Taco Bell

5147 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando
(407) 352-7517

Recent Reviews

Hector M. Ortiz de Jesus

Covid19 in effect, only thru window. Order was fine.

Kenneth Jones

Everyone was nice , the food was hot and correct. They wore gloves and masks. Even the drive thru was speedy nice location. It was the right choice for a fast food fix.

Edgar Dniz

Glad we're able to eat sitting inside! Be safe!

The Sterner Experiment

They are open until 2am and centrally located on I-Drive and when I do late night Postmates runs, their staff is always so sweet and polite so it's worth the minority elevated pricing.

Charles Hammond

Been going there before work since the lobby is closed because of the covid 19 thing been going through the drive through on my bike was fine first couple of times but today they told me I couldn't place on order on my bike safety hazard asked if I could place my order in lobby they said no so I said ok and went on my way won't be coming back

Patrice Kelley

The service was fast and the staff was nice. I ordered an item that they did not have a box for. They offered to give back my money, then the manager said if I really wanted it. She would figure out some way I could have it. And she did. The food was hot and fresh. Thanks alot for making me feel like you cared about your customers.

Frank Bator III

I would not recommend this restaurant after 8pm. My mobile order is almost always wrong. Anything in the afternoon / earlier evening and the order seems to be always correct. Their late night shift either does not care or just cannot read the mobile order screen - or they are out of ingredients and offer no replacements.

K Wilson

Courteous staff. Clean exterior. Drive through service is quick, even when busy at night.

William Ohara

Fast service. Good food. My goto spot when I need something different ?

Sarah Stobber

This Taco Bell gives you great portions! Really good food, and nice people. I gave up on Taco Bell from my home state, all the items barely had any filling in them. I'm happy I tried this one here.

alma holder

Quiet food. That's good and not to expensive. If you have to feed kids.

Christian Bryan

I hate to be this guy but they ignored my attempts to correct the mistakes they made in my order, and repeated the mistake and charged me for it anyways. I was ignored and it was honestly pretty aggravating.

Wayne Teal

This one took the fast out of fast food. They were slow to prepare the food. Three tacos two dollar nachos..

Harding Brumby

Food was good, fairly quick service, I wish they would provide the drink cup right when I finalize the order.

Curthis E.

One of the few Taco Bells that's never gotten my order wrong. Super busy due to location (only Taco Bell around for a few miles). Friendly staff, usually clean when I eat in.


Very good food and deals! I would recommend this place if you want good food for a good deal.

Charles S.

Reading other reviews, I seem to be far from alone. I pulled into this Taco Bell at 11:24 PM. It is now 11:58. Why am I still in this line? Why hasn't this line moved? These are the questions I'm pondering now instead of larger life altering questions. This stinks. Be better. Care. Or, shut down and find people that do. Awful. This is my literal last time giving this location my money. PS. It is now midnight.

MDB Productions

Good fast service. This location is almost never busy, despite making good food and having friendly staff. I go here often as I work nearby. Highly recommend.

Dominic France

Said they ran out of food and had low staff 45 minutes before close and said there’s a 5 item limit. Had to go across the street to Waffle House to get food. Great and quick service at Waffle House.

Adriana G.

This is probably the slowest Taco Bell that i have ever been in my life. 25 min waiting for my order and when i asked about it they said: your name is not even on the screen we have a lot of big orders pending. WTF so i had to ask for a refund of my money.

jay khatri

Food was good but interior was 40 year old. Look vintage theme

10k subscribers with videos ?

Taking correct orders seems to be a problem here.

ciearra grady

This is probably the 3rd time I’ve gotten Taco Bell and was extremely unsatisfied. This time there was no tomatoes or cheese on my soft taco supreme. The last time I had what my friends referred to as a vegan taco. I was supposed to get a soft taco supreme but there was not one piece of meat on it. Although I normally check my food; the last two times my fiancé brought my food and didn’t check it. Nonetheless it shouldn’t even matter. Whatever goes on the taco the employees need to just put it on there unless I say otherwise. Its like they just don’t care.

Dwayne Skinner

Quick. 2am and a line of five or six cars at the drive thru. Didn't take more than a few minutes

Katie Switzer

It's pretty good. But if you have to use the bathroom, go somewhere else. Neither of the bathroom stall close

boricuamalo malave

I am going to give a 5 every time I come it's always clean and that food they serve it always delicious and a good customer service love that steak soft taco

Vanessa DelaMorena

Taking correct orders seems to be a problem here.

Joe Martinez

Great place. Its close to my app. And they serve hot food. I love taco bell.

jorge carlo

This is our favorite place to eat tacos and more. The only thing is that because they are sometimes busy, the trash overflows and the restrooms are not too clean, no hand soap and the mens room has a broken faucet. Everything else is great, good fresh food and great prices. Bring a sweater because is very cold!!!

Joseph Gore

Line was a little slow but they got all our orders correct and it tasted good.

Thelxie Truthfully

The drive thru employees have always been nice and pleasant during my visits. Shout out to Terrance for always being in high spirits early in the morning.

josh kallen

As a vegan who is looking for something quick and accessible, Taco Bell is always an option. Anything can be replaced with refried bean. I am an advocate for eating at home but when I'm in a jam and I have hunger pains, it is there for me.

roberta mcdonald

I would really like to see people be more polite. You are not cooking in your own kitchen. We are paying customers and would like to be treated that way.

Shreesh Tiwari

Lady who took my order was very nice and Curtis. The one who made my food and then just dump the food in front of me. Very bad attitude. Plus my order was to "GO ".


Never had any issues at this location and always super fast

Don Patterson

Basic TB experience, but the dining room was cleaner than most, so that was a definite plus. First time to try Nacho Fries, and they were pretty good.

Karim Poonawala

For fast food restaurants, Taco Bell is in my opinion a step above. I always enjoy their food when I am short of time. This time though, it fell short on expectations. The friendly lady at the counter was juggling drive thru and the front counter, which was okay because at 11 AM the place was empty. My queries about the menu items were met with lots of confused look. I suspect she was new and must not be as familiar with the menu as she should have been. The food was quite good however, and the restaurant was clean and well stocked with all the requisite sauces.

Michael Evans

Staff is friendly and if there's ever a mix up with my order, they'll promptly and apologetically replace it.

Diamond Conaway

Horrible customer service. I had gotten my food late night and the next day was eating my food when I had found a giant piece of plastic in my burrito. The manager was apologizing but could only offer a a refund on my $1 item and nothing more for my life being risked.

Katherine Andrades

Fast service,clean establishment,good prices and yummy food.