Taco Bell

6065 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando
(407) 249-2102

Recent Reviews

Josy Negron

Food is good good services just need a better interior designe

Robert Colon

Very nice and we'll staffed


Fast, clean , hot food and friendly staff! What more can you ask.

Mike Entner

Great taco bell. Staff was very courteous and food was excellent.

Francisco Birriel

Nice and good place for eats all kind of Tacos and good taste.

Imran Chaudhry

Great customer service but food was cold ..

Dan Hoelting

Yummy in my tummy! Bring back the double decker taco!!

Steven Astacio

Always good service at thos location I have personally never had an issue with my order.

christopher Perez

So I have been a fan of taco bell since my college years and still as a father and working man. I have been going to this location for a little over two and a half years. I drop my kid off to school and stop here for breakfest before work. Depending if a certain manager is working this location they will claim there coffee maker is broken. I literally can go one day it's broken next day different manager and it's working then next day the manager who claimed it's broken is claiming it's broken again. this has gone on for years and I think it's funny that corporate allows this to happen. so either taco bell has a very bad coffee machine or a certain manager is lazy or is trying to save money on coffee beans

Joshua Jewell

Food was alright. There is overwhelming smell by the soda fountain of unclean. Like they dont clean the valve, the mat by it is soaked wet.

Samuel Vera

It is a shame that being a regular customer at this Taco Bell, I was not taking into consideration today. I literally go to this Taco Bell three times a week. The line was absolutely horrible outside in the drive-thru (4 cars waiting to pick up food and 7 cars waiting to order), so I decided to try my luck inside. I waited for two burritos for 15 minutes, and then decided to just cancel my order. The girl at the register was very nice but the manager didnâ??t even say â??sorry for the inconvenienceâ? nor did he look for a way to have me leave satisfied. Poor managerial customer service. Please step up your game.

Andrew Plantagenet

They now have Baja Blast Zero Sugar!

Richard Aguirre

On several occasions I've gone to order my food and it's almost always wrong or missing something. And most recent when I went to get my refund cause they can't seem to make anything right the evening manager seemed to think it was funny, plus told me that my order was right. I'm done with this taco Bell they suck at their job.

Natural Lee

Drive thru service is usually fast, and staff are pretty friendly


Drive thru service is usually fast, and staff are pretty friendly

Amanda P.

food is usually good until they forget something. anyways, customer service at the drive thru is shit.

Wesley Sanchez

Best Taco Bell in the country. The GM runs a tight ship. Amazing service. A+++

San Jean

This TGIF was the worst of all the TGIFs we've been to. It wasn't even busy but it took a long time to get our food which was sitting there getting cold. The rice was stiff, the salmon and ribs were dry, the Mac n chz was burnt on one side and they placed cold shredded cheese on top. It was a big disappointment. The manager apologized and was nice, that's why the 2 star. With service and food, they would get 0 stars.

Mackenzie Humes

Whoever you had in the drive thru service today did terrible. The girl with the dark hair and lots of tattoos just had a really snotty attitude when taking the order felt rushed when we ordered under a minute and a half when we come to this Taco Bell all the time cause itâ??s right up the street from the house and just wanted to try something different . Absolutely unappreciated . Employee wasnâ??t wearing a name tag either .

Judith Mojica

I just went through drive thru. I purchased a grande nacho beef box. The box was wobly for the food weight. I asked for a bag & was told there were no boxes. No utensils, no napkins of course. The box pretty much fell apart as I was trying to carry it, my drink & the keys. Poor service.

Mark Copeland

Probably the best prepared taco bell food I have had. Management is doing a good job on training people in not only customer service but making the food well, like you care what you're doing.

John B.

This is a great franchise location. The staff was easy to work with and provided ample condiments with a welcoming smile. The food was hot and fresh, and this seems to be consistent service since we've been back numerous times. I would recommend this location for a quick drive thru bite.

