6077 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando
(407) 482-0757

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Clean, fast service, good burgers, staff wears mask, what more could you ask for, ?

Chase Mendez

Normally gets my food wrong when I order, feels like the people are half deaf and guessing orders without confirming the order over the drive thru or what's in the food too. I tried ordering a Dave's double and they rung it up as a baconator double. I checked the baconator double to see if it's right and I only got 3 pieces of bacon instead of the 6 pieces that are supposed to go in a baconator DOUBLE. Went back to get the right bacon cause it didn't sound bad but was told I would have to pay more to get the 6 pieces and how it's a different item than a baconator double so i just wanted my Dave's double after all the disappointing service and correction.

Pedro Medina

Fast and the food had some great flavor on the breakfast I'd eat breakfast there every day if I could....

Big X

Wonderful night experience! Past nighttime experiences have been rough but tonight’s staff did a great job! Norma did an excellent job at the window ,and my food was nice and stocked with the condiments I asked for, which I appreciated a lot! The fries weren’t the fullest but aside from that, the staff did a great job and made me wanna go back to this location at night again. ?

Angel Torres

Weighted a good half-hour for my food then when I got to the window I wait another 10 minutes and I'm not exaggerating

Gabriel Soto

The mourning window employee was very sarcastic and confusing when taking my order , dont tell me my total and just staring at me until I looked him before he acknowledged me and then I waited about 8 minutes for me food which tasted terrible.. I will never go back to Wendy's for breakfast again


I've put off going to any Wendy's since my last 3 visits to the one by my job on South OBT were very bad experiences. After tonight's visit to this store I am officially done with Wendy's. The girl taking orders at the drive thru was too busy laughing with her co-workers to hear my order so after repeating my order several times I thought it should be good. I was asked several times what my sauces were for the nuggets ordered and I asked for honey mustard, barbecue, and extra ketchup. I guess it was my fault for not checking the bag but I got home and had no sauce, no ketchup and no hot sauce for my chili (all specifically asked for). Our fries were stale, like they were from the morning shift and I ordered at 8:30pm. Wendy's service has definitely been on a decline. And fast food workers think they deserve $15 an hour. HA. Google should allow a review with 0 stars.

Rina Nuessle

After 4 visits due to lack of taco salads, Kayla the manager promised she would correct the situation and boy did she. She had us park our car up front and she brought us the food directly to us promptly. She went beyond our expectations and we can’t say thanks enough.

Maria Rivera

Good customer service kris was very attentive good job kristian this is the store at goldenrod road


This location is always super slow and understaffed. I starting going to the one on curryford by young pine road and they are much more efficient !! No one wants to wait over 30 minutes for a fast food restaurant. Slowness comes from poor management, and I think they could use a big improvement to better serve their customers.

Stephen Scott

We love Wendy's normally! This time, we didn't.

Costy Prugner

The manager is not ensuring care during pandemic, none of employees or him have face coverings or gloves and are not keeping distance while at work as you need to during this time.

Deveron L.

Always had fresh food from this location. Staff is helpful, which is something you don't normally get from fast food anymore. Their natural lemonade is pretty great i think they have 4 different flavors now, too! Thankful this is another place on the list that is staying open later to help people that may still be working that are getting off later in the day. Not a whole lot around this area is staying open past 8pm

Eberle Eclea Moreira

I love it. The sandwiches are always so fresh and tasty. The food is made really quickly. The price is very atractive. I always come back every time I can.

Juergen Bauman

This was my Sprite I ordered thru doordash

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