Taco Bell

2600 Orlando W Dr, Orlando
(407) 292-6072

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All of the employees were very friendly and clearly work very hard. My order was perfect and served in a timely manner. The GM was working and was at the front making a good example for his team members. Would recommend.

I’m Martinique

So this place needs to be re managed the workers are so rude I get my food I notice there’s a missing taco when I tell the lady she. Communicates with one of the cooks who belligerently starts screaming about how she know she put the food in there it was sitting in a stray bag on the side of the counter I pay 1.20 for extra meat and I get this. I go in to ask them and the worker all seemed hostile like giving me extra meat is some how going to run them out of business.

Lisa G.

I really like this Taco Bell. They're always very polite. It gets busy so sometimes service isn't fast, but they're on point. Food always comes out good for me. Love Taco Bell. Period.

Joel Sanabia

It's Taco Bell. Nothing much to say other than if you go early you get pretty good service. Later in the day it kinda gotta down to what you'd expect.

J.E. Rob

Overall my experience was ok. The food was good, taste and appearance. The service was good; the employees were friendly. The restaurant was clean. My issue was the time it took to receive my order. I waited close to 20 minutes for my "fast food".

Cenia Ruiz

They are always so friendly. Food always made the way we want it.

tosha thomas

I bought the 10.00 nacho box it is false advertising the box didn't look like the picture. I recieved more chips than condiments, I will never buy that again....

Regina Ruiz

Taco Bell is always hit or miss depending on who is making the food. In this case what was on the menu was not what they were still serving and what they did try to use for substitutions was not close to being ordered. I do commend them for trying and being very friendly but I would have rather been able to pick my substitutions or just had a refund.

Kevin Gill

Love the tacos n bowls

Chris Nichols

Staff is friendly and fast. I've never had a problem with my order at this location.

Sheila Thompson

My pizza shell did not taste fresh

Sylvia Matterson

Great service,The young man who help me was very nice, and seemed happy to be there! I do not eat fast food a lot, however this was delicious, and it was nice to be greeted by a smiling employee.

Hulk Joe

Good job really fast just need to work on cleaning

Aysia Simon

It was awesome but it did make my stomach ache a little because ya know beans lol. The cashiers are super nice and helpful and everything was clean. 10/10 would taco again.

John Harrell

The food is what you'd expect. The service is always really good.

Mina Ashido

It was awesome but it did make my stomach ache a little because ya know beans lol. The cashiers are super nice and helpful and everything was clean. 10/10 would taco again.

Dr. Antwanya Herbert

Tacos were alright! It is a decent snack!

Abigail Warner

Why is it impossible to make an order with no sour cream? And they wouldn't give us a water cup for our toddler.

Gio Mart

Today I went to get a Steak Reaper Ranch Fries but they didn't have fries so I ordered a $5 box (by the way I got my box meal with no box because....they didn't have boxes) When I went to get my soda they were out of Pepsi, they were also out of Brisk Mango. I was so disappointed but it got worse. NO SAUCES AND NO NAPKINS!!!! Really?.....here is the picture of the napkins they provided me. PAPER TOWELS!

Eerica Davis


Nicole Mccray

Every time i try this establishment somethings out( baja blast), somethings cold ( chalupa) somethings wrong ( nacho bell Grande) and i love taco bell!!!! I could eat it everyday, but get so upset that my order is always wrong. I dont tell management because i always say " im not going back there again"...... but i try to give them another chance! And they still mess up my order!!! I would go to another 1 but its not another 1 near by! I go to this establishment at least 3 times a week! And im still very polite when ordering hoping they will get it right but nope.. i sat in drive threw for 20 min before getting my food! #tacobelldobetter

C England

It seems like they are short staffed. You really can end up waiting up to 45 minutes. The freeze machine only works sometimes. The food is hit or miss. Sometimes they barely put any meat on it and sometimes they forget certain things that are suppose to be on there or not.The people working the counter have never been rude to me, however, the wait/food is why I gave it a 2.

Brian Barbosa

I ordered my food and waited 10-15 minutes for my food and there was only 3 people in the restaurant. I had to go up to the counter to ask where my food was and the workers all looked at each other and said none of them made the food. So I had to wait for them to make my food for another 5 mins. After I get the food it was all incorrect. I had to wait for them to correct the issue. Worst service I’ve ever had.

amanda combs

Shantia was amazing and doing great for her first day and the food was awesome

LadyV Brito

I Ordered a Mexican Pizza 1 of my favorites at Taco Bell. On THIS day my pizza tasted OLD and GREASY. The taste lingered in my mouth long after I finished eating. Yes I could have went back. I figured I would get another from the same box...and I was HUNGRY. I had to be to eat it! I still have that greasy taste in my mouth. Yikes

Kay Tarantino

Meh, customer service was nice. Food was kinda off, maybe the seasoning was different. The food was hot, long wait time


The cashier rang up my take out order wrong and I did not notice until I was back at my office. I didn't have time to go back because I was on my lunch break. I called after work and explained the problem, and they said I could come get a replacement meal. I went there to get it, and the person assisting me rudely asked "where's the box?" I told her that I ate the food because it was either that or go hungry. I had even stated that I ate it when I called earlier. She said something to the effect of "you should have told me that on the phone" and refused to help because I ate the meal. So they made a mistake and gave me food I didn't want, and they were unapologetic and made me waste my time driving back there under the impression that they were going to make things right. That's a surefire way to make sure I won't be back. My advice to customers visiting this location: check that your order is accurate before you leave because they're not going to help you if something is wrong.

Bathsheba Collingwood

Is Taco Bell! What can I say? They're pretty fast and efficient here.

Gary Dishno

Pretty consistent for take out. Friendly staff. Very efficient.

King Zae

Wonderful drive through management nice quality perfect food


I visited this location today, And the taco salad that I had purchased....Was Outstanding !!!! 😋😋 😍😍 The Best that I ever had at any Taco Bell location. It was very fresh 👌😊. And made without any flaws !! Who ever made it , THANK YOU, THANK YOU ..😘.. MY GO TO PLACE FROM THIS DAY FORWARD..😊

Breanna Marie

They don't greet you when u walk through the door, ghetto and alot of kids work here. One of the ladies seemed annoyed when I asked her for a bag once she handed me my 5 dollar box of food. Lobby and soda area extremely filthy.

Jesus Rodriguez

I have been going to this place for years, not because of their ready to reach convenience, but because of all the TB's in Orlando they have a consistent good quality food and a perfect TB taco flavor.

Carmen F.

The service was prompt and the customer service was better then expected. I will definitely go back again. I got the salad and it was great

Victoria Reetz

Pretty good food and service. Fast getting it out too. Friendly staff for customer service. Love this Taco Bell location. They have never messed up my order and the service has always been great.

Golden Dragon

Their were ingredients missing in my tacos and i paid extra for those ingredients. I won't be going to this Taco Bell in the future. I suggest you only come here if you have time to check your food and make sure your order is correct.

Jo H.

Good food and consumer service I will always come back was not busy serve me right with a smile and good vibe

Allen R.

Visited this taco bell on silverstar on July 28th around 1 pm. Not busy being a Saturday afternoon at the end of lunch rush. Order was taken quickly and food was made to order with a clean lobby and fully staffed kitchen. Will return to this location clean and friendly service.

Christopher Lester

I had a lettuce Crunchwrap...Smh

peter hornbuckle

Baja blast is the best. When they have it.