Howard Bernard

Good place to grab a quick bite ð??? very friendly staff. Very polite

Jody D.

Place was clean, food was fast and good. Also the guy working behind the counter was very friendly and seemed like he liked his job!

Jim B.

Had to walk out, the register couldn't get it right with the customer ahead of me and after 10 minutes waiting to place my order I walked out.

Luc War

Poor customer service and they are slow to serve too. We stood in front of the register a good 4 minutes before someone decided to come up and take our order. Then the lady that did, her name was Olga, didn't smile or ask anything, she just stood there staring at us. Awkward. Then the tacos looked small and sloppy as if someone hurried to make it even though the restaurant wasn't busy at all. I definitely don't recommend this location.

Counselor Tater

Swung by late night knowing there are some late night Taco Bellâ??s open. Saw all the lights on and drive thru open light going strong pulled in and nothing. Pulled up after waiting a few minutes and they closed 90 min ago. Pretty annoying that you canâ??t turn off a light so people know when there are other locations open at that time. I have photos of all this just to prove a point. Itâ??s a switch, not that hard.

vina chetri

The food was great, overall the food was put together well, not a mess. My only complaint is they never give enough meat in the items we ordered. Like tacos and burritos; it's more beans than anything else. The restaurant itself could use an upgrade w/ new lighting and seats. Was mostly clean; our table was dirty. But you get a bang for your buck here.

John De Crotie

Store was recently revamped and made over. Looks nice. Food is standard for fast food. Nice staff, Olga the cashier is the best.

Luis Cruz

Good costumer service. I forgot to order a soda. When i went back to buy it they staff gave me a free soda.

V Live

Fresh and fast but most importantly to me it was also made properly. Extra points for the food looking good guys. Only criticism need to check the lobby, some tables need to be cleaned off and wiped down.

Nashalie Mercado

Never dissapoints. Cheap, easy, Convenient, fast food.

Amy Small

My favorite item is the crunch supreme. My other menu go to is chips and guacamole. I've noticed there always seems to be a line at this location, but that does mean the food is always fresh!

Alyssa J.

Literally loved this experience, whoever was working drive through at 11:02pm on Wednesday June 13th DESERVES a raise and great hours- he literally asked us twice about sauce, got personal about our night and my dogs and his working experience here- I'd recruit him to my store as an employee if I could, I used to always come to this Taco Bell as a kid though and I've never had a bad experience, I can't wait til the renovations are done- I want to see this place sparkle, shine and become the most successful one! I don't even mind going 20 minutes out of my way for it anymore, definitely have a loyal customer here

Brandi G.

I really enjoy Taco Bell's Fresco Tacos since I have a dairy allergy. However, things are getting a bit messy. I spend more time picking out bits of white and orange cheese than I actually spend eating my tacos. It's starting to feel like it isn't worth the effort. A vegetarian's food would never be treated so disrespectfully. Have a heart for those of us with dairy allergies! Place the fresco tomato/onion/cilantro mix away from the cheese...good grief...:(

Yugo Slovenka

Jerry is the best employee at this taco bell always so nice and friendly

Jason Greene

good service. their a little bit slow but it's because they make your food fresh. surprisingly no food is sitting around getting stake. two thumbs up for that.

Sherea Vittitoe

Great food friendly ppl and they get special orders exactly right! Love it


Good place to go to & get something quick that doesn't have so much calories. There are dishes on the menu that's let you know how much calories they have. Plus makes you feel like your not over doing it in eating to much food. ð???

Kyle Jones

I didnâ??t want to give Taco Bell on S golden rod (6065) but somebody needs to tell who ever the cook that keeps giving me stale hard shell tacos. I understand theyâ??re supposed to be hard but theyâ??re stale. Maybe ask him if he wants to bite into one to find out. I order the same thing everytime, given too many chances. Now Iâ??m tight. Please inform your line cook employee(S) to just put down some fresh shells. Ainâ??t that hard.