Taco Bell

6065 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando
(407) 249-2102

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth Ayala

This Taco Bell is not good. My nachos were old and my hard sell taco was too. My nachos box had no meat!

Lisa Peavey

Great food. Danielle was a wonderful Cashier-Crew

Jackie Weeks

Taco Supremes are to die for!...Still has the best burritos!!

Chris corker

Order online ahead of time, and since they are giving $5 boxes away, they just gave me one. I special ordered certain n ingredients off and added to my food selections, paid the extra amount, and was still given regular $5 and looked at like I was crazy! SadI like taco bell, but will NEVER visit this one again, and very doubtful I will ever give them my money online ahead of time again eitherDisappointing

Xavier Hamilton

Cant ever seam to get my order correct and are very pushy and makes you feel rushed. They need to.slow down as they completely forgot the main part of my meal.

Joj Bridges

The senior employee working the counter was especially professional and very helpful. Dont remember her name but would give her a very high rating. There was a young man not in uniform that was back behind the counter caring on, with the workers. She's the one that needs a raise.

Yudi Simowibowo

Seems the supreme burrito portion is getting smaller

Sharlay Bryant

Food was great so was the window service but this is the 2nd time I went and the order was not right. Wrong meat in the taco and other things u dont see until u get home. Besides that, it was a good experience there.

Juni Baez

I usually goes to restaurants and observe customer service behavior from team members. This location has a particular member that went above and beyond no with me but another spanish speaking customer. In a country where some american fellas dont not want latino community its critical to me not trying but treating others with respect and if on top of that see others effort to communicate in my language its just humanly Amazing ! Thanks you, Thank You Thank you John !

Jakob Edkin

The staff is friendly they know everything on the menu. They have no problem Helping you. I've been going to that store since 2015 great service every time!!! The Manager of the store was very nice to help me with my order. Keep up the great work

Andrea Bartosh-Collins

Customer service was very fast and quick. However the food was not just cold but incredibly cold. Other than that it was very clean and quick.

Harry Acosta

Get the spicy Tostada for 1 dollar. And Happier hour drink

Tina Jerzak

Finally a fast food got order right great job

Patricia Landolfi

Taco Bell is a excellent option for grab something delicious and healthy, 100 hundred recommended!

Darren Black

The three new tacos that are on the commercials are bomb!!!

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