Venezuelan Food Truck

International Dr and, Carrier Dr, Orlando

Recent Reviews

Isaac Endersby

Never had a hotdog like the one from here it was amazing. You don't get hotdogs that good here in Britain

Jean-Paul Rodriguez

The best! Special Burger es yums!

Diana B

We went for late-night eats following a full day of being at a conference. The Arepas are very filling. We wanted the stewed beef but after ordering, found out they didn't have it. Some of us opted for pork while others had chicken. It is very tasty and a good late-night spot. Dine-in space is limited.


Sandwiches are made fresh and you can choose from classic combinations or make your own by choosing your meat and other ingredients. A different but delicious take on a sandwich.


I was here for lunch, I ordered a "pabellón", typical Venezuelan food, the taste was ok, my black beans and rice had not flavor at all, the staff is no really helpful or nice, so I don't reccomend it.

Kevin Ferguson

Love the music/Food... sauce was great plus the servers...

Thomas R

I thought the food was good, portions were decent and flavor good. Overall a good place not a great place and certainly not sub par. I must say though the best food trucks in Orlando for Venezuelan Food are better.


Since the menu was Spanish, I had to ask some questions. We ended up getting Cafe con leche and empanadas. It was good.

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