to. Yeah, yeah, they’re busy… I get it. EVERY Starbucks is busy, but other handle it way better than this one. Avoid if possible.

Ken Cavallari

Never have reduced fat Turkey Bacon sandwiches….too lazy to pull them out of freezer!!!Also the slowest Starbucks in the USOtherwise they are great!!!

Nia L.

Love this Starbucks. The service was super fast. This location made the best vanilla sweet cream cold brew!!!

Patron Z.

This Starbucks was pretty bad before the world shut down due to the coronavirus, (maybe a 3 star experience on a good day) but now this location makes the wait times at Disney seem quick and tolerable. I'd continue to go only because of proximity, and today's 30 minutes in the drive thru before even getting to order will be my last. 30 minutes to get to the ordering speaker, and the a "please hold on a moment" which was another two minutes. Two minutes before even taking my order! Evolution isn't that slow! I left before ordering and won't return. I'd give a -2 star rating if possible.

Addison Sherrill

horrible service. workers were impatient, for drinks that are signature drinks they didn’t have half of the ingredients.(strawberries & lemonade) waited about 30 minutes after we ordered to receive our drinks. drinks were only half full and tasted bad, again on signature drinks. all workers seemed irritated and for sure will not be going back to this starbucks. also some workers were just standing there doing nothing and talking while others were doing work.

Jo Baskerville

Disappointed with how long it took my drink when it was slow. I waited about 5 minutes after I ordered my 1drink before they made it. I was the only one in the building and they had a barista at each espresso machine so that was disappointing. Every other Starbucks I'd been to locally has been so quick and amazing so this was a let down.

Patti Vogt

This Location closed at 3pm today with people in the drive thru. aka me. holy cow! who does that?

Sameera Dalal

25 minutes just to get coffee and heat up a pre made sandwich is a long wait especially when you have 10 baristas working. Employees don’t seem to care that people were upset and waked out.

Dave MacLean

This location is usually very busy so expect a wait, even if you order ahead. The music was also really loud this morning. They are good about getting orders correct though.

Zahlia Breaux

I love Starbucks but my god, if I were to experience Starbucks for the first time at this location, I would never step into another one. Children with terrible attitudes run the place, and the workers who do respect the customers are overwhelmed by the workload left by the irresponsible ones. This location never has the proper product (which would be understandable if the other local locations were in the same boat, but alas, they are not), no proper cup sizes, and will let customers wait EXTREMELY long waits in order to prioritize online orders. If this is an order given by the company (prioritizing online orders), I would suggest possibly adjusting that policy. Tell me how a customer that isn’t physically there yet is a priority over those standing face to face, with money in hand while being ignored. Two stars cause I still love the beverages (when they actually do get them out).


After I added the coffee creamer, my coffee was just warm. They should make the coffee a bit hotter. This does not happen to me in other Starbucks that I go to.

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