Taco Bell

5147 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando
(407) 352-7517

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Don Patterson

Basic TB experience, but the dining room was cleaner than most, so that was a definite plus. First time to try Nacho Fries, and they were pretty good.

Karim Poonawala

For fast food restaurants, Taco Bell is in my opinion a step above. I always enjoy their food when I am short of time. This time though, it fell short on expectations. The friendly lady at the counter was juggling drive thru and the front counter, which was okay because at 11 AM the place was empty. My queries about the menu items were met with lots of confused look. I suspect she was new and must not be as familiar with the menu as she should have been. The food was quite good however, and the restaurant was clean and well stocked with all the requisite sauces.

Michael Evans

Staff is friendly and if there's ever a mix up with my order, they'll promptly and apologetically replace it.

Diamond Conaway

Horrible customer service. I had gotten my food late night and the next day was eating my food when I had found a giant piece of plastic in my burrito. The manager was apologizing but could only offer a a refund on my $1 item and nothing more for my life being risked.

Katherine Andrades

Fast service,clean establishment,good prices and yummy food.

Alexander S.

Always nice to be yelled at that I can add a side of spicy ranch at the window. This Taco is definitely the worst in Orlando.

Paula Jones

Grande Nacho Box!! We went to get some...they were out of the chips! Seriously?!! I've seen the commercial several times a day. When you advertise a product you should have an abundance of it. It was only 7pm and you were out. After waiting in line at the drive thru for over 20 minutes to be told you were out of chips😠

Remy Craft

I have literally been in line for over 30 minutes. I'm trapped between vehicles and can't get out. The parking lot was full... Do you only take care of customers who walk in? As a matter of fact, I remember a time when the lights were off on your menu so I couldn't see the menu to order. You refused to let me order at the window so I had to wait in line to get out. It's like you're holding me hostage in my own vehicle. There needs to be an escape path. The service is the slowest I have literally ever seen. I literally didn't move for more than 10 minutes after ordering my food. Did all the cooks go on a break? I mean, I've had time to type this and I'm STILL WAITING FOR MY GOOD!!

Beverly Sotile

We just literally waited in line at this drive through for 20 minutes for 1 car in front of us. Then after we finally got to the window and paid the girl disappeared for another 20 minutes and never came back. We honked our horn and wave to a different girl we could see inside who just rolled her eyes at us and walked away. We finally left without the food we paid for because we couldn't wait all freeking night. Never again!


Just no, I tried eating the $5 box I think the chalupa one and it was disgusting, the beans honestly made wanna hang and the items were just cold and greasy. I know it's Taco Bell, but other locations do better.

Ismaelo Abilhomme

Worst experience ever, some of y’all employees are way too ghetto... one of them employees in the kitchen was tryna fight me just because I looked how they were making the food, he was so quick to jump off the counter to start something with me for no danm reason.

Allie Schill

Amazing service, extremely quick service, and the food was some of the best taco bell I've had. Honestly 10/10 would recommend.

Courtney Seymour

It's always great when I order any of the $5 boxes. Great deal

vernessa kendrick

I will NEVER eat here again!!! The only good thing about my visit was the pleasant cashier James (i think that was his name) the thing that grossed me out was i was watching my order being made when the preparer rubbed her nose and mouth woth her GLOVED hand a instead of changing gloves she continued to prepare food!!!!!!! Not, never AND no , Im done!!! On top of that the food was cold and the meat was nasty!!! 😡

Young Jefe

Worse Taco Bell in the Orlando area it’s like they don’t put any meat on the food as if they taking the rest home with them and they always get your order wrong... it’s just bad employees...

Hailey Gaboy

I go there all the time and the service is always superb! The nicest and friendliest people I’ve ever gotten food from. And I tend to go pretty late too!! Amazing service.

Wilbur Kellen

I have been to this location multiple times over the past 4 years at it is consistently slow. One should expect to wait 25 or so minutes in the drive through if visiting at night.


taco bell has introduced this new sandwich called crunch wrap supreme ... wow .. such a new experience ... it combines the burrito tortilla with two crunchy round crunchy taco shells with ground meat , lettuce , tomatoes , cheese etc... then it is wrapped and warmed to form a round piece of heavenly tasting mexican experience ....it is the ultimate invention taco bell has ever created .. you can add beans to it for maximum satisfaction .. you guys have to try this ... dont miss it ...

Jasmine G.

This taco bell is always slacking! Waited 10min for my food on a drive thru and when i got it, 2 items were missing!!


OK food but awful service. Visited maybe 3 times and for all visits the staff get items ordered wrong(missing items) even though they are on the bill. Staff also stroppy when you change things or ask questions. Portions V. small so you need to order larger nos of items too. Id visit again but be prepared for poor service and checking what you get before you leave.

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