The King Crab Shack

4192 Conroy Rd Suite 109 & 110, Orlando
(407) 203-4294

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Bek Umarov

Over charged me last time, spoke to owner to refund it back to my account, they never did, told me when i come in next time that ill get a credit, went back again confronted them they refused to give me back my money or credit, told me to contact the manager that he/she was on vacation, after i ordered food anyway, they served me with sausage and never told me in advance what the meal comes with(the new menu is all messed up), i told them to make a new batch they told me just to toss the sausage away, its showing that they didnt care about my religion rights even though i told them in advance, customer service was poor, i told them that i would not pay for the meal that i didnt even touch, they tried to push me the product anyway and after i kept refusing, they took a very long time with their decision, wasted my time and my patience, they still owe me money but refusing to fix the issue, i had recieved a text from my last visit from the owner (confirmation for my money that i got robbed) and showed them the statement from my previous visit and one of employee acknowledged it but still end up disregarding the problem and telling me that they cant do anything about it, never in my life i had faced an issue like this, in the end they still end up charging me for the soup(shrimp tasted old in the soup) and for corn lol, i end up paying because im not cheap. Place was dead and i tried to provide my business, but with disrespect like this it sickens me. Management needs to stay on top bring clientell and provide best customer service instead of taking a vaction. I will never go there and i want my earned money back to my account. Stop charging customers for your mistakes!!! Also never disrespect any religion, every person has his/her prefrences when customers ask, you need to provide instead of trying to look right, its making the business look unprofessional.

jenn marles

Food was amazing... the house sauce is where it's at!!! 3 stars solely based on service... Sunday afternoon and only 1 server on the floor. 3 tables came in at once, a large party of atleast 8, another table of two, and our table of two... the large party was sat first and served first as should be. The second table of 2 was sat and then we were sat... the 2nd table never got served so they got up and left, it took sometime to get our drinks and our order wasn't put in correctly and came out partially. Had to remind server several times of the rest of our food in order to get it... like said before, we come for the seafood and it was spot on!!! We absolutely love the sauce and come in as often as we can...maybe having more than one server on a Sunday afternoon would be helpful.

G Smith

I visited the Millennia location on Jan 22, 2022. Attempted to place my order on the phone prior to arriving (Due to covid) and was advised that I would beed to come in and place my order. Once in the store, i noticed the pricing was higher in store which was revised with clear tape label machine. I informed the cashier that the prices are higher in store, his reply was, this is the correct price. Ordered my food and paid for it. After paying, I asked (out of curiosity) why the prices were higher and the cashier’s response was, I’m just doing my job. I stated, yea I know but out of curiosity, why are the prices higher, he then stared at the menu and stopped talking and handed me my receipt. Im assuming that meant for me to go sit down because he walked away when I grabbed my ticket.So, back to my original question, that wasn’t answered, why is the pricing higher in store vs lower online? Is it to get customers in and trick them with pricing?

Nette Rab

I wanted Crab Legs and this restaurant was close to my hotel. It was not busy at all and the service was good. I had what seemed to be a new employee, but luckily a female server arrived and helped me.I had a pound of Crab Legs and a glass of wine.The sauce was ok and hit the spot. I wish it had more garlic though.Overall, nice and clean decor.

Andre Franklin

I loved The King Crab Shack! I immediately noticed that the restaurant was clean. Cleanliness is a must:) I ordered Combo 2 and got the House flavor. I simply loved the way the flavors were very well balanced and how the food came out hot. Our waiter was amazing as well. Was very much so on top of making sure we had everything we needed.

Claudia Guzman

The crazy cajun boil is simply delicious!!! Best we ever had! We ordered it mild and it was perfect, super juicy and flavorful. The service was excellent as well. Definitely coming back soon!

Jonathan Price

Really BAD experience. When we were seated we were left alone without menus for over 10 min. When the waitress came to take our drink order she was VERY RUDELY pulled away by the “manager/owner”. She looked cringed by him pulling her away mid drink order knowing how unprofessional it was. The “manager/owner” then gave us a look like she’ll be back. We watched him have her take another larger groups order before us like we weren’t important. I won’t return.. we just moved to the area and love Mr & Mrs Crab and usually visit 2x week. Very very poor service. Wish I could comment on the food but we didn’t even get to order a drink.

Korylen Dilag

We came here STARVING! We ordered King crab legs, dungeness crab, cajun fries, oysters, shrimp and muscles. It was a seafood feast and priced accordingly. The service was just as amazing! The food came super fast and our water cups were never empty! A must try when you’re in Orlando

Elter Black

This was the best seafood boil bag I have ever had. The Cajun seasoning was amazing and the portion was plenty. To top it off, the service was excellent. I would hire all the staff as flight attendants. I’ll definitely be back.

Trent Calton

Wow! Can I just say we just finished dinner and it was sooooooooo good! Crab legs, lobster tails, and veggies cooked to perfection. The service was great and she was super nice. Would definitely recommend! AMAZING!!!!!!

James Jamison

Place was great. Decent amount of food if you get a starter with any combo and three people in your party. I've never eaten in a place like this where you wear gloves and eat with your hands but I enjoyed the experience. The price is exactly what you would expect for a seafood place, but still a little more affordable than some restaurants in Orlando. Great time here, you should give it a go. I would come back again.

Shaniqua Young

This place was AMAZING!!! All around! The restaurant was CLEAN. The food was FRESH. And the customer service was OVER THE TOP!! My family and I are from Maryland, so we are very particular about our seafood. Needless to say, this will always be a stop in when we travel to Orlando. Thank you again for such an amazing dining experience.

Faye Coward

The King Crab Shack was amazing! The special garlic butter sauce took my breath away. I had the snow Crab legs with the "condtant dip" sauce. It also came with a steamed potato and corn on the cob. They equipped us with a bib and gloves to protect us from the delicious saucy mess. The service was amazing from the time I opened the door. The King Crab Shack needs to come to Essex County NJ! We will be back!

Izabelle Lynne

Best seafood bag I’ve ever had , the house sauce is the best , it was so good , everything came fresh and hot , the crab legs are amazing , and I really want to thank Gloria and ahn for the amazing customer service and helping us so much . Definitely recommend to everyone who is in Orlando , vacation or not you will not regret !!!!


We were craving a great authentic crab shack in Orlando and looked up many places, we settled for the King Crab Shack. We got the Combo 4 the first time we visited. It was so filling and flavorful. The menu was easy to read, the servers were so nice and helpful. The food came out quick and hot, and they give you all the necessary accessories needed to cleanly eat crab. After our meal, they gave us free ice cream and the owner was so nice and caring. It was so delicious we came back the day after. I am so pleased I will come every time to this location when I need a crab fixing! I highly recommend coming here!

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